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2 Terrific opportunities!

Self-defense and assertiveness training – FREE to Worcester youth, ages 14-22, who identify as LGBTQ

IMPACT Boston is an organization that offers self-defense and assertiveness training to give people the skills to stay calm and focused in unsafe situations.

The trainers have a specialized course for LGBTQ people and for youth, and they are making this training, which normally costs between $550-$800, available for FREE to Worcester youth, ages 14-22, who identify as LGBTQ, so that they can feel empowered and safe in the wake of the Orlando shooting, and violence against LGBTQ people everywhere.

You can learn more about their work at impactboston.com

The event will include some assertiveness communication training, verbal de-escalation training, and finally, some experiential training on physical self-defense skills.

The trainers are trauma-informed trainers who understand that for some youth with trauma histories, body-based learning can be triggering and potentially dysregulating. They are prepared to help youth self-select the level of challenge that they can tolerate and they are also prepared to help youth regulate themselves should the material become overwhelming in some way.

The training will be from 10am-12pm on Saturday, July 30.

Youth must have a waiver signed by their legal guardian to attend the training. Youth in DCF custody are very welcome at this event, but their DCF worker must sign the waiver.

We can enroll up to 30 youth in the training, however, it is generally more beneficial to have a smaller group.

Because our trainers have so generously offered to provide this training for free, please emphasize to youth and families that committing to attend this event is significant, and that if they cannot keep that commitment, you expect them to let you know well in advance so that someone else can be offered a spot.

If you would like to register youth for this event, the deadline is Friday, July 22.

Please email or mail the registration form to keckeissenc@youinc.org or Caitlyn Keckeissen, 81 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA 01604.

Again, youth who have not registered and who do not have a signed liability waiver will not be admitted to the event.

Thank you for your support of this event!


In order for your child to participate in the workshop this release must be completed and on hand at the workshop.

This course is intended to provide basic safety and empowerment training. Students will receive non-victim attitude training and learn simple, basic self protection techniques and methods that may involve some physical body contact.

You understand that your child is voluntarily taking this workshop with full and complete knowledge that there may be physical risks involved and you agree to accept any and all such risks.

You agree not to hold IMPACT, Inc./Triangle its agents, employees, or independent contractors responsible or liable for damages or injuries of any kind as a result of the acts or omissions of any such agent, employee, or independent contractor including, but not limited to, breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence or other tort. You also agree to indemnify and otherwise hold IMPACT, Inc./Triangle its agents, employees and independent contractors harmless from any claim or action brought by any third party alleging injury from your use of the techniques learned in this workshop.

You have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents and are aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between you and IMPACT, Inc./Triangle and sign it of your own free will.


__________________________ _________________________________
name of student parent or guardian signature date signed

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phone print name of parent

print address of parent


phone # of parent during workshop


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