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We visited GRIME Vintage clothing shop …

… and More on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester a month ago. Love Molly’s shop! Walked in and left smiling!


Owner Molly is GREAT! Unlike some chubby fakers in the biz (a chubette we’re learning lots of folks in Woo do NOT like!) Molly PAYS her workers – doesn’t exploit them like the chubette who buys herself boats and homes and pays NO ONE.  And … Molly is 100% local! She is actually at her shop – not in Texas or NYC or Connecticut pretending to be in Woo!  Molly is a real shop owner, truly committed to Worcester.

CLICK HERE to check out her store website ! Visit her store today!

The GRIME shop: Great vintage clothing, boots, shoes and other items! And a terrific, down to earth, beautiful owner! Molly!

– R. Tirella