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Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes’ swan song??? … and Monday wrap-up !🐈📺🌻🇺🇸

Cece❤️❤️ this a.m! (and Lilac ❤️) pic: R.T.

In Disasters, Animals Need to Get Out – Not Tough it Out!

By Lindsay Pollard-Post

“Don’t tough it out. Get out.” That was a FEMA official’s no-nonsense warning to residents in the path of powerful Hurricane Dorian. To that, we would add, “And take your animals with you.”

Even after the painful lessons of past hurricanes, including Katrina, Harvey and Irma, vulnerable cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and other animals are still routinely left behind in evacuations. It’s a terrifying—and often deadly—situation for animals, who are even less equipped to survive a disaster than we are. That’s why it’s vital for every animal guardian to have a plan in place — long before an emergency strikes — to ensure that all members of the family make it out safely.

PETA’s Animal Rescue Team has seen firsthand the trauma that animals endure when left behind to “tough it out” amid hurricane floodwaters and flying debris. During Katrina and Harvey, they scooped stranded animals from rooftops, balconies, floating mattresses, shelves and vehicle roofs. They even found one kitten mewing desperately from a precarious perch on top of an umbrella in a flooded yard. Those were the “lucky” ones: Countless other animals drowned, trapped in crates or left chained up or penned in backyards with no escape from the rising waters.

Why were these animals — and so many others — left behind? For many, it was likely because of a lack of planning: According to a recent survey, 91% of animal guardians are not prepared for a natural disaster.

While Hurricane Dorian was relatively slow-moving, many other hurricanes and disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes and tornadoes don’t come with much, if any, warning. In the frantic scramble to gather supplies, load up the car and get on the road, animals whose guardians haven’t planned ahead are in danger of being overlooked.

Please, don’t let this happen. Start by mapping out possible evacuation routes so you have multiple options for leaving quickly with your animals. Since many emergency shelters do not allow animals, it’s vital to find out in advance where you and your animals can stay if you must leave your home. Hotel chains are a good option (many will waive their “no animals” policy during emergencies) as are campgrounds and the homes of friends and family members. Offer to return the favor if the need arises.

In an emergency, you may not have time to run around gathering up all of your animals’ necessities, so assemble an emergency kit ahead of time. Include a carrier (for small animals) and/or a leash and harness to keep animals secure and prevent them from bolting in a frightening, unfamiliar situation. Also pack bowls, towels, a favorite toy, a blanket and a week’s worth of food, bottled water and medications. Have your animals microchipped and ensure that they wear identification tags (whenever they leave home, not just in hurricanes).

If you truly have no choice but to evacuate without your animals, do not leave them tied up or confined to crates, pens or hutches. Any of these scenarios is a virtual deathtrap, as animals will have no way of escaping rising waters. Instead, give them a chance by leaving them indoors with access to upper floors. Provide at least a 10-day supply of dry food, and fill sinks, bathtubs and large containers with water for them to drink. Put signs on windows and doors indicating the number and species of animals inside, as rescue workers may be able to save them.

Our animal companions depend on us for everything — especially in the face of chaos and danger. Don’t wait for an emergency to strike. Make a plan now so if the worst does happen, you and your animal companions won’t have to tough it out. You can get out — together❤️.


From Team Beto:

🇺🇸Vote 🇺🇸Beto O’Rourke for President!🇺🇸

Beto shook up the debate by calling for the ban and buyback of assault weapons. Now the pundits and politicians say it can’t be done. They say we shouldn’t even try.

This is exactly what’s wrong in our democracy. Some politicians pay attention to polls instead of people. Candidates make political calculations based off of fear instead of facts.

Now we face a big test. The refrain we hear from the pundits is that, by taking a courageous stand, Beto may have shot his own campaign in the foot. They think that our big ideas will sink us. We can prove them wrong right now by showing a big surge in our fundraising before our official FEC deadline. Can you make a contribution to Beto right now to say you’re proud to support a candidate who says what he believes and fights for it?

We can always count on Beto embrace the courage of his convictions. He did it in the race for Texas, and he does it now running for president.

We are doing what is right, not limiting ourselves by what people tell us is possible.

We’re not going to run scared from the NRA or anyone else.

In a time of endless triangulation, 30-second TV ads and tired one-liners, the American people are ready for courageous leadership. If you agree, we need your help today before our big FEC deadline:

Thank you for helping us prove our case today.

To contribute via check, please address to Beto for America campaign, P.O. Box 3628 El Paso, TX 79923.




Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes’s Swan Song?

Text and photos by Rose T.

Konnie Lukes posing for an early InCity Times summer swimsuit issue. A good sport! file pics.

Root out racism at City Hall 5-17-16
City Hall – council chambers … No Konnie in 2020 – she’s not running for re-election. file photo, courtesy of Gordon Davis.

From City Hall … the Worcester City Council agenda for tomorrow night:

❤️Request City Manager request City Solicitor provide City Council with a legal opinion regarding the process of instituting a residential rent control program and the resulting impact of implementing such a program. (Lukes)

❤️Request City Manager provide City Council with an update of all PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) programs instituted in the last ten years and are currently still in effect.

❤️Request City Manager report to City Council concerning the status of the public shade tree trust and what type of alternative program can be initiated requiring payment for the loss and replacement of public shade trees which have been lost or are dying as a result of leaking gas pipes. (Lukes)

WOW. BEAUTIFUL REQUESTS (the ❤️s are ours) PUT ON THE CITY COUNCIL AGENDA by departing City Councilor at Large Konnie Lukes!

Could Konstantina’s imminent departure from the Worcester City Council mean she is being PROACTIVE – dumped her naysayer doll pose for her final four months on the council?!


If only Konnie had displayed this kind of vision and Woo-love last year! Or the year before! This is the real Konnie Lukes Worcester voters fell in love with decades ago!

Instead, as the years rolled on Konnie got bitter … whined on the council floor about POW WOW WORCESTER murals being too depressing. She ran for mayor last election cycle just to give incumbent Joe Petty a pain in his butt. She allowed her hubby’s rental property in Green Island to make the papers – and created a new low for Worcester’s slumlords to “aspire” to! Horrific digs, Konnie!

So, of course, the city frowned …

But look! Tomorrow night! These wonderful requests by Konnie Lukes – as if she’s reading the minds of us Worcesterites and getting IN FRONT OF, AHEAD OF, these important urban issues, these BIG Worcester challenges! As if she cares passionately again!

Maybe Konnie’ll miss Woo’s voters and nonvoters. Maybe this is her swan song:

❤️Rent Control, affordable housing for the regular folks in Worcester

The colleges DON’T DO ENOUGH FOR THE CITY! Holy Cross, Assumption, WPI and Becker must ❤️step up – as Clark has – and DO MORE FOR THE PEEPS OF WORCESTER!

