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Worcester Public Library to unveil 21st-century technologies

June 20th Open House: Ribbon-cutting Ceremony and Café Opening
Worcester Public Library
3 Salem Square

The Worcester Public Library will unveil the much anticipated state-of-the-art automated materials handling machine (AMH) among other new technologies and offerings at the Your 21st Century Library Open House on Thursday, June 20th, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Main Library Branch. Event is free and open to the public.

Event will kick off at 11:00 a.m. with a ribbon-cutting ceremony with city officials, local dignitaries and special guests followed by the newly renovated Friends Bookstore opening its café: Food for Thought. Sampling of café delicacies will be offered from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Café will be open during library hours and is catered by Eric’s LaPatisserie, Worcester, MA.
Other technologies implemented include new external and internal return kiosks, self checkout kiosks and a new holds-pick up area for library materials; all to streamline and expedite services for patrons. Other event features will include tours of the library, exhibit tables featuring library services and a technology fair for demonstrations and questions about digital devices such as e-Readers, tablets and laptops.

“The streamlined and efficient capabilities of these technologies allow for expedited replenishment and availability of our library materials for our patrons. As a result we are better equipped to provide our patrons with the assistance, services and programming they are seeking and ultimately deliver the best overall experience,” comments Elizabeth Giangrande, Communications Specialist for the Worcester Public Library.

These unveilings arrive just in time for one of the library’s busiest season. Summer Reading kicked off on June 10th and runs through August 16th with numerous programs and activities planned for all ages.

Rush Street Gaming is not looking out for the city’s best interests

By Rosalie Tirella

So many people have come up with other creative uses for the Wyman Gordon site in Green Island. For years the people of Green Island have been clamoring for a supermarket for that site, a full service grocery store that offers its customers FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, fresh fish, etc. Years ago, we had Supreme Market and Buellar Brothers Market and a fruit store – all on Millbury Street. Long gone. For these past four decades we’ve had freaking Honey Farms on Millbury Street. Canned Spam, canned crap, high prices. Depressing. And unhealthy for many Green Islanders who do not own cars and are forced to do their grocery shopping at a CONVENIENCE STORE.

Then there was a call for a bank branch and maybe a Walmart. Residents wanted a place to shop and, seeing Walmart is now in the grocery business, buy their groceries at a reasonable price.

Those Wyman Gordon dreams also bit the dust.

Now we have Rush Street Gaming breathing hot and heavy over the site. Slots dreams. What a pathetic joke to play on the people of Green Island, people who need the basic amenities – and have not gotten them.

Now here is my Wyman Gordon site dream. Piggy backing on Deb Cary’s idea, I am suggesting a SUPER FAMILY FUN PARK. A Whalom Park/Water Park/Miniature Golf/Batting Cages PLUS a family style restaurant for the site. A bonanza of fun for kids of all ages! A rollercoaster, The Scrambler, The Whip, Bumper Cars, The Spider, a haunted house, a lovely ephemeral Merry-go-round. Huge brightly colored water slides and spray park water flourishes, batting cages, fun wall climbing, game stands, concession stands, a sit down family restaurant. The Wyman Gordon site could accommodate all of this stuff. It would draw thousands of people from Worcester and Central MA and Metro West. Possibly even beyond ….

Great idea. Rush Street Gaming could build it – they are in the game biz after all, n’est ce pas?


The only reason Rush Street Gaming and the owner of the Wyman Gordon site are doing something with this mammoth brownfield is that with slots they make BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. With the super amusement park, they would make dough, BUT NOT ENOUGH. NOT THE KILLING THEY KNOW THEY WILL MAKE WITH SLOTS. THE GREEN ISLAND HOOD BE DAMNED. It is not about the people. Not about Worcester.

A friend of mine, a well-off friend, told me she and her hubby went gambling at Mohegan Sun. She lost the $500 her husband gave her to spend in about 10 minutes. He lost his $500 shortly after she did. He gave her some more dough to gamble away and she lost all that $$$ real fast, too.

That is what slots and gaming are made to do … Take a ton of your money real fast. The amount of cash slots will bring in, millions of dollars per slot machine, can never be equaled by the lowly amusement park cum water slides. That’s why Rush Street Gaming is here! To make billions of dollars, easily, quickly, consequences be damned. How quaint of us to think Rush would go for Merry-go-rounds and exercise for city kids!

Rush Street Gaming is bent on economic rape. And if the voters of Worcester approve their plans, we will be taking it up the ass, without wanting to, FOR DECADES.

Holy Cross college: even its students admit it’s a mega-kegga all the time!

By Rosalie Tirella

Interesting stuff! Even the students at Holy Cross admit that booze plays a major part in their lives at HC. I just visited a very interesting website – unigo.com – a website where kids rate their colleges, talk honestly about the schools they attend. It’s meant to be read by other college students or high school kids who are thinking of attending various colleges, including The College of the Holy Cross. The straight dope – for their pals.

Depressing fact that District 4 City Councilor Barbara Haller and half of South Worcester have been wrestling with for years: kids at Holy Cross love to party. At unigo.com, Holy Cross students even list the name of the street – CARO STREET!!! – where the Holy Cross partying happens! Wow! Caro Street – a kind of landmark for budding alcoholics! Tell Father McFarland! Let him learn – or stop denying – the truth.

Read what the rest of the world is reading about Holy Cross and its environs in unigo.com:

“The social scene at Holy Cross is largely run by students involved in athletics, perhaps due to the lack of Greek life on campus. Much of the partying takes place on Caro St, where several upperclassmen live in off-campus houses and throw big, loud parties that can spill into the street.

“There aren’t frats or sororities, but there’s Caro St. off-campus apartments people go to, and sports houses that function kind of like frats or sororities,” writes a senior sociology major.

Alcohol has a definite presence at Holy Cross, and students who like to party will go out several nights a week. “People tend to party 3-4 times per week, and drink excessively on the weekends,” reports a junior majoring in political science.


Here’s more:

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest score, the students at Holy Cross rate alcohol/alcohol use a whopping 8!

Take that, Father McFarland!

Out of the mouths of coddled babes … .

And from another Holy Cross student: “Sports are very popular at Holy Cross. Unfortunately, on the weekends much of the fun revolves around drinking, so for those of you who don’t drink, try to be prepared for that … .”

Yeesh ….

The coming fight: genetic bias and individual privacy in the 21’st century

By Steve May, executive director, Fund for Genetic Equity

Scholars call this the information age. Truth is we all seem a little numb to titles like that. However, there is no disputing that in our lifetimes we all are bearing witness to the greatest expansion of human knowledge since the Renaissance. The amount of information available to each of us is stunning. A growing percentage of the information in the digital universe is privileged communications. Things like medical records, personal health information, and lab results. We all expect that this information is handled with care. We expect that the most intimate details of our health records are safe and secure.

Beyond this expectation, we think little about them. After all, they are numbers and statistics, family histories, dates of immunizations and x-rays. Suppose however, that someone or maybe many someone was very interested in the details of your personal health. Imagine that they had an interest in gathering as much information about your health as possible. Would that change how you would see the contents of your medical records? Continue reading The coming fight: genetic bias and individual privacy in the 21’st century