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Main South: Clark University’s Relay for Life raises $16,000

On April 10-11, Clarkies Against Cancer held their annual Relay for Life event on the Clark campus in the Kneller Athletic Center.

Approximately 200 people participated and raised $16,000 for the cause.

In many ways, the event mirrored Relays of the past, only this year, the organizers and participants made a concerted effort to remember a very special young woman who was one of the reasons the event is held here in the first place.

On March 2, Cassandra McCann (Class of 2011), a passionate and devoted cancer crusader who, along with her friend Emily Corbett, brought Relay to the Clark campus in 2009, lost her own battle with a gastrointestinal cancer.

Clark senior Emma Weiner, current president of the student organization, made sure McCann’s spirit was celebrated and remembered this year.

The Relay Committee and club officers promoted the event. Friends and fellow alumni Rose Kamsler and Rachel Monge (both Class of 2013) who chaired the Relay in 2013, spoke about Cassandra during the Luminaria ceremony that evening. Kamsler even created a video from photos of McCann’s undergraduate years.

“I am happy we were able to do something meaningful for Cassandra and all of her loved ones, to show that we still care so much about the club she brought to Clark and the cause that she fought ‘til the very end,” said Weiner.

Maureen Hession, managerial secretary in Clark’s Philosophy Department, was a friend of McCann’s and shared an office with her when she served as a work study in the department.

“Cassandra landed her dream job in the film industry in Los Angeles in October 2013.  She was on her way to stardom, when, in December of 2013, she learned she had stomach cancer,” she said. Hession hung on to hope that Cassandra would win her battle, and was devastated to learn her cancer was terminal.

“I prayed and prayed that Cassandra would prove them wrong.  I guess God had other plans for our sweet Cassandra.  Now, we are left trying to learn acceptance.  My heart will mend but it will always have a scar on it for our dear Cassandra.  She was a beauty; the world lost an angel,” said Hession.

When it came to raising funds to fight cancer, Hession said “Cassandra was relentless in her mission to raise funds for Relay.”

The American Cancer Society created a special plaque to recognize Cassandra’s devotion to Relay. It will hang in Beck House where she spent many hours as an undergraduate.

“She made her mark here in Philosophy and we are forever blessed to have known her.  It is still so hard to think that she is gone.  Gone but never forgotten!” said Hession.

Clark alumnus Yannah Preta, who also served as a work study with Cassandra, was one of several Clark alumni who returned to campus to participate in the event in memory of her friend. And, as in previous years, Clark undergraduates embraced and supported the event.

“Cassandra’s passion for Relay for Life and [for] participating in the Clark community really inspired us,” said Clark sophomore Roisin Henry, team leader for the Outing Club Team.

Even though the theme of this year’s Relay was “games” and in spite of the fact that there were ample opportunities to socialize and have fun at the event, Henry said Relay was a solemn event.

“There were lots of tough moments but they were made a little easier surrounded by so many awesome and compassionate Clarkies,” said Henry.

Mike Germain: more than a pretty face!

By Rosalie Tirella

Earlier we told you about former Worcester City Councilor Mike Germain’s animal rights-eousness! He urged fellow Worcesterites last week to skip, as he does, the traveling zoo that came to our city.

But did you know Mike Germain feeds the poor and the homeless? That’s right!  Three times a week Mike, along with his friends at Ralph’s Tavern on Shrewsbury Street, cook up huge amounts of food and deliver trays of it to the Saint John’s Church soup kitchen on nearby Temple Street.  There, Father Madden and kitchen workers serve it at lunch time to the scores of hungry people who come to the church for a hot, nutritious meal (sometimes their only one for the day) and some groceries (the church’s relatively new food building also houses a huge food pantry as well as a cafeteria).


Here’s Mike (right) and Scot Bove just after they and fellow volunteers cooked the mega lunch (all on their dime) and right before heading out to deliver the food to Saint John’s. Mike does this THREE TIMES A WEEK. Has been doing this! Quietly. Purposefully. Just the way Jesus would have liked it. He doesn’t crow about his community service, doesn’t invite the TV cameras or newspaper columnists to give him free publicity. His pal had to take me to the side and say: LOOK! YOU GOTTA SEE WHAT MIKE’S BEEN UP TO! A real cutie, Mike just blushed as I snapped photos. AND HE DIDN’T TOOT HIS HORN. Refreshing!

