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Ya work in Worcester? Then live in Worcester!

By Rosalie Tirella

We don’t know how this will shake out legally, but we say way YES! to City of Worcester employees being mandated to live in the city of Worcester. Will the unions stand for this? No. Will the city administration stand for this, if they are filling an upper-echelon job like school superintendent and have their sights set on a a great employee in LA? Nope. And in cases like that, we should be casting a WIDE net.

But if it’s a middle of the road municipal job, a job where you’re a cog in the wheel or you’re supervising other cogs, then YES! If you make 40 K, 50 K, 60 K or more, plus benefits, plus a very generous pension plan working for the City of Worcester, then hitch your wagon to our urban star! We wanna take you higher!!! LIVE HERE! MOVE HERE! We want you, we need you! We covet you, you middle class person! We want your tax dollars! We want your (most likely) sane ways and stable family life and expendable income! We want you gardening! We want you spending money in our restaurants! We want you in our museums and at our concerts!

It really isn’t so bad here! We have great homes (gorgeous Tudors, so much more) in the West Side, Burncoat area, Sunderland Road area, Rice Square area, Greendale neighborhood, etc. And we have cool apartments and condos sprinkled throughout our urban core. There are a million safe places to live in Worcester – and raise a family. Our schools are great if you really wanna work the system to squeeze out the best education ever for your kids! AND: Why not get funky in the city and experience all the diversity of a big city in a medium-sized city with so much green space it will always feel like a very big town?

At first folks will balk. Let them! If they quit their city jobs or refuse their city job offers, let them go. It will only get us so much closer to the employee and job candidate who sees we’re special and wants to be a part of the, dare I write it?, Worcester MAGIC.

We wanna take you higher!!!

While Worcester takes the low road …

By Rosalie Tirella

…. when it comes to its panhandlers and street folks, Boston is trying something innovative and compassionate. And way cool.

Ever hear of Panera Bread? We have a few of these bakery/coffee shop type franchises in the Worcester area. Well, it seems like Panera cares about the homeless because they have built several Panera Cares bakeries all over America. Including one in Boston, near city government, smack in the middle of bustling Boston. Panera Cares feeds EVERYBODY. Pay what you can, and if you can’t that’s Ok. You can still eat. Especially if you are hungry.



Very cool! This is why Boston is a first-tier city and Worcester is a third-tier city. It has so much to do with spirit, courage, the willingness to take big risks.

It works this way: It is a regular Panera Bread with all fresh soups and bakery items and beverages, including coffee. If you want to buy a loaf of bread, it is less expensive but also day-old, taken from other Panera Bread cafes/shops. Not bad, seeing most of the bread you buy at the supermarket is a day old and then some if you buy the packaged stuff that is trucked in.

So. How is Boston’s new Paneras Cares doing? How are America’s Panera Cares faring?

Quite well. There’s no class warfare g, oing on or panhandlers jumping the well off. Just a bunch of folks, Americans, eating lunch together. The middle class eat with the poor eat with the homeless. The folks who can pay full price for their lunches or snacks do. The folks who are short a buck or so pay what they can. Same for the homeless who eat with everyone else.

God bless Panera bread!

We mere mortals should pray for Worcester city council menbers and other city leaders so they too can grow hearts.