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Reach Out and Read supplies Worcester docs with books

By Matt Ferraguto

Doctors and nurses at 15 of Worcester’s hospitals, health centers, clinics, and practices are sending home their youngest patients with brand-new children’s books and important advice for their parents: “Read to your child every day.” That’s because they’re all participating in Reach Out and Read, the national nonprofit early literacy initiative that gives young children the tools they will need to learn to read and succeed in school.

Reach Out and Read is research-proven, with more than a dozen published studies documenting its impact on the children and families it serves, and it’s cost-effective, because it only costs $40 to provide the full, five-year program to one child. Continue reading Reach Out and Read supplies Worcester docs with books

Alleged pedophile is now a Justice of the Peace for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

By Rosalie Tirella

How awful! Got a note from an ICT reader. He/she wrote: “Thought you might be interested in this. Dear God!”

Attached to the note was an ad, an ad for Paul Giorgio – Massachusetts’ newest Justice of the Peace. Justice of the Peace!? You’ve got to be joking!

This time it was my turn! “My God!” I screamed. Why would anyone want Paul Giorgio, an alleged pedophile, to marry them, to say the words that make two people one, to help consecrate such a special day?

I’ll go one step furthur: why would anyone want Giorgio at their wedding – period?

The newspapers, including InCity Times, covered the Giorgio case: In a 2003 civil suit, Marcos Arroyo claimed that Giorgio twice had sex with Arroyo in 1986 when Arroyo was under the age of 16. Continue reading Alleged pedophile is now a Justice of the Peace for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Quinn Bill cave-in

So, OK, the cops ARE going to pay 25% of their health insurance premiums. This “concession” was probably made so that they could keep robbing taxpayers via Quinn Bill payments – $5 million for Worcester, since the state is no longer paying half the bill.

$5 million!

Worcester needs to STOP funding the Quinn Bill – just like the state of Massachusetts has.

(Just a thought: Will the WPS teachers follow suit? Will they pay 25% of their health insurance premiums? Or will they be the only municipal employee hold-outs?)

– R.Tirella

Our teachers MUST pay their fair share!

By Rosalie Tirella

Well, here it is: crisis time again. Last week the Worcester City Council and School Committee met to discuss finances. Next fiscal year’s municipal budget looks grim, with a $26-million gap projected for the Worcester Public School system.

Right off the bat, City Manager Mike O’Brien needs to: CONVINCE THE WPS TEACHERS’ UNION TO EMBRACE REALITY!!!! Embrace reality and join the majority of working Americans and our other municipal unions and start paying (immediately) 25% of their health insurance premiums. Plus higher co-pays.

Teachers! This simple step – paying 25% of your health insurance premium – will save the City of Worcester $3 million! Like I said, the 25% contribution is something that’s been accepted by workers in the private sector for a while now, and the City of Worcester’s clerks and other groups have joined the rest of America. Continue reading Our teachers MUST pay their fair share!

Open letter to a psychotherapist

By “Name Withheld”

Stress. That most common and potentially lethal of demons we create for ourselves! The situations in which we sometimes find ourselves feed that demon, and if we allow it to, the demon will overtake us and set us invariably on the path to self-destruction. It was on this path I found myself once again, in recent months, for a variety of reasons. When the possibility of losing a job (not a career, mind you, just a job) and hurting those who love me, thereby adding to the sum total of THEIR stress, became a reality, I knew it was time to seek help. I sought help from you, and what I got instead, was a valuable lesson. As clichéd as it may sound, I now find that the only one who can help me is myself. Continue reading Open letter to a psychotherapist

The Straight Dope

By Cheez Wiz

a) Did you hear that Scott Zoback is working for Harriett Chandler now? It’s a fact.

b) Makes sense the [T & G’s] Dianne Williamson could become a media flunky for the O’Brien-Murray-McGovern campaign.

c) The BEST thing about the story of the police union-cum-Virginia-“it’s my real hair, honest!”-Ryan: Those unionistas identified whom I would NOT vote for [election day]. It truly shows the magnificence of District 4 City Councilor Barbara Haller and Mayor Konnie Lukes, trying to keep law and order in these difficult financial times.

d) It showed that public safety does not equal higher salries for police. Police Chief Gary Gemme has lost the faith of taxpayers.

e) Why don’t we start a campaign to get all city employees (teachers, police, etc.) to live in this city for a minimum period of FIVE years upon hire? Continue reading The Straight Dope

Change Worcester’s charter! Frank Raffa should not be a shoo-in!

