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Happy Valentine’s Day from my ‘hood …

Green Island, a few days ago

… to yours!

A friend who works at a flower shop “sent” these posies to Rosie yesterday. … Then a young guy behind the cash register at Trader Joe’s grocery store gave Rose a teeny rose plant in a teeny heart-decorated flower pot. As a gift! Just like that! She thought: How sweet! He’s so young! … Better give this gift to my neighbor so this sweet, young guy doesn’t get stuck in my head!

Which she did! (cuz she’s an old broad!)


But the real gift came three days ago, when an InCity Times reader held Rose’s paper to his heart and called it “intimate” – said it was “close” to his heart cuz Rose wrote about matters of the heart and, stretching his hands out toward the neighborhood, because Rose and her crew wrote about his neighborhood, what was out there, just a few yards away from him. Close. Intimate. He liked that!

WOW. What a Valentine’s gift!

That’s everything we always wanted to be to you!


Now, if only we could put it all to music, like Lucinda!


It’s too cold out to run out and run InCity Times! So we’ll be indoors warming our boots by the gas parlor heater-fire because these old Worcester three deckers don’t have central heating and the slumlords who own them would never think of bringing their buildings into the second half of the 20th century…

… Of course, we’ll be listening to music…

Stay warm, Worcester!

Stay close!

– Rosalie Tirella