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I bumped into one of Worcester’s UPS gals …

… last week. We love it when women do “men’s work” aka higher-paying jobs. We love it when we see women being independent, out in the world, not stuck behind boring desks as secretaries (the tools of men or other women) or switchboards! We want to see more women OUT IN THE WORLD! Running their own businesses, running their own lives. Being independent behind steering wheels, hammers, kennel runs, newspaper delivery stops! PHYSICAL! Using our bodies, our muscles! Outdoors in the sun – and rain – and sleet. Using our minds! FREEDOM, baby! Once you get a taste of  it, you never, ever want to go back to the status quo!

I digress! … It is fantastic to see women UPS drivers in Worcester County! They were a rare sight just a few years ago. But they, like all people demanding equal opportunity, pushed for the driver jobs. They got ’em. Now there are more female drivers around. Driving the trucks is where you make the dough. …

Still, there was some unsettling news at UPS. Right before the Labor Day holiday, they announced they would be cutting workers’ health benefits. A multi-billion dollar, global corporation! … There oughta be LAWS!!!

Rose to the UPS gal: May I take your photo for my paper?

UPS gal, smiling: Sure.

Rose: I am so sorry that UPS has cut your health benefits.

UPS gal, looking serious: I just heard about it yesterday. No smiles.

Rose (to herself): What is happening in this great land of ours?


Shame on our political “leaders”!!

Why is President Obama nibbling at the minimum wage issue? Where is our local state rep, Mary Keefe, on this issue, one that she said she would CHAMPION? And where does state rep candidate Dan Donahue stand on the $10/$11/hour living wage all MA workers need? He is getting a free ride to a great paying job courtesy Joe Petty, Jim McGovern, Tim Murray. Have any of these guys NOT HAD ANY CONNECTIONS??? To $200,000 a year jobs! To nice restaurants and influence and cushy car seats. Let them spend a week or two bouncing around in UPS trucks, delivering packages. Then maybe they’d do the right thing!

We need to restore worker rights!

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