By Rosalie Tirella

God, it will be tragic if retired Worcester firefighter Frank Raffa becomes Worcester’s new District 2 city councilor simply because he was savvy/sneaky enough to “work” the city’s charter. Our charter (a bedeviling document at times) creates a kind of elected official loophole: it states that if a Worcester city counilor/pol leaves office prematurely, the next highest vote getter gets to finish  his/her term – even if that person is a last-second write-in candidate.

A write-in candidate who did no campaigning, has no position papers, spent no money for signs, mailings, etc, did zero standouts – but, you know, had a handful of pals write his/her name on the ballot.

Like Frank Raffa, who garnered fewer than 200 votes this past election, just did. That’s because Raffa heard that incumbent District 2 City Councilor Phil Palmieri may not finish out his term. According to Worcester’s charter, if Phil leaves, well then Frank Raffa – the next highest vote getter (ha ha) – gets to take Phil’s place.

Raffa saw that no one was running againt Palmieri, and he knew that Palmieri would run for Sate Rep. Vinny Pedone’s seat, if Pedone ran for Guy Glodis’ sheriff slot, if Glodis went for State Auditor Joseph DeNucci’s job … if DeNucci, didn’t seek reelection.

DeNucci announced this week he will NOT run for State Auditor next election cycle. Continue reading Change Worcester’s charter! Frank Raffa should not be a shoo-in!

Burning the Future

By Mark Laserte

Tom Thompson was the featured speaker at the Worcester Green-Rainbow Party’s showing of the documentary “Burning the Future” at the Worcester Public Library on Wednesday, October 21. “Burning the Future” tells of the devastating effects of coal mining by mountaintop removal on Appalachian communities. Tom Thompson spoke at the event. He is a climate change activist who is active in several national organizations, including 350.org, 1Sky, Green For All, and ILoveMountains.org.

He agreed to a one-on-one interview.

Mark Laserte: For those of us who haven’t been following the issue, what is mountaintop removal?
Tom Thompson: First, it’s a misnomer to call it mountaintop removal, because that leads people to think that it’s just one mountaintop that gets affected. We should probably call it “mountain range decapitation,” because 470 mountaintops—those unfortunate enough to have a coal seam under them—have been blown off. Many more new permits [for mountaintop removals] await approval. Continue reading Burning the Future

New Worcester Public Schools Superintendent Melinda Boone: eager and ready to lead our schools

By John Monfredo, Worcester Public School Committee member

As the school bell rings for the Worcester Public Schools this fall, the staff and the students of our public schools will be greeted by Worcester’s first female school superintendent, Dr. Melinda Boone. Dr. Boone spent one week a month in Worcester since January prior to her official starting date of July 1, 2009. This arrangement was due to her contractual obligations in the Norfolk Virginia Public Schools and to give her youngest daughter the opportunity to finish her senior year in high school – thus demonstrating her commitment to education and family. Continue reading New Worcester Public Schools Superintendent Melinda Boone: eager and ready to lead our schools

Candidate endorsements (the gals we recommended and why)

By Rosalie Tirella

We ask(ed) the good people of Worcester to get out and vote! We ask(ed) the good people of Worcester to cast their ballots for:

* District 4 City Councilor: Barbara Haller

Vote for Barbara Haller!

Spend some time with Barbara Haller, and you’ll quickly realize she has reached a kind of spiritual zenith in (what has become, I think) the dream of her life-time.

Her journey with her beloved District 4 continues, her love for its people still strong and pure. Continue reading Candidate endorsements (the gals we recommended and why)