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Haiti: one year later “Hope” continues its work

By Pamela Reidy

When there is despair, look around and you will find hope. Hope is not some vague outcome we vision for the future; it is very nearby. This week, one year after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, Worcester marked the anniversary with prayer services, progress reports and remembrances of the dead; it also celebrated the work of several local citizens to raise Haiti out of the ruins.

Spirit of Hope, Inc. a Worcester non-profit founded after the earthquake had a heroes’ breakfast to introduce local volunteers who have worked in Haiti to the people that funded them. Local schools participated in Hats for Haiti, allowing children to wear a hat in school, each paying a dollar to be contributed to Spirit of Hope’s fund for educators who want to travel and work in Haiti.

Spirit of Hope is a funding organization that provides financial support to individuals or groups traveling to Haiti to work temporarily or permanently directly with the poor. Continue reading Haiti: one year later “Hope” continues its work

Gone too soon

By William S. Coleman III

If you see me and I don’t have the usual smile on my face and I seem not to put forth my optimistic personality, it is because I am grieving the recent loss of three people I cared about.

These last couple of months I’ve have witnessed heartache and pain from families that I know and love because of recent deaths in their families.

There comes a time in all of our lives when someone we know will die; and whether they have lived a day, a week, 19 years, 57 years or any age, the impact of the loss of their lives on us will make our hearts skip a beat. Often times we will find ourselves emotionally choked up, and the only outlet we have is to take a walk in the rain where we can let our tears fall from our face.

When you know somebody, a friend, a family member or someone in your community who has lost a family member, be compassionate, caring and understanding. Show them support and empathy.

I am dealing with a deep hurt and sadness for the loss of the daughter of one of my best friends in college, Len Gengel. Len Gengel is a friend who has a heart as big as you can imagine. He lost his beloved daughter, Britney, to the Haiti earthquake. Continue reading Gone too soon

Haiti fundraiser at The Friendly House, Sat., Feb. 13 – all day!

This special event is sponsored by Friendly House, Inc., in collaboration with Miguel Almestica

Where: Friendly House Gymnasium
36 Wall Street, Worcester

When: Saturday, February 13, 2010

Admission: cash donation – ALL Proceeds to benefit Haiti

Schedule of Events

Youth Hoop Basketball games 9a.m. – 11a.m.
Live Entertainment from 12 noon – 7:00 p.m.

*Jazmine Blair – National Anthem * Rich Falcon & the WPI Jazz Orchestra – Big Band Music
* Mike Thibodeau – Rock & Roll * Friendly House Chorus – Popular Songs Continue reading Haiti fundraiser at The Friendly House, Sat., Feb. 13 – all day!

Worcester’s Haiti bash

By Rosalie Tirella

While it’s great to give $$ to earth-quake ravaged Haiti – it’s not so great when the giving is going on in a semi-party at one of Worcester’s grandest ballrooms, Union Station (let’s face it: Union Station’s main floor is about as fancy a ballroom as Worcester gets in the 21’st century) – an event attended by Wormtown’s own “glitterati” schmoozing, knoshing and feeling … well, self-congratulatory.

Yup! The people of Haitii are buried alive, the children there have chunks of concrete cracking their skulls, sending them into emotional and physical shock … . But here in Worcester, we party! Albeit in a subdued manner – but we party. It was all there at Worcester’s Haiti fund-raiser at Union Station last night: a rockin’ band! Lots of yummy “finger foods”! Polticians and Worcetser’s elite schmoozing, exchanging business cards and (admit it) feeling a bit too enlightened (perhaps smug?).

Oh, yeah, and there were also big plastic water cooler jugs on tables so you could throw in a fiver or two for the people of Haiti. Almost like a giant tip jar. Continue reading Worcester’s Haiti bash