❤️Trees! We love them – and need them! Especially in our inner-city neighborhoods!

C’mon, Konnie! Hit a home run at City Hall – bases loaded! BRING US ALL HOME!

We remember the Konnie we all loved!

Bill Coleman runs, Bill Coleman sends wrong photos … and more🌻🇺🇸🎶!

Perennial Worcester City Council candidate Bill Coleman was supposed to send me some photos of the Democratic Convention in Springfield where he’s manning an information table this weekend (even though half of Worcester’s political class thinks he’s a Republican). I asked Billy to take and send me a few pics of the big political gathering yesterday. In classic Bill Coleman fashion, Billy did the opposite – sent me about a billion old and newer photos of HIMSELF. Zero of the convention. Grrrrrrrr ….

This is why Bill Coleman has trouble getting Worcester voters to take him seriously. We love him, but …

– Rose T.

Bill Coleman photos, from, by, about, re: Bill Coleman😡!!!:

Bill, left, and Congressman Jim McGovern

Billy has been running for various and sundry political slots with these signs for 20+ years!

Bill at the podium

Bill with a Bill banner🇺🇸

From Billy – a Woo history buff

Billy made this huge Woo mosaic – a very cool community art project!

Here is Bill, right, unveiling his Worcester mosaic project outside Worcester City Hall.

Billy, today, a senior hanging with the Woo seniors for whom he’s always advocated💚!:

Billy began his political adventure in Worcester eons ago!!:
Billy🙂, when we were all younger😉 …

He wrote for us, when InCity Times was a baby. One of my fave ICT cover stories, by Billy:
Cool cover, if I may say so myself!

– cutlines by Rose T.



Go, 🇺🇸🇺🇸unions🇺🇸🇺🇸!:

Did you know the City of Worcester STILL has not signed off on the Paw Sox stadium project CBA?!

Why is this? Because the developer across Kelley Square – Madison properties of Boston, the guy building the hotels, offices and more on my side of Kelley Square REFUSES TO SIGN off on the Neutrality Clause – which gives our local and state/national union reps the right to go onto his work site to talk with/connect with workers. Giving unions the right to organize.

Yep! Get the job done as cheaply as possible, Canal District gentrifiers! Exploit Green Island and other Worcester laborers! Pay them crap – not the baseline $15/hour unions are demanding!

Rose’s old ‘hood, off Kelley Square. It’s now a non-union mess, thanks to the developers of the massive Paw/Woo Sox stadium project who won’t sign the neutrality clause. pic/text: Rose T.

Work continues at Kelley Square cuz city leaders DID SIGN OFF on the main agreement.

The Canal District becomes more gentrified – on the backs of the working poor of my old stamping grounds and the city’s inner-city poor/working class!

– Rose T.



Don Draper. Rewatching Mad Men. Wow. All over again:

Such a brilliant song about the perils of advertising!

Rose first heard this Stones greatest hits lp at the Winthrop House Girls Club when she was 10 and playing Jacks with her cousin! She’s had the album since she was 15😉!

New Steve book review!📘, Jim fights for hungry kids!🇺🇸 … and more!🍁☕🍂🎶

Breakfast with Cece:

🍂🐈🐈🍁🍁☕🐈 pics+text: Rose T.

We’ve gotten a few voicemails: Can you review our books, CECELIA/ICT website? Well, not really😢. Steve Maher has his interests, so we let him follow his heart/choose his books to review – always historical🇺🇸/political!🇺🇸😉 Here’s his take on Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate📺:



By Steven R. Maher

There were some clear winners and some clear losers at the September 12, 2019, Democratic debate in Houston. In a display of fratricidal fireworks the Democrats are famous for, some of the candidates unleashed denunciations on their fellow party members with verge and gusto.

Some of the winners:

🍁 Senator Amy Klobuchar was the biggest winner in the debate, in my opinion. She positioned herself as a fiscal conservative, particularly on health insurance, in a race where some Democrats are coming across, to use Ronald Reagan’s famous expression, as wanting to spend like drunken sailors. If Biden falters, she might be the main beneficiary.

🍁 Senator Elizabeth Warren won by not losing. No Biden style gaffes or misstatements here. The momentum is clearly on her side. This may be her race to lose.

🍁 Joe Biden. While Biden didn’t put on a flawless performance, he may have won sympathy due to the viciousness of fellow candidate Julian Castro’s attacks (see loser’s list below). It didn’t help Castro that PolitiFact has reported since the debate that some of Castro’s facts were not true. Klobuchar summed it up best, after Castro accused Biden of forgetting what he said 10 minutes earlier: That sounds like something Trump would Tweet. It should be noted that Republican superhero Ronald Reagan made many Biden-like gaffes – and went on to win two electoral landslides.

🍁 Beto O’Rourke gave an eloquent and emotional attack on racism in American society. It probably helped that he was praised by several other candidates. It seems that O’Rourke found his voice late in this campaign, but better late than never. Remember, we are still many months away from the first ballot being cast!

🍁 South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg gave a solid performance. His sense of humor came through at several points, particularly when Buttigieg joked he’d like to see Trump make a trade deal with China.

🍁 California Senator Kamala Harris made another bravura performance with a witty speech searing Donald Trump. It remains to be seen if she can follow up on this performance or, like the first debate, is unable to turn her good showing into momentum.

Now, for the losers:

👎 Congressman Julian Castro’s attack on Biden’s memory evoked loud groans of disgust from the audience in Houston. We wonder what the viewers at home thought. We doubt people were running to get out their check books to donate large sums of money to Julian. This type of attack plays right into Trump’s hands!

👎 Bernie Sanders acted in striking contrast to his 2016 performance. On Thursday, he came across as frail, less than his usual eloquent self, and as a little bit doddering. Before the next debate, his advisers should give Bernie a hair cut and a nap before the debate!

👎 Finally, there was fringe candidate, entrepreneur Andrew Yang, another bored billionaire. He went over his political platform by announcing he was giving 10 deserving American families $10,000 so voters would see how his plan to get more corporations to contribute to this country is. I’ll give Bernie Sanders his due, at least he wore a tie to the debate.


From Congressman Jim McGovern’s office:

Jim is one of America’s leading voices against childhood hunger …

House Reps McGovern and Davis introduce bipartisan bill strengthening student access to healthy school breakfasts – the Healthy Breakfasts Help Kids Learn Act is endorsed by the School Nutrition Association!

It Would Provide Schools with Additional Federal Support for Every Breakfast Served through the Federal School Breakfast Program!

Full text of the bill:

U.S. Representatives James P. McGovern and Rodney Davis (R-IL) announced this week the introduction of a bipartisan bill in the House of Representatives to expand access to healthy school breakfasts for students across America.

