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The Girls Club

By Rosalie Tirella

Love💙 Executive Director Gordon and the Friendly House Staff and Kids! Here’s to a fun summer 2021 to all the Worcester kids who participate in the Friendly House sports, arts and crafts, day trips, games, contests and meals – all up and running! Hundreds of city children and teens celebrating the return (pretty much) to pre-pandemic life and rituals. Yippee!!

☀️My family has some history with this iconic Wall Street social service agency. When we were kids, my younger sister loved sports: she ran in the Friendly House road races and played basketball in the FH gym. … Years later my late mom Cecelia made mini-donations of new blankets for the neighborhood families.

Rose and her kid sisters: at primo age for THE GIRLS CLUB!

☀️We were from Green Island, so our kiddo summers were spent closer to home (5 days a week, 8:30 a to 3 p) at the Winthrop House Girls Club on Vernon Hill (now Girls Inc.) From kindergarten (the gingerbread house) until the end of junior high, we were proud Girls Club girls. Our mom walked us up Vernon Street to the Club in the morning and picked us up in a cabin the afternoon. When we were older we walked or got a ride from our Uncle Mark (our cousin Mary went to the Club, too). The best times!!! The same staff returned – summer after summer – with Director Mrs. Miller running the show year after year after year. She was tall and leaned forward to talk to the little kids. She had dark hair and wore glasses and white Keds. She kept the club immaculate even with hundreds of girls having fun – no running in the hallways of the three story building and no loitering – you had to find an activity to go to – they were printed on pink and red and yellow and green construction paper balloons that were pinned to the big Girls Club bulletin board in the lobby – every week day had a bunch of balloons and you chose your activity. All the staff was female … some of the gal teachers were pretty nursing students from the St. Vincent’s nursing school (all female) across the street. Everyone who worked there seemed young, talented and cool.

Very empowering! A total Girls zone! No boys to hog the attention – or boss us around. Women ran a beautiful facility that served hundreds of Worcester girls and their families. I have terrific memories of my young summers there – memories that many would snicker at today. It was all so pre-feminist: sewing class, knitting class, cooking, yoga, put-on-a-musical like SOUTH PACIFIC. SING SONGS! One songs lyrics went in a round: “MAKE NEW FRIENDS BUT KEEP THE OLD/ ONE IS SILVER AND THE OTHER GOLD!

Sure, we were encouraged to excel at school – and many of us did – but summer at the Girls Club was sitting in our Clubhouse “BEAUTY PARLOR” painting our finger-nails with that pale pink polish or pretending to dry our hair underneath the big, non-working helmets of those old donated beauty parlor hair dryers … or roller-skating in the gym to the Rolling Stones’ I CAN’T GET NO SATISFACTION blasting over the intercom speakers. You chose the albums and put them on the record player yourself … or baking, from scratch, those delicious peanut butter cookies using USDA ration peanutbutter – the cookie balls you flattened and crisscrossed with fork tines before you put them into the oven to bake. The smell of those cookies cooking was intoxicating! Those HUGE silver cans of peanut butter – nondescript. JUST USDA

Today it’s all different. My Girls Club is now Girls Inc. Like a corporation. It is co-ed. The place seems to have quite the p.r. maven as its executive director – but who really gives a sh*t? I see few girls in Girls Inc – even in the newspaper articles. We had hundreds, the place and its yard and back lot was swarming with girls. Today Girls Inc offers girls serious stuff: date rape awareness class, STEM studies class, computer class, career exploration. All important – even life-saving! But … really…bleh. It’s summertime…girls just wanna have fun. Especially poor inner-city girls like the Rosalie of 1971! Afternoons at The Girls Club in the 1960s and 1970s, up on Providence Street, were sweet – but frivolous compared to what goes on up there these days.

