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Campfire cookin’ – veggie style!

FROM PETA.ORG. Click on the blue words to see the recipes!  Yum yum!

 – R.T.

Summer’s still with us, and there’s nothing better than the seasonal snacks that come with it! After humankind’s discovery of fire came the next greatest accomplishment: campfire foods.

Keep your conscience clean and your tummy full this summer with these animal-friendly vegan snacks and meals, ready for grab-and-go campfire meals surrounded by Mother Nature.

When You Rise

Greet the day with hearty hash browns and a tofu scramble—don’t forget to pack a skillet! Not ready to cook that early? Prepare some yummy berry muffins in advance.

Midday Eats

Sit down for lunch with a snack to help you through that late afternoon hike. Cook up some Boca chik’n patties or potent polenta-stuffed peppers with a side of skewered or sautéed veggies.

Sundown Suppers

As the day winds down, fill up on grilled kebabs or char-grilled vegan prawns. If you’re up for slightly more prep work, trybeer-basted Tofurky beer brats with caramelized onions and hot mustard. For a tasty side dish, pack some cans of black beans and corn, a few limes, and some veggies and make black-bean and corn salad or grill up some asparagus. For a sweet side dish, toss some fruit on the grill and let the juices caramelize them to a gooey goodness.

For Dessert

Sweeten up the Great Outdoors with a tasty batch of banana s’mores or vegan marshmallow s’mores. Or whip up some of RP’s Famous Peanut Butter–Chocolate Chip Cookies and bring ’em along for easy munching.

By the Lake

Stock up on your favorite vegan beer because nothing says summer like a cool one by the lake. Pair your brew with Barbecue Fritos, Lay’s Yellow Corn Chips, or Nature Valley Roasted Almond Crunchy Granola Bars—all vegan!

When You Get the Munchies

Remember that there are plenty of foods and treats that are accidentally vegan. Check out our “Accidentally Vegan” list for hundreds of good ideas.

Done munching? Remember to leave the campsite like you left it. Animals like a clean home, too!

Wanna lose the fat? Feel healthier? Go veggie! Within a year you’ll lose 20 pounds – without even trying!

And you’ll be oh so proud of yourself knowing you’re not part of the factory farm hell where animals live in tortuous conditions, before being slaughtered. Why kill all those animals just to clog up your arteries and raise your cholesterol level? Why induce all that SUFFERING when there are so many protein-rich foods to put on your plate?!

Here’s a two-week veggie starter plan for you! Click on the days of the week in the blue bars and the blue words to see the yummy recipes and learn more!

And if you can’t make a 100% commitment, CUT BACK on your meat/ poultry consumption!  Every good deed counts/saves an animal!


– R. T.


Two-Week Vegan Meal Plan

Do you consider yourself “culinarily challenged”? Well, no worries! Our Two-Week Sample Vegan Menus below are designed for new vegans who are not sure what to eat and for longtime vegans who are looking to shake up their current diet and try something new. The recommendations focus on two types of dishes: easy-to-prepare meals with a balance of fresh ingredients and tasty heat-and-serve options.

Week 1



Oatmeal with walnuts and raisins (most commercial oatmeal is vegan)
Fresh fruit


Avocado Reuben
Sumptuous Spinach Salad With Orange-Sesame Dressing


Tofu-Spinach Lasagne
Fresh tossed salad







Week 2

Print the Two-Week Sample Vegan Menus.

Want more options? Check out these resources from PETA:

How to Go Vegan

Accidentally Vegan

Our Favorite Products

Making the Transition



Try these delicious vegan options or check out our shopping guide for other great suggestions.


I love cheesecake! How about you?!

Some heavenly vegan cheesecake recipes for you! From PETA.ORG.  Click on the blue to see recipes! – R.T.

Don’t let the “cheese” in the word “cheesecake” fool you. These 10 cheesecakes are dairy-free and better than traditional cheesecakes. Vegan cheesecakes come in many variations, such as gluten-free, raw, no-bake, and more. Check out these recipes to find your favorite:

1. White-Chocolate Lemon Cheesecake

This white-chocolate cheesecake has a touch of lemon flavoring. It’s also gluten-free.

2. Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Cheesecake Slice from Above

This cheesecake uses vegan cream cheese as the filling to get that perfect cheesecake consistency.

3. Orange Chocolate Cheesecake

Orange extract gives this decadent chocolate cheesecake a citrusy, tropical flavor.

4. Cookie Cheesecake Cupcakes

cookie cheesecakes peta2

COOKIE cheesecake—two desserts combined in one! Do I really need to say more?

5. Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake

This beautiful cheesecake is super-easy to make and tastes superb, thanks to an extra ingredient: applesauce.

6. Strawberry Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake

This beautiful red, white, and blue cheesecake isn’t just pretty to look at—it tastes delish, too. Use raw tahini to make it raw.

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

My two favorite things, chocolate and peanut butter, are brought together to create this delicious no-bake cheesecake.

8. Key Lime Cheesecake

You can’t go wrong with this classic cheesecake flavor. Substitute agave nectar for coconut sugar to make this cheesecake 100 percent raw.

9. Blueberry Cheesecake

blueberry cheesecake vegan richa