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June is Adopt-a-Cat month! … And a letter from a friend!

By Deb Young
An estimated 37 million households include at least one cat -is yours one of them?

Since June has been set aside as “Adopt a cat” month, this is an ideal time for folks who adore felines to consider opening their hearts and homes and take in a kitty or two, showering them with the love and
affection they so deeply deserve.

Cat adoption not only improves the lives of cats, but also can improve the lives of new owners, providing a faithful & lifelong companion.

Many local shelters have a wide variety of adorable kittens and older cats that can win the heart of anyone who is passionate about them.
Finding loving homes is a challenge in any season, and never more so during the spring and summer. We salute shelters and rescue groups for your tireless efforts on behalf of all cats and kittens.

“There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed home by a cat “~ Tay Hohoff

For more information on available cats & kittens for adoption, please contact your local shelter or rescue. You can also contact me – Deb @ Autocats2010@yahoo.com Continue reading June is Adopt-a-Cat month! … And a letter from a friend!

Adopt – don’t shop – for your next pet!

By Paula Moore

Several years ago, I added a Siamese cat to my family. Mochi had been picked up as a stray by a local animal control agency. When no one claimed him, he was turned over to a Siamese cat rescue group. The first time I took him to my veterinarian, a man at the vet’s office peeked into Mochi’s carrier and then said to his wife, “He’s a Siamese.” “I just adopted him from a rescue group,” I explained. Incredulous, the man responded, “Siamese cats don’t need rescuing!”

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, and for people with the energy, resources, patience and love to devote to a feline companion, it’s the perfect time to save a life by adopting a cat from an animal shelter or reputable breed-rescue group. Whether you have your heart set on a rambunctious kitten or a more sedate “lap cat,” a regal Persian or a sassy tabby, animal shelters are overflowing with cats of every stripe. Continue reading Adopt – don’t shop – for your next pet!

A tale of two PIP shelters

By William T. Breault

The former Public Inebriate Program, now the People in Peril Shelter, is the only “wet” walk-in shelter in the region for homeless individuals. People walk in, or are dropped off, or released from incarceration and given a place to stay. We now are working hard as a region to close this shelter. I have been working to do exactly this for decades. This article explains why.

There have always been two PIP Shelters at 701 Main Street.

The first PIP Shelter is the one that most people know. It is the safety net shelter for people with no options. This PIP offers people a refuge from the street, a place to sleep and get a meal, a place to see a doctor and connect with social services. This is the humane PIP – the PIP that recognizes that we are all legitimate, that we are all worthy of hope, and that we all deserve a place that will “catch you, time after time.” This is the PIP that helps us to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, a PIP that gives us a place to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, and to forgive the sinner.

The other PIP is the shelter that the neighborhood and social service providers for the homeless know. This is the PIP that enables self-destructive behavior on many levels, the place to go if you want to buy or sell drugs to feed addictions, to buy or sell bodies for sex, to fence stolen goods. Continue reading A tale of two PIP shelters