Still… maybe making toilette paper roll firecrackers for the 4th of July (filled with popcorn), covered in red blue and white crepe paper, in the arts and crafts/game room with Ms. Bousquet… or taking swimming lessons or a dip in the Girls Club lap pool (always impressive to me) … or sitting on the bench in the Club Library by the window looking into the Kodak View Finder, pointing the little “camera” out the window into the summer sunlight and seeing, as I snapped away as, as if close up, each individual small “slides” of a wild animal of Africa or touristy photos of Rome … new worlds on those round disks no bigger than a DVD!!, well it was fun and frivolous. But it was also self-discovery and empowering, too.


Ed Murphy’s new Canal District bus system shows NO RESPECT for poor people! … and more!🐅


Circus trainer killed by his four tigers

By Katherine Sullivan

Circus trainers abuse animals until they’re so terrified that they’ll perform ridiculous, demeaning, and often painful tricks. It was during a training session that four tigers snapped, killing circus trainer Ettore Weber during a rehearsal yesterday evening in Italy, just one hour before a Circo Orfei show was scheduled to start.

Weber was knocked down by one of the tigers. The other three big cats pounced on him. According to the Daily Mail, medics watched in horror as the tigers played with his maimed body for about 30 minutes. The medics and the 61-year-old circus trainer’s fellow human performers were reportedly unable to do anything to help him.

Tigers panting in transport crates – many die from the intense stress and heat …


Abusive tiger “training techniques” are extremely widespread. The use of animals by circuses is inherently cruel, which is why PETA is working to end the practice.

Animals used in shows are trained through punishment and food deprivation.

In order to condition tigers to perform dangerous, unnatural tricks, handlers routinely punish those who don’t comply.

Circuses easily get away with such treatment, because no government agency monitors training sessions.


Tigers used in circuses are born into a life of misery, whereas they should roam free in the wild.

They’re often separated from their mothers long before they would naturally part, causing emotional distress for both mothers and cubs.

Many are forced to live inside cramped cages and are denied the opportunity to exercise, roam, socialize, forage or play. They’re often forced to eat, drink, sleep, defecate and urinate in the same place.

Sometimes, the only time these animals are let out of cages is for their brief performances — when they’re subjected to whippings and roaring crowds.


They’re big, dangerous predators who have teeth and claws, which they use to protect themselves. It’s not surprising that those who are denied food, beaten or whipped might snap.


Our goal is to make animal-abusing circus acts a thing of the past. We’ve made tons of progress, but we still need your help. Please, never buy a ticket to a circus that uses animals — attend only those that exclusively use willing human performers. And ALWAYS …




And don’t forget all the animals suffering on factory farms. EAT LESS MEAT, FEWER ANIMAL PRODUCTS… Please!🙏

Save Mother Earth!💙🌺🦁🌾


Ed Murphy and His Two Canal District Buds Must Step Up and Do the Right Thing!

By Rosalie Tirella

Brunch with mutts and Cece today…
💙💙🐈 pics: Rose T.

… but I can’t finish my pancakes! I just fell outa my kitchen chair in my Quinsig Village kitchen! I just discovered this!: Canal District $$$$$kid-real estate tycoon Ed Murphy and his two Canal District enablers (Allen Fletcher and Dino) are setting up their own personal FREE bus system to run through my old neighborhood – down Green, Water and Harding streets …
Green Street

But – get this – I’m not allowed on their bus! Or any regular/poor neighborhood person. It’s ONLY FOR THE CANAL DISTRICT UPPER-INCOME SHOPPERS, DRINKERS AND DINERS on those streets! If you’re just another Worcester jamoke making your way through the neighborhood and want a lift – forget it! You’re not allowed on! Not even in the back of the bus! Gentrification never looked so ugly.