The Healthy Breakfasts Help Kids Learn Act is endorsed by the non-profit School Nutrition Association and would strengthen and enhance the School Breakfast Program so that additional federal support is available to participating schools that provide healthy, American-grown breakfast foods to students in grades pre-k through 12. Each year, nearly 13 million children navigate food insecurity in America. Research shows that students who eat school breakfasts perform better on standardized tests and have improved classroom behavior and attendance.

“I have two sisters who are public school teachers. I hear from them all the time that when it comes to helping kids learn, healthy food is just as important as a textbook,” said Representative McGovern.

He continued: “Teachers can lose an entire morning when kids who haven’t eaten breakfast can’t focus. We have millions of kids in this country who can’t concentrate because they’re showing up to class hungry. I think that’s a moral issue – no child in America should go hungry. Period. But I also think it’s an economic issue – kids can’t prepare for a career if they can’t learn because they haven’t eaten. I urge our colleagues to join us in support of this important bipartisan bill.”

“The School Breakfast Program is critical to ensuring kids are not starting their day off hungry so they can focus on learning,” said Representative Davis. “As kids across the country begin a new school year, I’m proud to introduce this bipartisan bill with Rep. McGovern that will provide more healthy meals to students in need and make this program stronger. I hope to see this language included in a final Childhood Nutrition Reauthorization bill.”

“Research shows eating a school breakfast can boost student achievement, attention and behavior in class, but too many students still start their day on an empty stomach,” said School Nutrition Association President Gay Anderson, SNS. “The Healthy Breakfasts Help Kids Learn Act will support efforts to increase student access to nutritious school breakfasts, supporting student success and allowing children to enjoy a wider variety of American-grown foods with school meals.”

The United States Department of Agriculture provides both cash reimbursement and healthy, American-grown foods directly to over 30 million schoolchildren each day through the national School Lunch Program. The amount of food that schools receive for breakfast is currently based only on the number of lunches served – the Healthy Breakfasts Help Kids Learn Act would provide schools with an additional 6 cents in commodity support for every school breakfast served.


🙂Easy-to-make vegan treats🙂:




Fucking moron:



When we were GREAT:

FILE - In this April 13, 1934 file photo, President Franklin D. Roosevelt smiles as he speaks to a Congressional welcoming committee which met him at Union Station on his return to Washington. (AP Photo)
FILE – In this April 13, 1934 file photo, President Franklin D. Roosevelt smiles as he speaks to a Congressional welcoming committee which met him at Union Station on his return to Washington. (AP Photo)



Hey, Joe, I got my record player out today!

We know what you meant!❤️❤️❤️ We love you!

I’ve owned this record since I was 19:

Joni, an American Master!

Beto’s great idea! … Cory and Julian care about animals – watch them📺 tonite: 3rd Dem🇺🇸 Presidential🇺🇸 Debate – 8 p.m … + more🎶

From Respect.Ability.org:

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)!

Announcing RespectAbility’s New NDEAM Webinar Series!

The Right Talent, Right Now!

Fighting Stigmas and Advancing Opportunities for People with Disabilities

If you have been working in disability employment, inclusion or workforce development for any length of time, then you should know that October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). This month marks a key opportunity to celebrate the incredible contributions of employees with disabilities.

It also is a good time to educate employers about strategies for recruiting, training and promoting people with disabilities. The theme for 2019’s celebration of employees with disabilities is “The Right Talent, Right Now.”

As such, RespectAbility is delighted to invite you to join us this October for an exciting webinar series promoting best practices in disability employment, employer engagement and workplace culture. Each webinar is FREE, includes open captioning and features a subject matter expert sharing their insights, perspectives and strategies-you-can-use in your own work.

🌞First up, on Wednesday, Oct. 9:

We invite you to join us for a conversation with James Emmett
about “Structuring the Workplace for Long-Term Success.” Emmett has been closely involved with some of the nation’s most successful workplace inclusion projects and will be there to share his insights with all of you.

🍂After that, on Wednesday, Oct. 16:

We are delighted to be hosting two private-sector titans of diversity and inclusion to talk about “
Disability Inclusion, Assimilation and Success.” Learn from
Jim Sinocchi, Managing Director of the Office of Disability Inclusion at JP Morgan Chase about launching “new era of disability inclusion” and “hiring professionals with disabilities into the robust culture of the firm.” Likewise, Vincenzo Piscopo, Community and Stakeholder Relations Director for Coca-Cola will talk about the key work that Coca-Cola has done to bring greater diversity to their team, their culture and their brand.

🇺🇸Lastly, on Tuesday, Oct. 22:

We will shift gears to how the workforce development system can
successfully engage employers
and get more jobs for people with disabilities. To do that, we are hosting leaders from Iowa’s Vocational Rehabilitation System
who have built up a robust network of business partnerships and have had great success serving rural communities. We hope you will join us for this great learning opportunity.

All our webinars are FREE to enjoy and will feature accessible slides, captioning and downloadable materials.

If you have any questions or need more info, go to RespectAbility.org


🍁Structuring the Workplace for Long-Term Success with James Emmett
Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Time: 1:30 p.m. ET / 12:30 p.m. CT / 11:30 a.m. MT / 10:30 a.m. PT

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

For years, James Emmett has been at the forefront of promising practices and proven strategies for getting more and more people with disabilities jobs. Join us on Wednesday, October 9th for a special conversation where James will share key insights from his trailblazing work in the private sector. Learn from him about taking an integrated approach to recruitment, accommodations, and promotion to structure the workplace for the long term success of employees with disabilities.


🍁Disability Inclusion, Assimilation and Success – Lessons from JP Morgan Chase and Coca-Cola
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Time: 1:30 p.m. ET / 12:30 p.m. CT / 11:30 a.m. MT / 10:30 a.m. PT

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

🍂Join us for a special conversation with some of the nation’s leading experts on disability, inclusion and success. Jim Sinocchi and Kevin Sylvester will speak about their efforts to launch a “new era of disability inclusion” at JP Morgan Chase, by “hiring professionals with disabilities into the robust culture of the firm.” They will share key lessons they have learned about how to identify, training and promote professional with disabilities.


🌻Likewise, Vincenzo Piscopo will talk about the key work that Coca-Cola has done to bring greater diversity to their team, their culture and their brand. From the new Unlabeled ad campaign to his personal experiences as a leader in the firm, Vincenzo will offer insights from a globe-trotting careers as a successful inclusion leader.

