One-of-a-kind holiday gifts for your loved ones …

… at UNIQUE FINDS antique and vintage gift shop at 1329 Main St., Worcester.

Open 7 days a week until 7 p.m.

Hundreds of INDUSTRIAL finds, VINTAGE goods, REAL ANTIQUES, furniture, electric guitars and more! Get the authentic! Get furniture made of maple, oak, mahogany  … Hundreds of cast iron Worcester factory finds!


Best prices in town!

A reminder: Looking for cool vintage clothing and boots and shoes? Visit GRIME shop on Shrewsbury Street, Worcester!

Here’s their website (CLICK HERE) where you can see their gems, store hours, phone number etc! They are also open 7 days a week.

– text + pics: R.T.




Visiting GRIME soon, but today I’m heading out to Worcester friends for a Harvest Meal!


Bangs trimmed, clothing appropriately layered for New England October daze …

Speaking of clothing, I recently checked out the great stuff at GRIME and More vintage clothing store on Shrewsbury Street, Worcester.

Beautiful looking store!

They have cowboy boots just like new, vintage tee shirts, sexy dresses, wildly colorful blouses and jackets, skirts, blue jeans and STUFF FOR HALLOWEEN!

Get creative, creatives!

Visit GRIME today and create your own homemade Halloween costume-masterpieces!

Owner Molly is 100% local – from the goods she sells, to that real, down to earth Worcester ‘tude! Plus, she’s beautiful and knows fashion!

CLICK HERE to check out Molly’s store website !

Visit her shop today!

The GRIME shop on Shrewsbury Street: Great vintage clothing, boots, shoes and other items!

We visited GRIME Vintage clothing shop …

… and More on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester a month ago. Love Molly’s shop! Walked in and left smiling!


Owner Molly is GREAT! Unlike some chubby fakers in the biz (a chubette we’re learning lots of folks in Woo do NOT like!) Molly PAYS her workers – doesn’t exploit them like the chubette who buys herself boats and homes and pays NO ONE.  And … Molly is 100% local! She is actually at her shop – not in Texas or NYC or Connecticut pretending to be in Woo!  Molly is a real shop owner, truly committed to Worcester.

CLICK HERE to check out her store website ! Visit her store today!

The GRIME shop: Great vintage clothing, boots, shoes and other items! And a terrific, down to earth, beautiful owner! Molly!

– R. Tirella