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Today is Working for Woo Day! If all our Holy Cross college students were as AMAZING …

Jeff Reppucci!

… as Holy Cross college senior community/global activist Jeff Reppucci, Woo could really soar!

Last year Reppucci launched his cool public service initiative called Working for Worcester. Lots of folks – 1,000 volunteers – built, renovated and restored 12-15 different playground sites and activity spaces around Worcester, including a dance studio at the Worcester Youth Center.

Today Jeff and volunteers are doing it again! Building or renovating play spaces for the kids of Worcester. Refurbishing Woo kid locker rooms! Creating play-scapes  for Worcester inner-city kids who need to go out and exercise but often don’t have the outlets! Outstanding! … Consigli Construction is helping out in a major way –  overseeing all the Woo projects.

Two great Italian-American guys changing their community and the world in a big way!

Jeff knows when you get kids hooked into sports, you get them weaned off the streets, hanging with responsible adults/mentors. You help them stay healthy and keep them connected to their schools/education!

On the world stage, Reppucci  founded Students Helping Children Across Borders Inc. , a non profit that raised thousands of dollars to build sports and wellness facilities in the Russian village of Suzdal, where Reppucci had traveled.

Yay for Jeffrey Reppucci! Yipee!!!!!

Can Mayor Joe Petty/the City of Worcester give this cool/most gifted kid a KEY TO THE CITY?

Can we all urge Jeff to stay in Worcester after graduation … and run as Worcester’s first STRONG MAYOR?! He’d be outstanding!!!!!!!

– Rosalie Tirella