🌄Iowa Voc Rehab’s Stories of Successful Business Engagement and Disability Hiring

An intensive workshop where Fellows will gain the tools needed to revise and refine their pilots and navigate a changing industry landscape

Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Time: 1:30 p.m. ET / 12:30 p.m. CT / 11:30 a.m. MT / 10:30 a.m. PT

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

The great state of Iowa has been at the forefront of outreach work to educate business partners on the bottom-line benefits of hiring more and more people with disabilities.

We invite you to join us for this webinar to learn how Iowa’s Vocational Rehabilitation system has built up a robust network of business partnerships with Kwik-Trip and other diverse firms. We are also excited for our guests to speak about the unique challenges of meeting the workforce training needs of youth with disabilities in rural Iowa.


Brilliant! GREAT IDEA, Team Beto!

Go, Beto, go!!!

From Beto for America:

Credit cards have enabled many of America’s mass shootings in the last decade:

For example, the man who shot up a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, got away with buying $11,000 in assault rifles, gas masks, grenades, and ammo. He just charged it to his credit card.

However inadvertent or deliberate, credit card companies and banks profit off of those who terrorize our communities. And we know that in this moment, no one can sit on the sidelines. Everyone has a responsibility to do their part.

These companies are no exception.

That’s why today we’re calling on the financial industry to do their part to cut off the sales of these weapons of war. …

We’re calling on banks and credit card companies to:

Refuse to provide services for the sales of assault weapons.

Stop processing transactions for gun sales online or at gun shows without background checks.

Stop doing business with gun or ammo manufacturers who produce or sell assault weapons.

If this Congress and this president won’t act, the least the financial industry can do is stop profiting off of sales of these weapons.

If enough of us speak out, they’ll consider it!

The financial industry has played a part in government efforts to stop the illegal drug trade, trafficking, and other violent crimes. It’s time for them to step up now and stop the easy flow of assault weapons to terrorists.

If enough of us make our voices heard now, we stand a chance to make that happen.

– Beto


To contribute to Beto’s presidential campaign via check, please address it to Beto for America campaign, P.O. Box 3628, El Paso, TX 79923.



Wild animals must stay in the wild! Not tortured, exploited, slayed …

Yay, presidential contender Joe Biden! 💚💚💚💚


Did you know Democratic Presidential Candidate Julian Castro HAS AN ENTIRE ANIMAL RIGHTS PLATFORM? To HELP ALL ANIMALS💚: wildlife, dogs and cats, puppy mill dogs and more:


Did you know Democratic Presidential Candidate Cory Booker EATS NO MEAT or Animal Products – has been vegetarian for years?

Thank you, Cory and AOC!❤️❤️:


We miss you, George Jones! Today is your birthday:


Wednesday wrap-up🇺🇸☑️📘🌻


Our complex country ❤️❤️❤️❤️. pics: Rose T.

9/11 – The day, 18 years ago today, America changed – for the worse, we fear. Our 9/11 First Responders (fire, police, AND their search dogs, mostly labs) who are lethally sick from their work in hell that day and those following weeks … and yet for years they had to go groveling to Congress for their health care funds/support. GITMO is a national disaster – and a money pit. Former President George W. Bush was strong on that day but, thanks to his evil genius Veep Dick Cheney who was in his brain, Bush went on to unnecessarily invade Iraq and create havoc all over the Mid East. The chaos ensues … Thousands of civilians are dead … millions of displaced people, refugees, looking for a new home country …

President Donald TRUMP MUST GO – HIS INVITE TO the TERRORISTS RIGHT BEFORE THE 9/11 anniversary shows the world he is not playing with a full deck, he is dangerous – a pox on the entire planet!

– Rosalie Tirella



A good thing! The City of Worcester Inspection Services is coming down today to my apartment to see the code violations at 36 Blackstone River Road, Worcster!

Thank you, City of Worcester!

Maybe I’ll get another stove! And bathroom floor!

36 Blackstone River Road stove:


Needs new tiles, my bathroom:


Garbage from ex-tenant on first floor back porch:

And the Worcester Police Department responded… Police officers were here – with good advice! Took reports, too.

Thank you, officers!

– Rosalie Tirella




By Steven R. Maher

High hopes that Democrats would eke out a win in yesterday’s North Carolina election, which was supposed to serve as a bellwether of a blue (Dem) November 2020 landslide, were dashed by Republican candidate Dan Bishop’s 96,081 to 92,144 win over Democrat Dan McCready – a close race. (The election figures are from the New York Times.)

The deeply red district was voting in what was called the last campaign of 2018.

Reported the Huffington Post: “On election night in November 2018, McCready believed he’d lost to pastor Mark Harris by 905 votes, conceded and left for a family vacation to Disney World. But Harris never made it to Congress. Credible allegations that a Republican contractor illegally submitted hundreds of mail-in ballots in order to steal the race forced the state board of elections to order an unprecedented new election. Harris, after questions arose about his knowledge of the scheme, bowed out of a rematch.”

Democrats were hopeful that growing national distaste with President Donald Trump’s behavior gave them a shot at the seat. Additionally, Bishop “… is the author of North Carolina’s infamous ‘bathroom bill,’ which targeted transgender people by mandating they use public facilities corresponding to the sex on their birth certificates” reports the Huffington Post.

Bishop ran on a pro-Trump platform, said the Post: “He tightly embraced Trump’s harsh anti-immigrant positions, and an early TV ad from his campaign linked McCready to progressive Democrats it dubbed ‘crazy liberal clowns’: Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (Minn.), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).”

Trump pulled out all the stops to elect Bishop, barnstorming the state, along with Veep Mike Pence the day before the election.

The best McCready and the Democrats can do now is claim that Bishop’s margin of defeat – 2% – is far less that Trump’s 2016 12% margin of victory over Hillary Clinton.



Paris girl: Lilac ♥️!

“The Liberation of Paris: How Eisenhower, De Gaulle, and Von Cholitz Saved the City of Light” by Jean Edward Smith, Simon and Shuster, New York (2019, 242 pages).

Reviewed by Steven R. Maher

This book is a well written and researched account of how Paris, France, survived being destroyed as it was liberated during World War II. The writing is unusually clear. There are no wordy, literary flourishes. The author achieved both clarity and conciseness in retelling this important historical episode.

The Paris story revolves around three individuals:

• General Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower. The commander in chief of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe, Ike ultimately gave the order to liberate Paris when he was notified that a faction of Communists within the resistance movement might attempt an uprising on their own and try to set up a Communist state before the Americans arrived. Eisenhower had lived in France for a year and, after the end of the war, went on to serve two terms as U.S. President.

• General Charles De Gaulle, the leader of the free French forces in World War II, who wanted the U.S. to capture Paris to prevent a Communist government from ultimately taking power. This book lays out De Gaulle’s excruciating – at times – relationship with his American and British allies.