On the flip side: The Worcester City Council lost a really GOOD person when it lost Mike Germain. Mike, with his shy, easy going ways, worked with and helped a lot of people while he was on the council . He was great at one on one constituent service! He always made the calls or visits on your behalf! Always tried to connect folks with each other. But City Councilor Germain had a no-fuss, no-muss style – never a smart move for a politician. POLITICIANS NEED TO MAKE NOISE.  Mike’s kinda quiet. As a Woo City Councilor, he never pontificated on the Council floor on Tuesday nights or demagogued an issue in any way. He never hogged credit, or threw a hissy fit, or played mad and shook his fist at the video cameras. Nope. Mike Germain was a cute, easy going guy, and voters thought his affable style meant he didn’t care. Or that he was dumb. The way society underestimates cute/pretty women. But as a Worcester city councilor, Mike, who graduated from Holy Cross college and is well spoken and is a very sharp writer, did his job.

Did I mention he’s adopted two homeless dogs, a homeless cat, a homeless parrot and some fishies that needed a place to swim around in?

It seems like Worcester voters always go for the stupid, loud mouths (Jordon Levy) or the perennial cheapskates peddling their nut-job conspiracy theories (Worcester City Councilors Konnie Lukes and Michael Gaffney) – politicians  who never look at things in new, creative ways. But they know how to grab your attention. … And that’s all that matters in this town.

H and R Block and Liberty Tax RIP OFF the working poor! … Help …


the Worcester EITC/VITA Coalition!

It is not too late to attend the Worcester Earned Income Tax Credit/Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Coalition’s information session …

… to learn how the EITC and VITA can help people receive more on their tax refund and move towards financial stability!

Please RSVP to aaron.fill@unitedwaycm.org


Worcester EITC/VITA Coalition

… an excellent opportunity for human service agencies and volunteers to learn how EITC and VITA can assist low wage workers get hundreds … in tax refunds.

The Worcester EITC Coalition provides free tax preparation to income eligible families in Worcester and surrounding towns.

Please consider attending the following training session:


8 am – 9 am

This information session will provide you with important details regarding the EITC/VITA program and how we help those in need access a vital service and move towards financial stability.

At the information session, members of the coalition will speak on the program and how it has assisted families improve their quality of life.

An information packet including flyers that provide site locations, annual wage qualifiers, and other educational information will be provided for you to bring back to your agency for distribution to employees and clients.

Coffee and snacks will be provided for your enjoyment.

Please RSVP to aaron.fill@unitedwaycm.org

Worcester EITC/VITA Coalition

484 Main Street #300

Worcester, MA 01608
508-757-5631 x216

On the road!!!

By Rosalie Tirella

That’s me (below) in my shack (in my bathroom) in Quinsig Village! Just last week! Heading out to do InCity Times stuff! As you can see, the rag has kept me fairly trim – lost another five pounds this spring, thanks to runnin’ ICTimes and my high-energy Husky mix, Jett, who always needs to be walked.

We will be celebrating InCity Times’ (the newspaper’s) 12’th anniversary next month! Not this issue, but the next! I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! It is still soooo wonderful to drive around the city I love, meeting people I love, putting together a paper I love! I relish the smiles and the mischievous grins I get whenever I put down a stack of  ICTs! You get me, like a good friend or cousin would! Validation from so many folks who love my columns on my mom, our stories, our perspective. And nothing beats hitting the streets of WOO and getting: “Jeez! You’re Rosalie?! You look nice! Much nicer than, um, than – ” “Than some of my columns?!” I interject, grinning. Some of my readers expect me to be this huge person, with this huge, scary dog! Then they meet me and Jett and are pleasantly surprised!

This website has been around for around four years and is a blast (for me)! Love posting my fave songs for you! As you can tell, I am a frustrated hippie musician!

Just checked the Googleanalytics site (don’t check it very often) and learned this website has 1,800 or so unique readers! This makes me feel good, too! InCity Times’ perspective – out there proud, a tad pugilistic, but drizzled with da love!