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Homeless youth in Massachusetts need your help!

In the State of Massachusetts, it’s estimated that more than 6,000 students
under the age of 24 are experiencing homelessness without the support of a
parent or legal guardian. These are the unaccompanied youth. Without a safe,
permanent place to sleep at night, young people are far more likely suffer
from poor academic performance, to drop out of school, to be exploited or
sexually abused, take part in high risk behavior such as substance use, and
experience some kind of bodily harm or violence.

As the number of young people experiencing homelessness continues to grow,
finding adequate housing options and supportive services becomes more

But there is hope! House Bill 135 is a bill currently under review that
would provide funding to begin addressing the tragic circumstances of
unaccompanied youth. This Bill would allow providers in Massachusetts to
offer the kinds of services that unaccompanied youth desperately need to end
the cycle of homelessness.

On July 16th, House Bill 135 will presented at hearing at the State House in
Boston, Room B2, at 1pm. This is an important part of the Democratic
process, wherein members of the community can come and speak directly to the
legislators, explaining why it’s important to pass this Bill.

We need your help! We cannot do this without you!

If you know a youth who would like to give testimony, would like to give
testimony yourself, or are available to show up and stand in solidarity,

We need people to speak and we need people just to stand in the room with

If you need help putting together your testimony, we are enthusiastic to
help! Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

But if you can’t be there that day, you can still help! Call your senators
and local representatives, urging them to support this Bill. Write a letter
to the editor, explaining why it’s imperative that your representatives
support this bill. Let people know that this is happening, spread the word!

Please contact your legislators and ask them to convey their support to the
Conference Committee and to Leadership to actively support the bill!

To find out who your representative is, follow this link!



Ali Brauner or Exa Mendez at Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless

781 595 7570 ex 16



Here is a bit of information regarding House Bill 135!

To view the language of the Bill:


For a written fact sheet regarding the provisions of this Bill:


For information regarding the Budget:

Budget Campaign fact sheet