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Franny just sent us these adorable bunny photos!

Too cute! Happy Easter from Linus and pals!

Photos and text by Franny McKeever

Franny volunteers at this excellent non-profit where she adopted her beauties.



To learn about proper house rabbit care and to adopt a bunny from the House Rabbit Network, CLICK HERE!       – R.T.

This is Stella, the bunny we took in as a foster bunny, but we never could let her go! Here she is, flopped asleep on our kitchen floor.

This is Greta and Linus snuggling together. Bunnies are very social and spend most of their time together.


I adopted Linus from The House Rabbit Network. They rescued Linus from euthanization at an overcrowded shelter. He had been dumped there after spending several months in a cage in someone’s basement with little contact.

He was most likely an impulsive Easter purchase for someone who had no interest in caring for a bunny. I am very happy to say that he bonded with our female bunny, Greta, after being neutered. He now lives free-range in our home with Greta. He loves attention and is a very sweet bunny!

Linus is very relaxed, with his feet stretched out!