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Kudos, Harlee!

Sen. Harriette Chandler, 1st Worcester District, at the gun law hearing at Assumption college this morning:

I Commend you for acknowledging that it is critical that although Massachusetts  has strictest laws in country, we must determine how we can improve and update these laws. I question whether there’s a one-size fits all solution. I agree with Governor Patrick’s bill to tighten access to high-powered rounds of ammunition and background checks before purchasing weapons at gun shows.

Our problem is seldom the lawful sportsman, but rather the unlawful individual who is hunting humans, not animals.


Chandler has nailed it on the head. Sportsmen can always hunt. We don’t want people hunting for people! Let’s ban guns with large magazines, guns that hold and shoot rounds and rounds of ammunition without the shooter needing to STOP to reload. Killing machines that are designed to blow people to smithereens – shatter them into hundreds of pieces of flesh – just like what happened in Newtown, CT, where beautiful, innocent school children died horrific deaths. Their families/their community lived though – are still living – through hell! The massacre of all those school children might have been prevented (or at the very least cut down) if the madman did not have access to a high-powered gun that did not need to be reloaded, a killing machine that allowed him to keep shooting and shooting and shooting. He created hell in 12 minutes because he used a killing machine. A gun made for war. What place do guns like these have in our homes, our society?


– R. Tirella


From a great paper, The Hartford Courant:

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Tomorrow, Monday! Gun Violence Hearing …

… at Assumption College, Salisbury Street. 10 a.m. in Hagan Hall. We need stronger gun laws! Let your voice be heard! There have been too many shootings in Worcester, a few in the heart of our city, our up and coming downtown. What a drag it is to be driving to City Hall and have Front Street shut down, blocked off by police cruisers as our cops deal with the next crazed gun guy.

We’re sick of it.

Attend this, one of five, state-sponsored public hearings. Our legislators want to know where we, the people, stand on this very important issue. Gun violence stands in the way of true inner-city revitalization. Worcester, Lawrence, Lowell, Springfield and other Massachusetts Gateway Cities will benefit from beefed up gun laws.

Be at Assumption to let our politicians know what we want/need.

– Rosalie Tirella


By Edith Morgan

We all have an opinion about weapons: How many, what type, who should have them, where to use them, etc. Our country is awash in guns, assault weapons, and ammunition. Our movies and television programs extol weapon-wielding “heroes” who are presented to our children as the “good guys.” Many of grew up to believe that these brave heroes solve their (and our) problems by shooting the bad guys and thus making us safe. But do we actually feel safer? Do all the motion detectors, alarms, guns under pillows and in drawers, foot patrols, surveillance cameras, deadbolts, and the myriad other defensive devices really make us feel safer?  How much more “protection will we need to feel safe?

Perhaps our problem lies in our definition of “Safe.” Cowards are always afraid. Brave people much less so. The persons who will go down in history as having accomplished great things and influenced millions to do better, have stood up UNARMED , against well-armed enemies, and won. Think of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Moses, Jesus, Buddha – and numerous others like them.

Much closer to home, we all know real ”heroes and heroines” who took risks , and unarmed, convinced others to follow their better selves.

For example: her home never had a weapon in it; but when a young Nazi lieutenant came to her door in the middle  of the night to arrest her husband, she had the courage to demand to see the paperwork, and asked the name of his commanding officer. The young recruit, unaccustomed to being questioned, retreated to get the paperwork, giving the family time to get help and make plans. That same woman, on vacation in Paris, walked up to a group of young American students in the hotel lobby where she and her husband were staying, and asked them to take their feet off the glass-topped table, then proceeded to lecture them on how to behave as representatives of their mutual country, America. Back home, this remarkable lady, while on her daily walk with her husband, found their way obstructed by a group  of teenagers loitering on the corner. She marched up to the group and asked them to make way on the public sidewalk so she and her husband could pass. Miraculously, they did. That woman was my mother – who saved our family many times during the difficult days of WW II.

If we look around our neighborhood, I think we could find people who display that kind of bravery every day: parents, teachers, friends, neighbors – who stand up for what is right, armed only with the courage of their convictions, They should be the real heroes to whom we pay homage. And sometimes, we are smart enough to elect such a person to represent us – a person who speaks truth to power again and again, does not enrich himself at our expense, and bravely forges on despite the odds.