• Commander of the German garrison in Paris: Dietrich Von Cholitz. On 1 August 1944, Cholitz took up his command and, the next day, Hitler instructed him to be prepared to destroy any Parisian religious building or historical monument.

Hitler sent this order by cable: “Paris must not fall into enemy hands except as a field of ruins.”

On August 25, 1944, Cholitz surrendered the Paris garrison, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world was saved from destruction!

How we got from Cholitz’s appointment to the saving of Paris, the reader can learn by reading this book.


Worcester, VOTE🇺🇸🇺🇸 tomorrow, Tues., Sept. 10! … + more!🍁🍎

first …

World’s First Vegan Investment Fund: a True Bull Market!

By Jessica Bellamy

Rose with her coffee this a.m. She’s thrilled animal rights is FINALLY happening IN A MAJOR WAY – ON SO MANY LEVELS!! In America, all over the world!🐔🐈🐔🌻🐣

Why did the Charging Bull cross Wall Street?

To celebrate the world’s first vegan investment fund!!

VEGN starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange this month, and it will be the first completely cruelty-free fund. With a tidal wave of people embracing a humane lifestyle, vegan investing makes good ethical and financial sense.

Demand for vegan food is so high that when KFC tested its vegan Beyond Fried Chicken last month in Smyrna, Georgia, the line of customers clamoring to try KFC sans cruelty stretched around the store, and people waited 40 minutes just to park. After the trial was announced, Beyond Meat shares increased 4%, and shares in Yum! Brands, which owns KFC, jumped 1.3%.

Other fast-food chains are already offering vegan options as standard fare, including Carl’s Jr., TGI Friday’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Del Taco and many more. Even the biggest peddlers of animal flesh are recognizing the need to provide vegan options—companies like Smithfield, for example, are adding vegan patties, meatballs and other cruelty-free proteins. Leaders like Richard Branson and Bill Gates also know that the future is vegan, and they have invested in lab-grown meat.

And it’s not just vegan food that’s booming. Sales of vegan clothing, accessories and footwear increased 54% at U.S. retail stores in the first half of 2019. Tesla is rolling out fully vegan models. Vegan executives from Fortune 500 companies are building professional networks, such as Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management, and shaping the direction of business into the future.

Smart investors know that animal agriculture involves not just abhorrent cruelty but also financial risk. Just look at the crisis hitting the animal hide market. Unused cowhides are piling up in warehouses — and in landfills — because people don’t want to drape themselves in chemically treated skin when they could instead wear fashionable, eco-friendly vegan leather made from plants or recycled fabrics. Meanwhile, sales of cruelty-free vegan leather are surging: A Grand View Research report projects that its market value will reach $45 billion by 2025.

Dairy sales are tanking, too, as consumers learn that cows are forcibly impregnated, only to have their newborn babies torn away from them so that humans can rob them of their milk, and that going dairy-free may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and other diseases.

It’s no wonder the dairy industry is panicking. In Wisconsin, legislators are pushing for the Dairy Pride Act, which would require that any product labeled “milk” come from “a hooved mammal.” According to most definitions, that would include the milk of giraffes, hippopotamuses and pigs, which, when you stop and think about it, isn’t really any more absurd than consuming the mammary secretions of cows.

Instead of pushing for inane bills in a desperate scramble to prop up a flailing industry, cow’s milk companies would be wise to evolve toward a vegan business model: Sales of dairy-free milk have grown a whopping 61% since 2012, and there’s no sign of a slowdown.

No matter how much agribusiness rails against vegan commerce, the demand for cruelty-free products and vegan investment opportunities just keeps growing. The market is delivering vegan foods, clothing, beauty products, travel options and investment opportunities in abundance, and sales reflect a sea change in the public’s spending habits—away from abusive industries and toward businesses that are kind to animals and the Earth.

It’s time to make a sensible decision with our dollars and cents — it’s time to invest vegan.



Rose today. She registered to vote in Woo as soon as she moved back to her hometown❤️!

❤️Please vote for the following CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES❤️ …

We care about … WORCESTER’S inner-city kids, families, neighborhoods … a living wage for all workers ($15/hour), universal Pre-K for the Worcester Public Schools, MORE MINORITY TEACHERS in our schools … A SIGNED CBA for the Worcester Red Sox stadium project … Compassion for animals – wild, pets, farm animals.

These Worcester city council candidates are on the same page. Good, compassionate, progressive people!

Please vote for them tomorrow:

D1 City Councilor Matt Wally. Matt cares about his district – and beyond. He wants our inner city housing stock safe – and inventoried. So slumlords don’t exploit the poor – and Woo kids are safe and strong.

D 2 City Councilor Candy Carlson: for a living wage and the CBA

D 4 City Councilor Sarai Rivera: ditto!

At Large City Councilors:

Morris “Moe” Bergman. Pro biz but he’s got a good heart! All his kids went through the WPSchools!

Thank you!!!

– Rose T.

From Beto 🇺🇸 … and more🎶🇺🇸

A note from Presidential candidate BETO O’ROURKE:

Go, Beto, go!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

I called Amy last night after I’d learned about the murders in Midland and Odessa.

I said, “I don’t feel right.”

I know this happens all the time. In fact, this is the fourth massacre in Texas in under two years. And just last year alone there were 340 mass shootings in America. Amy and I were just talking about this same thing the night before because we’d both read news stories about a shooting at a high school football game in Mobile, Alabama.

In other words, this shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Because of our country’s deference to the gun lobby and the NRA at the expense of the lives of our fellow Americans — our unwillingness to pass background checks, red flag laws; our inability to stop selling weapons of war and our failure to buy those back that have already been sold… because of what we’ve accepted, our complicity in 100 gun deaths a day… because of all of this, logically, this was bound to happen.

So what made me feel so sick, so sad, so angry?

Maybe it was because it hadn’t even been a month since the last mass shooting in West Texas, when 22 people were killed at a Walmart in El Paso.

Maybe in the aftermath we all took some false comfort, like lightning couldn’t strike twice.

Because when it comes down to it, we look at these shootings like we would a lightning strike, a natural disaster, an act of God, something you couldn’t predict or plan for, couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. Just gotta take your chances and accept that it happens.

Like lightning, we think about how to protect ourselves despite the threat — bulletproof backpacks for our kids; active shooter drills in our schools; deciding what window you’re going to jump out of, which bookshelf you’ll pull down, how you’ll get your kid to safety or how you might have to shelter them by sacrificing your body and your life.

Now, *you* may not look at it that way… You may be the one organizing the march for our lives, the walkout from your school, the local Moms Demand chapter. But, *we*, we are all in this together, for good or for bad. For life or for death. And in a government of, by and for the people, we judge ourselves by whether we’ve changed this, or failed to change this.

