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See what we mean about carousels …

Wonderful little piece from The New Yorker …

See what we mean about the ephemeral beauty of carousels?  So lovely, so dreamy, as whimsical as a Rickie Lee Jones tune … .

Recently, a merry-go-round captured the country’s heart. Read The New Yorker story below to learn more … .

Again, we would have liked to have seen a carousel built behind Worcester City Hall instead of the Ice Oval. (Couldn’t the city have purchased some of the old merry-go-round horses from the now-defunct Whalom Park, in Lunenburg? I used to love going there as a kid!)

Several years ago, when city leaders were discussing plans for the Worcester Common re-make, InCity Times suggested a merry-go-round. I guess city leaders had their own plans … .

So, it’s ice skating at Elm Park, ice skating at City Hall, ice skating (we hope not!) at a big new rink that David Forsberg and pals want to build on the Worcester Public Library parking lot. All these freakin’ ice rinks/ovals leave us … frosted!

– Rosalie Tirella


By John Seabrook, The New Yorker



“Few pictures of Hurricane Sandy captured both the enormity of the disaster and the unquenchable spirit buried deep in the city’s core better than the image of Jane’s Carousel, the glass-enclosed merry-go-round on the waterfront near the Brooklyn Bridge, taken at the height of the storm. The photo shows the dark water lapping at the horses’ hooves, with the eerie blacked-out lower-Manhattan skyline in the background, and the festive riderless ponies twinkling merrily in the bright yellow light. Originally posted on Instagram and picked up by CNN, the picture was seen all around the world; at one point that night it was at the top of Twitter’s trends. … “

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/culture/2012/10/janes-carousel-survives-sandy.html#ixzz2Auf7pibJ


City Manager Mike O’Brien and the Ice Oval fiasco

Ice_skating : People ice skating

By Rosalie Tirella

Drove into Providence, RI, today. What a beautiful little city! What a happening downtown! What a nice cosmopolitan vibe!

The ride into downtown Worcester a few hours later made me cringe: Not because of its looks (well, yeah, because of its looks compared to Providence’s) but TODAY, especially, because of the ICE OVAL FIASCO. And it is a fiasco!

You would think that the public outcry re: City Manager Mike O’Brien’s fool hardy decision to charge poor kids $2 to skate on the ice, $3 to rent skates, $ for hot cocoa and other refreshments would have stopped him cold – make him realize: HEY, there should be no admission fee! Everyone should skate for free! That’s the way the people of Worcester want it to be! I am not their king! I am their city manager – a bureaucrat – who serves at the pleasure of the Worcester City Council. A guy who takes his orders from city council, which takes its orders from Worcesterites.

But no!

A cheap skate, my-way-or-the-highway mentality rises from the depths of Mr. O’Brien’s hollow hollow soul. So even in the middle of a dead zone like our downtown, Worcester families need to pony up some serious bucks (if there are a lot of kids and the family is working class).

O’Brien is wrong to think any municipal give away is to admit to being hustled by the hoi polloi. He is putting the brakes on something even before it gets started. And right now we could really see something STARTING on our common.

The recent announcement that kids 10 and under get in free to skate does not make me feel better. More bull shit from O’Brien. We talk about how we want to reach our teens – make them feel part of the city. Well, if you are a poor teen forget about it.

Something to think about, CM Mike O’Brien: Did you know that every Christmas Toys for Tots has to beg for some donations, such as Christmas presents geared for tweens and teens? Seems like everyone wants to donate toys and fun stuff for little kids, but no one remembers the teens. You know which foster kids are hardest to place, CM O’Brien? Teens. Everyone wants a cute little kid. No one wants a cute big kid.

Thanks, City Manager Mike O’Brien, for sending out that same old heartless message to our young people. A few days ago, I saw a homeless teen (maybe 12 or 13??) at a local Price Chopper. He looked so forlorn. So lost. So hungry. We have lots of homeless teens here in our city.

Why make things harder?

What about the country’s obese/over weight kids? We’ve got ’em here in Worcester, all right. Wouldn’t it have been nice if our teens could have EXERCISED – skated – on the city’s ice rink for free. God knows kids need to start moving. City Manager Mike O’Brien, you could have helped make that happen.

And, after Providence, I have to think: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! O’Brien is gonna charge kids and families money to come down to bring much needed life to this dump that we like to think is our center city/downtown? At this point, the city needs as many people as it can get to spend time downtown. To charge $$$ to skate in the middle of dumpsville is insane.

JUST INVITE EVERYONE for free, OK Mike? Why get anal with teens? Why get anal right before the holidays?

Bureaucrats never have vision.

Strong mayors do.

The skating rink at City Hall

By Rosalie Tirella

Rosalie Tirella

Rosalie and her best pal, Jett (2010)

One of my favorite things: Merry go rounds and their beautiful, fiber glass steeds! Central Park has one! Hartford’s Bushnell Park has one! Not a far-fetched idea! Kids would come and DREAM on a merry go round!!


While we (me and my pup, Jett!!) would have loved a dog park or a merry go round or, heck, anything other than a skating rink at City Hall (we detest the cold and never “recreate” in it), we CAN wrap our brains around what city leaders are attempting to accomplish here. Drive around City Hall any time of the week/day (like I do!) and be prepared to fall into the doldrums. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Crappy shops, a smattering of people – many of whom look on the edge.

WE NEED MORE PEOPLE – DIFFERENT PEOPLE – MAKING THEIR WAY THROUGH, ACROSS OUR DOWNTOWN! We will pounce on anything that MAY bring new folks to our city hall plaza. We will grasp at any ray of hope, no matter how dimly it flickers!

So, yes, this is kinda expensive and, NO, there was no public input. But, hey, it is being partially funded (half) by private bucks, and people with bucks always get what they want. In this case, a skating rink. As an Italian American, I can tell you right off the bat, the rink will not be hosting many of  my peeps. We prefer sunnier climes, good food, family. Culturally speaking, I wonder WHO is going to be attracted to this rink. I also think Elm Park’s pond is the place where lots of Worcester city folks skate.

But, hey, if the rink is redundant, at least it is something, something to fill the gaping hole that is downtown Worcester.

Hot cocoa, any one?