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Telegram and Gazette “hack” Dianne Williamson lies in her columns

By Rosalie Tirella

FYI, Dianne Williamson, T & G hack, you lie! Just ask some of the people you have interviewed! (a few of them have given me an earful)

More lies you wrote in your column about me:

* Former Telegram and Gazette Harry Whitin never called me and asked me “politely” to change the article I had written about you. He was nasty, a bully – my anwering machine filled with threats from Whitin (which I kept on my teeny cassettes). I thought: Well, who does this guy think he is? I dug my heels in and thought: Fuck you, Whitin. Like hell will I accommodate you. Take it to the New York Times Co., bup. Let’s make this a bloodbath.

Harry Whitin and the Telegram and Gazette went away.

* Advertisers are never “enablers,” Dianne. If anyone should know this, it’s you and the rest of the T & G staff. Look how few ads grace the pages of the Telegram and Gazette! Sometimes there are three itty bitty ones on an entire page! Which is why the Telegram and Gazette has stopped publishing all its editions (down to one wretched edition which tells you nothing about Worcester!); 2. there have two huge rounds of layoffs at the Telegram and Gazette; 3. the Telegram and Gazette newsroom has only a handfull of reporters to cover New England’s second largest city; Continue reading Telegram and Gazette “hack” Dianne Williamson lies in her columns

Re-imagining Worcester

By Jim May


To a geographer, the most compelling aspect of greater Worcester is the Blackstone River. It’s our river. We ain’t got much else, really. Farming was so bad here that Worcester County was the last county populated, and even then, the town of Sutton surpassed Worcester’s own population until the mid 1840s.

But people aren’t farming here anymore. Still, the Blackstone River remains the dominant landscape feature no matter how many Walmarts surround it. The Blackstone River is the thing that singularly most identifies our place in the terra firma, our place on Mother Earth.
And because it’s a river, it’s water. And water represents Life. And Life is what we want in our downtown.

We have long stopped embracing the River. To be blunt, we shit on it. We have almost polluted it beyond recognition. The intense industrial usage of the Blackstone left a legacy of pollution. Continue reading Re-imagining Worcester

Telegram and Gazette “hack,” Dianne Williamson, needs to get HER facts straight!

By Rosalie Tirella

To Dianne Williamson, nasty, vindictive, mean, phony hack:

Dear Dianne, you wrote a column about me. Here’s where YOU screwed up:

* You say I plagiarized your column about Worcester Fire Department Frank DiLiddo being in a porn flick. Dianne, I got the “news” from you – the fact that a City of Worcester employee – a firefighter (a person the community usually holds to far higher standards than – say, a T & G columnist –  was in a porn movie. Then I opined about that FACT – the fact that a city firefighter was in a movie which you described quite graphically. You wrote about: DeLiddo with his trousers down, sitting in a chair, and a gal blowing him, giving readers a “blow by blow” description of the sex act.

I wrote how I felt about the movie. That is not stealing your stuff. This is plagiarism: Remember when your colleague, Telegram and Gazette sports writer/reporter Ken Powers, copied several paragraphs from a sports story in another publication and then used his handy dandy computer mouse to paste the paragraphs the other writer wrote INTO his story? That’s plagiarism! Powers made it look like he was the real author of those paragraphs. The Telegram and Gazette fired him. This, my dear, is plagiarism. Continue reading Telegram and Gazette “hack,” Dianne Williamson, needs to get HER facts straight!

My thoughts on the Telegram and Gazette character assassination of the InCity Times‏

By Coffeepunk 76

I think I am going to try and read the InCity Times more often.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I am in a union, and the Telegram and Gazette is notorious for its prejudice against unions. The Telegram and Gazette produces more hate speech towards unions than any other “paper” I have ever read.

Dianne Williamson, the same “journalist” who attacked the InCity Times, wrote “an article” (if you can call it that) on May 9, 2010, about putting her mother in ‘a home.’ This ‘reporter’ turned one sentence, “my mother has dementia, and I’m putting her into a home,” into a whole article. Continue reading My thoughts on the Telegram and Gazette character assassination of the InCity Times‏

On Worcester Fire Dept. District Chief Frank DiLiddo

editor’s note: Mr. Bailey, the T & G did run the news in a local column.

By Joseph Bailey

I must say I’m appalled about what I am reading. I cannot believe that the City of Worcester would allow a man such as this to be working for the city [Worcester Fire Dept. District Chief Frank DiLiddo].

I agree with Rosalie Tirella [see post below] that he should be put on leave by the city and then be removed from his job. I can believe the city covering this up. As we all know, government takes care of its own. Even though [DeLiddo] says he did [make the porn movie] when he was “young” doesn’t excuse this behavior. Anyone else in the private sector would have been removed from their duties immediately.
I guess when you’re a chief on the Worcester Fire Department you must be exempt from this type of action.
I feel that once again there is a double standard. Every day poeple would be admonished and removed from their position. I suppose it took this long for someone to find this out and furthermore almost seem to have it swept under the carpet. I cannot figure out why the city lets this person work with the public anymore. I feel that Worcester should step up and remove this person  from his position. The Worcester FD recently has had a lot of bad elements involved with their department. From fire fighters being picked up for drunk driving to fights breaking out  between the rank and file and certain line officers. Let’s not bring up the previous charges against certain former members for various criminal activities.
In conclusion, I feel that once again it takes a true independent voice in this city [InCity Times] to let the public know what really goes on. I am truly upset with the other media outlets …  . It feels like all parties involved, the City of Worcester, the primary television stations in Boston and Worcester for not getting involved and carrying this story. I don’t feel comfortable knowing that we have essentially a perverted individual involved with the public.
Just to inform you: I have forwarded a copy of the article and my letter to the other newspapers … . Let’s see what they don’t do about this now.