But let’s take a look at Ed’s classism and the injustice of this new bussing system: You’re a poor neighborhood person without a car – and you wanna ride on Ed’s FREE shuttle bus … You’re a senior citizen and it’s hot out in the summer sun and you just went shopping and you wanna go from Kelley Square to the beginning of downtown Worcester, the Green Street bridge, and you’re feeling the heat, and you don’t want to pay the late, lousy WRTA city bus the rip-off $1.75 bus fare … You’re out in the pelting rain and you are sick of waiting for the sporadic WRTA city bus … You’re in the cold, it’s February, and you long for the darling buds of March, plus you’re arms are tired from carrying your shopping bundles up the street …
… You see a bunch of well dressed folks in fashionably distressed blue jeans boarding a cozy shuttle bus. Ed and pals’ shuttle bus. You walk up to Ed, Dino and Allen’s shuttle bus. The WRTA CANCELLED THEIRS, the WRTA shuttle bus, that used to run back and forth to City Hall and the Downtown “Hub.” (The WRTA brass-holes did this LAST JANUARY, in the MIDDLE OF WINTER!) You want to board Ed and pals’ clean, cozy shuttle bus. Too bad! GET OFF THEIR BUS, regular person! YOU’RE NOT A MONEY PERSON, A SPENDER – A CANAL DISTRICT SHOPPER, DINER, RENTER OR DRINKER!

You’re poor, you don’t patronize the Canal District establishments – so you’re not allowed to ride on the new, exclusive Canal District Bus!

What kind of New Worcester are we living in?

No poor Canal District/Worcester neighborhood people allowed on a bus that’s gonna roll right through their neighborhood, right in front of their eyes?!

NO RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE! That’s what a friend said when I told her of the situation.

To add insult to injury – the buses aren’t even for people who need a ride! Ed, Allen and Dino chipped in and bought three parking lots in the area for their CD shoppers/customers/tenants so their patrons could bus – for free –to their cars parked – for free – in Ed, Dino and Allen’s new CD exclusive parking lots.So entitled people can feel even more entitled!!!!

To get a free lift a few yards down the street…to their very own cars.


These Three Gentrifiers – Ed, Allen, Dino – got their corporate buddies to pay for the actual shuttle bus service. Thanks, guys, for creating even more social stratification in my old neighborhood. For making our society even more unjust. For bringing Trump’s America to my old neighborhood!

Social stratification NEVER EXISTED IN THIS ‘HOOD WHEN I WAS A KID AND CALLED IT MY OWN💙! And basked in its diversity – economic, racial and social💙! To become, as my mother wanted me to become, a True Human Being! Dino, Ed and Allen’s shuttle buses will be carrying mostly all white, upper-middle-class people – Canal District shoppers/spenders – to their vehicles, a block or two away. So everything is easy and convenient. So rich people don’t have to sweat, even a little bit.

So unlike my late, sweet, tough mother, Cecelia – or any struggling Green Island single mom today – who knew/knows every crack in these neighborhood sidewalks, every fake brick in every fake “decorative” Canal District crosswalk!

My late mother Cecelia NEVER OWNED A CAR. She WALKED TO WORK AND DID HER SHOPPING ON GREEN, WATER AND MILLBURY STREETS – six days a week. In sweltering summer weather … in pelting rain, wearing her beige cloth raincoat and thin, clear plastic rain “bonnet” tied tight beneath her chin – the one she bought for pennies at White’s Five and Ten on Millbury Street. My late, great Mom never once complaining, never once “taking it out on” us kids – or expecting a free shuttle bus to take her to her destination.

I remember: Green Island December night, just after a snowstorm … trudging in the big tire tread marks the city snow plows left behind on Lafayette Street. We’re all wearing our heavy winter boots, my mom and we three kids – her little daughters. We’re walking home to our Lafayette Street tenement after Mom’s long work day at the dry cleaners on Millbury Street. My kid twin sisters and I, 6 and 9, respectively, are making a game of the trek because we are children and the world is MAGIC to us. We’re sliding, running up and down in the flat, smooth wide tire tread marks made by the huge Worcester DPW plow trucks. The sidewalks haven’t been shoveled out yet. We’re walking in the street gutter, against traffic. Whoah! My kid sister Tina just fell to the ground! Now she’s brushing the white, soft snow off her winter coat and laughing, looking back at me. She’s the family athlete and always takes physical chances! Then we are holding hands in the dark winter night – my cute little sis and me! I am looking up at the Lafayette Street street lights … my sister’s tiny hand reaches up for the yellow lamp-light. I feel so happy and lucky! I am with my sweet, pretty mother and my adorable kid sisters, and we are going home on this magical Green Island winter night!