And so far, we’ve absolutely failed to change this.

On that phone call last night, Amy said, “I don’t feel right, either.”

We feel sick for the families in Midland and Odessa. The parents who lost a child. The parents who are with their child in the intensive care unit in Lubbock. The families who are in shock and in mourning. The many friends we have there, who we called, who assured us they were okay — but shaken up. Just left the lockdown at the Target, or the Young Democrats meeting at the hotel, or wherever they were when the first reports of an active shooter came in.

We talked about how there is so much hatred and pain in this country right now. Anger and racism and a divide between us that seems to grow every day. Paralyzing. The sense of common purpose, an ability to focus on what we have to do together to save ourselves and one another, lost. How do we find our way back? I told her about a story I’d heard of London during the Nazi blitz (German for “lightning”) in 1940 and 1941, how in the face of indiscriminate terror and death a city and a nation united in common purpose and common cause. Londoners stopped focusing on their petty differences, their personal disappointments, their private despair — and did everything they could to save the lives of their fellow humans and to unite in confronting the Nazi menace.

How do we approach this menace of gun violence that kills 40,000 of us a year in the same way?

I read something Rabbi Michael Latz wrote this morning. He was responding to criticism that using profanity to describe this horror — the death toll in Midland and Odessa now stands at 7, including a 15-year old girl who attended Odessa high school, with 19 injured, among them a 17-month old child — and our complicity in it was wrong. To those concerned about calling a fucked up situation “fucked up,” he said:

“Profanity ain’t the F-bomb. Profanity is living in a country where a 17 MONTH OLD BABY IS SHOT IN THE FACE…”

He reminds us that we must see what is happening clearly, speak about it honestly and act decisively.

I’ve listened to you as I’ve traveled the country and have written your experiences, your ideas and your leadership into our plan to stop gun violence, which you can read here.

But we can’t wait that long to act. Your voice is needed right now. So here’s what we must do now.

When a victims fund is stood up — donate. I’ll be sure to send a reminder. The family of the 17 month old, Anderson Davis, has a GoFundMe. We know from our experience in El Paso that families will need help with medical bills, the cost of funerals, making up for lost income, and paying the rent. Do this.

Call your federal representative in Congress and your U.S. Senator at (202) 224-3121. Let them know you want them fighting with all they’ve got for universal background checks, for red flag laws and an end to the sale of weapons of war. And if you want them to take the next, necessary step, tell them you support mandatory licensing and a mandatory buyback of assault weapons. If they don’t hear you and fail to take action, you will replace them in this next election (in Virginia, that’s in November of THIS YEAR).

If you’re in Texas, call your state rep and state senator and let them know that the 10 laws that just went into effect today that LOOSEN instead of TIGHTEN restrictions on guns need to be repealed. No reason we should make it easier for people to bring guns near or into schools, churches, mosques, synagogues and foster care homes. No reason we should prevent landlords and private property owners from restricting the use of guns on their property.

Make sure you are registered to vote. Make sure your mom and little brother, your classmates, your colleagues, your neighbors, your friends on Facebook are all registered to vote. And then make sure each and every person in your life votes in every election going forward until we have leaders who represent our values and our lives.

Join a Moms Demand or March for Our Lives chapter in your state.
Don’t give up or give in. Keep up the faith and the pressure. Let’s change this now.

– Beto


Some Labor Day loveliness …

The working/writing gal’s rock star✨ pics: Rose T.

I’ll be listening to my Boss♥️ all Labor Day!!



A New Day Dawning?


By Dorrie Maynard

As you can see by my photo in this coming issue of CECELIA, another year living next to WPI students begins. They just don’t care about laws, as they seem to think rules don’t apply to them. I took this photo last week. Not only was this person blocking a fire hydrant, but being parked where they were made it impossible to turn down a two-way street if another car was already at the stop sign!

I did call the WPD police non-emergency number to report the car and waited about five minutes to see if someone was going to come ticket and tow, but I left after no one showed up. You would think the City of Worcester would be concerned that one of their fire hydrants was being blocked – as well as the two-way street!

It is no surprise that I have less than warm fuzzy feelings for college students! Having lived among them for more than 20 years hear in Worcester, it has been an uphill battle trying to get them to understand that they live in a neighborhood. With people who work, have kids, care for their families… That all this surrounds their college – that they are off-campus in the apartments near my house but they are NOT living on campus! Granted things have changed over the years; now most of the housing in my neighborhood is rented to WPI or Becker students, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to abide by city laws. Every year it gets worse.

Last year, there was a girl with a Jeep who lived on my street. I was always wondering how she managed to get the same parking space in front of her apartment – every day – until I was leaving my house one day and saw her put out City of Worcester DPW cones to block her space! I had seen the cones but thought they were placed there because the City of Worcester was going to be doing some construction!

I stopped my car and told this thoughtless and entitled girl she couldn’t block the city street to save her parking space.

She told me “To go fuck” myself.

And mind my own business.

Well, not taking that too lightly, I parked my car and took her cones and asked her if she wanted me to call the Police right then and there. I told her they were not her cones, and she could not continue to block the street to save her “spot.”

I simply do not understand why the WPI campus police have no jurisdiction other than on the WPI campus, seeing that the majority of their students live off campus because they have very little housing.

If there is an issue with a WPI student or noise complaint, you have to call the WPD and then the WPI or Becker campus police. T campus police cannot go deal with an issue without a WPD officer.

How does this make sense?!

The WPD should not have to baby sit WPI students. Plus, noise complaints – even after 11 pm – are low on the list for the WPD to respond to on a Saturday night.

And if you are lucky enough that the police do show up, in most cases they just tell the kids to “keep it down.” I have rarely seen them break up a house party or ask to see the id’s of the students who are drinking. We all know the drinking age in Massachusetts is 21. But if at least one or two of the kids are 21, they buy for the others. That is why they are at house parties – they are not old enough to go out drinking in public!

If City of Worcester officials are trying to make Worcester more student friendly, then they should also hold the students accountable for behaving dis-respectfully in the Worcester neighborhoods in which they live.

I know residents surrounding Holy Cross college seemed to have won the battle with students in that area, but I think it is time for the City to take action in the neighborhoods that surround WPI and Becker college.

Once again, I will jump on the band wagon that the students are NOT paying property taxes to the city – nor are their colleges.

In addition, most of them are not paying Mass excise tax or our car insurance rates, as their vehicles are registered elsewhere.

So tell me again why the City wants to make Worcester more student friendly?

I have had several conversations with the deans of students at WPI and Becker. They tell me their hands are tied, that unless they know the names of the students that are living in the problem houses, they can not bring them in. I found out last year that students are not putting their names on mailboxes for that reason!