Dog day morning!

By Rosalie Tirella

What a great day to own a dog! To ride with my new dog Jett in my car – he feeling full of himself (finally!) – me having a blast watching a once abused dog grow more confident. (In Kentucky, where Jett’s originally from, the men treated him rough.) Which is why I don’t make Jett heel – he can lead me anywhere on our walks! I feed him apple slices, too, and carress his little chest while cooing: “Oh, you’re a brave little man!”

I take Jett everywhere and he meets everyone! He is so tentative, but I know he will come around … .

“Here,” I tell a friend, giving her a dog treat, “give Jett a cookie!” And Jett gets his cookie! (she must throw it at his paws and look away the first time. A few times later and Jett walks up tp her and takes the treat from her hand)

“Look! Here’s a Worcester park! Let’s go!” I say to Jett, and I open the car door and out Jett pops, and we play tag in the park! Jett is running circles around me; I am pretending I wanna catch him! When I tire and sit on a park bench my little pal stops running, walks over and stares at me, as if to say: “Why are you sitting this game out?” Continue reading Dog day morning!

Fight product-testing on animals

By Ingrid Newkirk

Right now, in laboratories across North America, dogs, cats, monkeys, mice, rats, rabbits, and other animals are being subjected to crude, painful, and ultimately deadly experiments. PETA’s fight for animals in laboratories began with our founding in 1980. And after winning a groundbreaking victory for them in 1981, we have been making major strides for these animals ever since. But our work for them is far from over.

With the ever-growing popularity of cruelty-free products, it’s easy for some consumers to think that product testing is rarely done anymore. They are wrong. Unilever, Dial, Clorox, Johnson & Johnson, and many other companies continue to fund cruel animal experiments even though superior non-animal test methods are available.

For example, a lethal poisoning test developed nearly 100 years ago — in which animals are force-fed increasing doses of a chemical until they die — is still the single most common animal test in use today. When you consider that government-mandated tests kill more than 2,000 animals every single time they are conducted, you’ll understand just how much suffering animal experimentation produces. Continue reading Fight product-testing on animals

Let’s hope Councilor “Ric” Rushton (Dope-a-rama) and Mayor Joe O’Brien don’t pig pile on Dr. Boone

By Rosalie Tirella

We will see if this bullshit continues at tonight’s Worcester City Council meeting: the not-so-latent attempt to pull the rug out from under the sturdy feet of Dr. Melinda Boone, Worcester’s new school superintendent.

We know that City Counilor Frederick Rushton was a big fan of “connected” school superintendent candidate Steve Mills (now working in some Boston suburb), and that he wanted his boy to get the superintendent job big time. Infact, last year Rushton was the city council member who was most vocal in his opposition to Boone. And he pushed for Mills, who thought he was a shoe in because he worked on Tim Murray’s first political campaign and all that crap.

But, hey, Rushton was powerless and then Worcester Mayor konnie Lukes wasn’t. As then-chair of the Worcester School Committee (as is for all of Wormtown’s mayors), Konnie created a professional search committee comprised of community intelligent non-biased community folks who would look at all super candidates. The search committee recommended the best candidate – Dr. Melinda Boone, a female, Black educator from Norfolk, Virginia. Our school committee OK’d the recommendation and – voila! Worcester actually looked smart, cool and progressive. … Continue reading Let’s hope Councilor “Ric” Rushton (Dope-a-rama) and Mayor Joe O’Brien don’t pig pile on Dr. Boone

Cheryl DelSignore whines about the laid off WPS teachers

By Rosalie Tirella

Some how the Worcester Public Schools teachers’ union has got it all upside down: Last City Council meeting teacher union head Cheryl DelSignore stood before the Worcester City Council and whined. 124 WPS teachers are getting their pink slips! she announced to our city leaders! Mon Dieu! No art for the kiddies! No extras!

Bull shit.

What concerns this union rep most – and I guess the teachers themselves – is the fact that some of these newly laid off teachers have been in the WPS system for years!

“Twenty three years in the system,” Delsignore gasped to the city council.

This made me think: the teachers’ union is getting nervous. Now, instead of laying off the young, just hired teachers, like they used to when they went toe to toe with the city over contract negotiations, the teachers’ union is starting to lose the “connected” old timers, the people and hacks who have been sucking up precious space in the WPS system for two decades, but maybe hung around because they knew their seniority would be protected. WPS teachers who thought they would never see the day because … the young neophyte teachers would be the first to be let go by the Worcester Public School system. Continue reading Cheryl DelSignore whines about the laid off WPS teachers

Holy Cross College party alert!!!!!

By Ron Chiras

Would anyone like to see what is still happening on College Hill, home to Holy Cross College?

Last weekend Boyden and Caro streets were blocked at 1 a.m., Sunday morning (April 24). This week-end is the BIG ONE!!?

Read this alert sent out to residents and join the “Hill” people in trying to figure out what the h— is going on!

Holy Cross Spring Weekend: an annual event that occurs on the Holy Cross campus this first weekend of May. There are activities on campus but, of course, Caro Street is the big attraction.

We suspect, as in the past, many hundreds [of students] will be on Boyden and Caro streets – drinking in overcrowded apartments, cellars, porches and yards – most of them underage with open containers of alcohol. Continue reading Holy Cross College party alert!!!!!