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Tired of being a fatty?

Sick of feeling helpless in the face of global warming? Need a new wardrobe? Love animals and want to see them respected – not abused?


– R.T.



It’s a new year, and that means New Year’s resolutions may be on your mind. Perhaps you’ve decided to drop a few pounds to fit back into those favorite jeans that are hiding in the back of your closet, or maybe you’d like to do your part to save the planet. No matter what your goals are, follow through this year by going vegan, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happier 2016!

You won’t believe how easy it is.

You can accomplish all of the following New Year’s resolutions simultaneously—just by going vegan:

1. Be More Adventurous


If you’re bored with your daily routine and eating the same foods, there’s a whole new world of vegan food for you to explore. Seitan, tempeh, and tofu can all be prepared in a number of delicious ways.

2. Be Kinder


What could be more kind than saving animals? This new year, give up animal flesh and other animal-derived foods and switch to a compassionate plant-based diet.

3. Lose Weight

Following a vegan diet that’s full of fruits and veggies has helped many people lose weight. Of course, tons of junk food options are vegan, too, so be sure to steer clear of processed foods if you really want to kick your weight loss to the next level!

4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


A staggering 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture, according to a report published by the Worldwatch Institute.

While biking to work is a great way to cut down on emissions, nothing compares to the impact you’ll make when you go vegan.

5. Save Water

While skipping showers is one way to conserve water, the very best way is by going vegan. More than half of the water used in the United States today goes to animal agriculture, and since farmed animals produce 130 times more excrement than the human population, the run-off from farm waste is fouling our waterways.

6. Be Healthier

Vegans are approximately one-ninth as likely to be obese as meat-eaters and have a cancer rate that is only 40 percent that of meat-eaters. People who consume animal-derived foods are also at increased risk for many other illnesses, including strokes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, multiple allergies, diabetes, and food poisoning. Learn more about the health benefits of vegetarian eating.

7. Reduce Your Cholesterol

Did you know that cholesterol is only found in animal-derived foods? For a healthier 2016, go vegan to cut out all cholesterol from your diet.

8. Update Your Wardrobe

Being vegan isn’t just about food choices—animals suffer and are killed for fur, leather, and wool. If your New Year’s resolution is to update your wardrobe, be sure to make compassionate choices like buying fashionable vegan leather and other synthetic options.

9. Donate to Charity

Consider donating old fur items to the homeless to help keep them warm this winter.

10. Save Money

Not only does eating veggies keep you healthier, it also helps you save money! Compared to the prices of animal flesh, plant-based staples—like beans, rice, pasta, and tofu—are much cheaper than meat.

11. Travel More

Put aside any savings you have from not purchasing meat or expensive animal skins, and use the money for a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to explore.

If any of these New Year’s resolutions are on your list, make sure you follow through with them by going vegan—you’ll accomplish your goals and so much more!

Pledge to go vegan!

Upcoming food events … including the Healthy Kids, Healthy Programs Summit, May 21, in our lovely Worcester!

We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events!

Project Bread’s The Walk for Hunger, May 4, Boston. Join us (and thousands of others) in this fantastic event to raise awareness and money to end hunger in Massachusetts.

MASBO (Mass. Assn. of School Business Officials) Annual Institute  May 14-16, Brewster. Mass. Farm to School’s Simca Horwitz will present to school administrators about the opportunities and challenges of instituting or growing farm to school programs.

Plant Something MA, May 15. Massachusetts cities and towns are invited to Plant Something together on this day sponsored by the Mass. Flower Grower’s Assn. and Mass. Nursery and Landscape Assn.

Farm 2 School/PreSchool: Raising the Stakes, May 20, Canterbury, NH. Join NH Farm to School at Canterbury Shaker Village for a day-long conference featuring workshops on everything from procurement to composting, school gardens, and grant writing.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Programs Summit, May 21, WorcesterSpace is still available at this annual gathering of school nutrition directors, managers, and business managers from across the Commonwealth sponsored by MDESE, in cooperation with the John C. Stalker Institute and SNA Mass.  Get a jump on new school food regulations for the 2014-2015 school year and more!

Revisioning Sustainability Conference, June 22-25, UMass Amherst.Make a difference on your campus and in your community!  Share ideas and learn from leaders from all corners of the food sustainability universe.

SNA National Conference July 13 – 16, Boston. Save the date, thenational gathering of School Nutrition Association members is coming to our state.