If I call the dean of students and tell them an address, they send out their campus police to see whose names are on the mail boxes and, low and behold, none “exist” – or students from many years ago have their names on the boxes – and they have moved out! These college kids seem to have it all figured out! And the joke is on Worcester!

And my last rant for this week: someone needs to teach the kids how to dispose of their trash and recycling! One year a student from WPI decided they were not going to buy yellow city trash bags to dispose of their trash. Instead, they just kept putting it out on the street in white trash bags which got ripped open. Trash was everywhere.

One day I had had enough. As smart as these kids think they are, I found a name and address in one of the trash bags and threw the bags of trash on the porch where the student lived.

I called the landlord.

She seemed shocked – shocked! – that one of her student tenants would do that. She got defensive and asked me how I knew it was one of her prized ski team students!

I told her the name of the student whose name I had found printed or written on several boxes and papers in the trash bag. She confirmed that he did live in one of her apartments.

I should move, right?

Not that easy. My home is one of the only single family homes left in the neighborhood. It would take someone who wanted to live among students to buy it or someone who wanted to invest quite a bit of money to convert it. Not to mention, where would I go? The housing and apartment market in Worcester is beyond my means! I could not even rent a one- bedroom apartment for what I pay for my monthly mortgage.

If there is someone out there who would be seriously interested in buying my house, I would seriously be interested in selling it to you! Tomorrow. If not today!


Great Brook Valley and Curtis Apartments Block Party!

Saturday, August 24

12 PM to 4 PM

Great Brook Valley

Explore the Worcester Housing Authority Block Party at Great Brook Valley and see the finished POW WOW WORCESTER murals on Saturday, August 24.




Saturday wrap-up💛🍎🇺🇸🎶

From Beto for America:

Beto marching for gun safety

From presidential candidate Beto🇺🇸 O’Rourke🇺🇸:

I see more clearly now than I did two weeks ago that the 390 million guns in a country of 320 million, especially weapons of war, are an existential threat to this country. These guns, including the AK-47 variant that the El Paso terrorist used, are meant to be on battlefields, not here in El Paso. They’re meant to kill as many people as efficiently as possible. We cannot sell assault weapons anymore, and we need to get them off our streets.

I see more clearly than ever that we must address our failure to provide the dignity that every American deserves in their lives — from preventing economic isolation to ensuring that everyone realizes their right to health care. If we don’t, we are providing fertile ground for fascism and nativism.

I see more clearly than ever that we must be constantly telling our story — of how we got here, of who we are, of who and what makes this country great — or it will be told by those who will lie and provoke fear.

I see more clearly than ever that we must not just defend immigrants — but elevate them, speak with truth and pride about their accomplishments, and make sure no one in this country — regardless of immigration status — ever has to live in fear.

I see more clearly than ever that when we stand up against Trump and for what we believe in, we are stronger.

Moving forward, I will fight with urgency and clarity. I will speak as honestly as possible about the challenges we face and run a campaign that meets this moment.

When Trump terrorizes communities, like we saw last week with his ICE raids in Mississippi, we will be there. We will show up anywhere there is suffering, anywhere people are crying out to be heard. I don’t care if it’s an early state or the last state on the calendar — we will show up.

On the campaign trail, we will be a voice for communities like El Paso which have borne the brunt of Trump’s racism, hatred and division. We will carry El Paso’s strength, kindness, warmth and pride with us at all times.

Ultimately, we will campaign on the belief in an idea of America that has never fully been realized — an idea we know can only be true when all of us come together.

From the very start, we’ve funded this effort with that idea in mind. All our money has been raised from people coming together to chip in what they can. And now we need your help to make our campaign stronger than it’s ever been.

It’s game on. Not just for this campaign, but for this country. … Our country is in grave danger. And in this democracy, there are no sidelines to stand on. We either fight to protect America or we lose what this country means to us — and the world — forever.

I’m ready to get after this. I’m ready to fight for our future. But I can’t do it without you.

Thanks for being with us.



I’ve spent the last 24-hours in Mississippi following one of the worst ICE raids in the history of this country …

By Beto O’Rourke

… Here’s what I saw:

In Canton, a small community about a half hour outside of Jackson, I met with about 25 women, a couple of men and their very young children.

The women are undocumented.

Most of the kids are U.S. citizens.

Their husbands were all apprehended in the ICE raid and they now have no idea when or if they are going to see them again. They also don’t know how they’re going to pay the rent, afford an attorney, or pay for school supplies. Of those needs, money for rent is most important. All of them mentioned it repeatedly.

An amazing local store owner seems to be the hub of the immigrant community — everyone trusts her, everyone looks to her for help. It was in her store that I met with the affected families.

One woman, wearing an ankle monitor or grillete said to me, “We have never been a burden. Some people claim that immigrants take public services. I’ve never taken assistance or help in my life. I came here to work, and every day I work. My husband works the night shift, I work the day shift. Now that he’s detained and I’m not working, I have nothing, no way to support my family. I don’t want anyone’s help, I just want to work.”

A young woman, 18 years old, told me about her parents. She told me that they luckily both left the chicken processing plant just before the raid took place. She started to cry when she told me that they are still working, because they have no other choice. She told me she was crying because she doesn’t know if one day when she’s at school she’ll come home to find that they’re gone. They’ve lived here and worked here for her whole life, they’ve raised a strong, smart, caring woman — a U.S. citizen, someone who should be able to focus on her studies, her career, her future instead of worrying about whether her parents will be deported for the crime of working in a chicken processing plant for $12 an hour.

Nearly 700 families were broken up in these raids. Hardworking, family-focused people.

I went to the home of a young woman who lived on the outskirts of town. She used to sell tamales to the workers at the chicken processing plant. She arrived in this country four years ago seeking asylum, and has been wearing an ankle monitor ever since. It’s heavy, gets hot, irritates her skin, but she’s had it on every day for four years. She’s raising four beautiful children, the oldest of which sometimes helps her to sell tamales. Now that that the immigrants have been rounded up and are no longer working in the chicken processing plants there’s no one to buy the tamales.

She’s worried that she’ll be deported back to Guatemala or, with no income and no ability to pay the rent, that she will have no other choice but to return. She showed us her scars from stab wounds she suffered when she lived there, and said she had received a call recently from a gang leader in Guatemala who told her that her husband had been murdered for outstanding debts and that the gang wanted her children as additional payment. She is certain that if she returns she will lose them.

We went to a Catholic church in Forest that was providing help for families torn apart by these recent raids. In addition to the priest and nuns who were tending to the children, there were a number of attorneys from Arizona who had flown in to provide free legal help to the families. They were also helping to take care of the kids. People willing to do this work are my heroes. It doesn’t pay, it’s tough mentally, it’s tough emotionally, but it is so necessary.

