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Next Tuesday, election day, remember: the Green Rainbow Party is the future

By Gordon Davis

The Green Rainbow Party came into existence in the last decade from a merger of the Green Party and the Rainbow Coalition Party, a coming together of racial justice, social justice, peace, and green environmental issues. It is the part of the nation Green Party in the USA.

The Green Rainbow Party is different from any of the other political parties in that it does not accept any contributions from  incorporated entities and therefore is not influenced by corporations. All of the funding for the Green Rainbows is  donations from individuals. The Green Rainbows have self imposed public campaign financing without government help.

It is common knowledge that the very rich and corporations have influenced the policies of both the Democrats and the Republican parties. Many of the policies of the Democrats and the Republicans are disguised as helping middle class and poor people, but are in reality hurting us.  The regressive tax is an example. High tuitions at state colleges are another. The future of this Commonwealth should be a government which has policies with no corporate strings attached.

The Green Rainbow party has developed several goals for Massachusetts which we call the Community Uplift Initiative. These policies are not influenced by corporations, but only by the desire of good public policy. The three candidates of the Green Rainbow Party have dedicated themselves to effectuation of the goals. Please look for and consider them on your ballot:

MK Merelice, who is running for State Auditor

Danny Factor, who is running for Secretary of the Commonwealth

Ian Jackson, who is running for Treasurer of the Commonwealth

The community uplift initiative of the Green Rainbow party includes the following:

1.     An Economic Bill of Rights that says that every human being deserves to live a life of dignity and respect, and an end to discrimination

2.    A Community Uplift Initiative to end poverty and unemployment – breaking from the current Beacon Hill approach of spending on corporate welfare, enriching the wealthy, and leaving the poor and middle class struggling with rising cost of living and stagnating wages. An emphasis is on green jobs.

3.    A minimum wage of $15 per hour and ultimately a living wage for every worker.

4.    Ending the patronage system on Beacon Hill

5.     Tuition-free higher education to end the student debt crisis – with government takeover of existing student debts.

6.    Universal single-payer health care that includes everyone and excludes no one.

7.    Getting big money out of politics through public campaign financing.

8.    A progressive income tax to fund government rather than gambling casinos that exploit the unwary.

9.    Establishing a public bank of the Commonwealth that will honestly serve the banking needs of the people and help us downsize Wall Street.

1.  An action plan to lead Massachusetts to 100% renewable energy by 2035.  This would make it unnecessary to spend billions on more fossil fuel infrastructure – like gas pipelines – which will make it impossible for us to address climate change.

Lift off for the Jill Stein campaign!‏

editor’s note: a message from Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for governor of Massachusetts:

Dear friends,

Welcome to our campaign’s weekly e-mail update. We’re off to a fantastic start, and I wanted to welcome new supporters and old friends with a quick message about the incredible opportunity that we face, even in the midst of great crises.

On Capitol Hill and Beacon Hill the sellouts continue apace – to health insurance giants, Wall Street banksters, war hawks and climate spoilers. Business as usual is still taking a heavy toll on our jobs, health, communities and environment, pushing us towards the brink. More than ever, there is cause to rise up for justice, survival and the future we deserve. We have an unprecedented opportunity to tip the balance in 2010 towards a healthy, just, sustainable future –in Massachusetts and beyond.

This campaign will be a vehicle for our shared vision that grows more essential with every passing year: vibrant, secure local economies, community-based green jobs, alternative clean energy and local agriculture (two of the fastest growing sectors around), an end to needless, cruel home foreclosures, and Medicare for all. Continue reading Lift off for the Jill Stein campaign!‏

I love candidate Grace Ross, but …

By Rosalie Tirella

… she shouldn’t run for governor of Massachusetts.

I have known and worked with Grace Ross for a while now. InCity Times endorsed her for governor last time around (I put her on our cover and ran a huge story, too!). I also endorsed her for Worcester City Council three years ago, when she ran for an at-large seat. She would have made a great at large city councilor. I mean, look who we ended up with instead: a totally incompetent nabob – Mike Germain.

I remember going to her “support Grace meetings” when she ran for that at large seat council seat – when she really had a chance of winning (until Mayor Joe O’Brien’s wife, Lisa Weinberg, began her smear campaign against Grace, calling her anti-semetic – the last thing Grace would ever be). Grace had so many great folks backing her then – all the city’s neighborhood activists, it seemed! She was so inspirational when she spoke! You just wanted to get up and clap after one of Grace’s beautifully worded speeches. Continue reading I love candidate Grace Ross, but …