One of the families they were helping was really struggling. I met a dad of a four-month old and a very sweet, polite 11-year old. The father told me that his wife was picked up in the raid and that she is having a hard time in detention. She is depressed, and her breasts are painful and swollen, as she was still breast-feeding when she was picked up. She can’t bond out — I don’t think they’ve even set bond for these families.

I met another woman at the church. She was in detention for the last week and was only released yesterday when ICE realized that they had also detained her husband at another facility, leaving her children on their own without either parent. She told me about the conditions in the facility, the depression that she felt while she was there, missing her family, not knowing how they were doing. She talked about the day of the raid, one of her co-workers punched in the face by an agent (“he was scared and he started to run, so they ran him down and punched him”). She talked about workers being cuffed and their cuffs tied to ankle restraints, like you’d tie a hog. I asked her how she felt now. She told me “I’m just happy to be with my son. That’s the only thing that matters to me.”

This cruelty, this terror felt by this community of hardworking immigrants, is the policy of Donald Trump. His hope is that he can inflict enough suffering for these immigrants to get them to leave, or perhaps go back to the countries they fled in the first place. He’s trying to show he’s tough by preying upon the vulnerable and the defenseless.

I came to see it for myself. I am disgusted that we could treat people like this in a country of immigrants. But I’m inspired by the way that people have come together to help these families.

My hope is that the more America learns about this the more we as Americans will do to change this. As hard as this is to see, I’m glad I came here — glad to be able to bear witness to what is being done in our name to immigrants in this country. And I’m more determined than ever to help lift up the stories of those who are suffering, and the stories of those who are rising up to meet this moment.

If you’re wondering what you can do, please make a donation to the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance.

  1. CLICK HERE to donate💵!


MONDAY: Congressman McGovern To Visit Highland Valley Elder Services, Highlight Importance of Meals on Wheels Program

Go, Jim, go!

NORTHAMPTON – This Monday, August 19 at 10:45am, Congressman Jim McGovern will visit Highland Valley Elder Services in Northampton, a local not-for-profit corporation that serves 24 communities in Hampshire and Hampden Counties, for a tour of their Meals on Wheels Program.

The visit will start at the Walter Salvo House cafeteria in Northampton, which serves as a staging ground for the Meals on Wheels program. Next, McGovern will accompany a volunteer to help deliver meals to nearby seniors. Both the program tour and the meal deliveries will be open to the press.

Earlier this year, the Trump administration released a budget which proposed drastic cuts in federal funding to the Meals on Wheels Program. Over 5 million seniors deal with food insecurity and hunger in America, and seniors make up nearly 20% of people who receive benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

🍎WHAT: McGovern Participates in Tour of Meals on Wheels Program with Highland Valley Elder Services

🥒WHERE: Walter Salvo House, 81 Conz Street, Northampton, MA

🌞 WHEN: Monday, August 19th – Walter Salvo House Cafeteria Tour Begins at 10:45AM

🍓WHO: Congressman Jim McGovern; Highland Valley Executive Director Allan Ouimet; Nutrition Program Director Nancy Mathers; Volunteers


After church services, Quinsig Village:


🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 pic: Rose T.


Woodstock, Golden Anniversary. America! What happened to  peace, love, environmentalism , a woman’s right to choose, equality, America on the Move, Rebellious American youth, Literary America, the Kennedy’s?


No dough? IT WAS FOR FREE! On FM and AM! Transistor radios were cheap and good back then! I had a passel!

Just pull up the antenna and press the little white, gray or black box to your ear – they were no bigger than a package of cream cheese – and walk down your neighborhood street IN THE KNOW, ya know?      – Rose T.

Ron in Rose’s space: on the most recent US mass murders … and presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke LEADS and COMFORTS America🇺🇸





Here’s Ronny’s perspective:

The El Paso and Dayton Shootings

By Ronald O’Clair

We the people have to take action to curtail these types of horrific crimes from being perpetrated upon society by a seemingly ill fringe element of our own society that has forgotten all life is sacred, regardless of skin color. We have seen time and time again how a seemingly normal teen or young adult apparently comes to believe that they need to kill as many people as possible and then kill themselves to avoid the penalties for their own killing spree.

I am torn between my belief in the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment guaranteeing the right of the citizenry to bear arms that “shall not be infringed” and the desperate need to do something to combat this wave of violent American mass murders – at the hands of our own homegrown terrorists in training! Which in reality is what these attackers are. They are, for the most part, lost, depressed, enraged boys who think they are men, carrying mostly approved weapons with which these mass murders are being carried out. For the most part, these deranged people were legally authorized to possess and use such weapons against their fellow American citizens in whatever misguided sense of outrage drove them to kill innocent men, women, little children.

There are many who believe the Internet is responsible for this killing epidemic or that violent video game availability somehow desensitizes these people to see murder as “fun.” Somehow their twisted minds had convinced them that this is the “right” thing to do. They often prepare themselves to die violently during their killing sprees, at the hands of brave and heroic police officers who put their own lives on the line to protect innocent students, concert goers, back to school shoppers – or after the killers run out of targets and law enforcement has arrived on the scene of the crime – so they kill themselves.

We must never forget these are hate crimes and crimes against humanity, crimes against our American system of laws that require gun owners to be stable people. …

When I had my own rights violated by a police officer in the Worcester County town I lived in at the high school of that town that I was involved in legal business with, I felt it was my duty to follow the trail and see just how extensive the corruption was. So I pushed the envelope a bit and deliberately pressed the “buttons” of those people in the judicial system in charge of my care and custody – on a piddly little charge of “Disturbing the Peace.” That saga had begun October 1, 1986, and continues to the present day. I am still (to my mind) serving the best interests of our nation as I was sworn to do as a proud member of the US military. I never was relieved of that obligation, as far as I am concerned. I am still on a mission, still gathering information on the injustices that are being perpetrated upon the populace. Chronicling the social ills, the pain, the injustices …

We Americans are losing … This is a pivotal moment in our history! As far as I am concerned, the time for action is now while the citizenry feels the injustice of allowing sick people to possess firearms.

So now we come down to the question of should we allow the talking heads in Washington to spin the narrative of these deadly incidents – the Democrats wanting the Banning of Assault Weapons, weapons of war; closing the gun show loophole; a waiting period while background checks are done – universal background checks … The Republicans now saying they may support Red Flag legislation: the right of family members to contact authorities to confiscate the gun/weapons of (in their opinion) their dangerous, suicidal family member/s.

In light of the massacres at El Paso and Dayton, I would be open to further Background Checks and enacting a Federal Red Flag Law (provided that there is an appeal process that protects the citizen’s rights). That is as far as this patriot is willing to go.