There are Green Street and Green Island moms (and dads), their little kids, (and old people, too) making the same journeys today, in the now mostly gentrified neighborhood … in the sun, in the snow, in the elements, however unforgiving – and unforgettable💙.

It’s too bad Ed Murphy, Allen Fletcher and Dino can’t see them.

If we want downtown Worcester to come alive …

By Rosalie Tirella

… we need a STRONG mayor. And I ain’t talkin’ pecs and abs! I’m talkin’ City of Worcester government. We need to change Woo’s form of government from a strong city manager type  to a STRONG MAYOR type.  Under former City Manager Mike O’Brien, we were half way there! But … We have to consider the under belly of this beast!

The push for a turbocharged downtown Worcester lead to the side-lining of some of our urban neighborhoods, some folks would say to the absolute shitting on our inner-city neighborhoods and their iconic institutions. This began in earnest under Mike O’Brien. I believe it’s his true legacy. You either love him or you hate him for it. O’Brien, earning his spurs in Worcester’s parks department, started out as a Woo inner-city neighborhood booster, but as the years wore on, he grew less progressive and aligned himself with local biz folks (some slobbering, bullying, down-right mean, whacky and clueless) who lead him to believe abandoning Woo inner-city cdcs and neighborhood centers and neighborhood activists was a good thing. O’Brien turned a deaf ear to lots of good folks – really, anyone who dared to disagree with him. He was dismissive, didn’t return their phone calls, slashed their funding, didn’t meet with them … . In a nutshell: Former City Manager Mike O’Brien could be a real prick!

Like I said, this latest Woo clamoring for a strong mayor form of government is rooted in O’Brien’s my way or the high way reign. Yes. He made stuff happen. Roads got paved, downtown Woo streets were reconfigured,  the colleges paid us a few pennies and made a commitment to our downtown and public library system. But a lot of  good people got thrown under the bus, poorer neighborhoods became more downtrodden, poor people who needed services sometimes went without … and he brooked no divergent view points. He was positively dictatorial!

Maybe now that O’Brien’ s gone we can do this thing right and ELECT A STRONG MAYOR. Not get stuck with one for 10 years just because our city council is too weak and idea-bereft to pull a pushy city manager in – or set some parameters for him. Just because our city council and city economic development team can not lure big businesses to Worcester – businesses that will create hundreds of jobs for our people, just the way our mostly extinct factories did decades ago (not everyone wants to own a small biz).

Maybe a kick ass strong mayor and his or her kick ass strong mayor staff can set a real economic development agenda for Worcester, come up with some fresh ideas and not get too bogged down by our teachers union and other municipal unions.

Maybe if we choose a strong mayor form of government we can get a strong mayor in the Walsh or de Blasio mold. (O’Brien was too Bloomberg for us!)

Or maybe not!

It would all be up to the Worcester voters, WHICH WOULD MAKE THINGS AROUND HERE INTERESTING, EXCITING, AND FUN!  Which would also make things around here more democratic and sensitive to our changing demographics (more minorities who tend to vote Democratic and will want their fair share of the Worcester pie.) … But the change in Woo’s way of governing itself might also make Worcester political life more cut throat, and tough, and open to $$$$, bribes, desperation, shady characters, etc. But that’s OK! We have former lieutenant governor and Worcester mayor  Tim Murray to teach us all about crooks and crooked fund raisers and crooked political crimes that come with wanting to be elected to a cool office!

So, with a strong mayor we could end up with a guy or gal who could really make downtown happen. But we would want our strong mayor to show the love to and support inner-city neighborhoods and the immigrants, lower income people who often live here. Plus, be a moral, upright, forthright human being!

Easier said than done!

We’ve been writing about politicians for …

By Rosalie Tirella

… almost 13 years, here at InCity Times. But no one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, draws the kind of animosity State Rep. Mary Keefe does. From voters, from people in her neck of the Woo (Piedmont neighborhood), from nuns!, from local small biz folks, from people who’ve tried to work with her, from people who’ve tried to FIND her.

Case in point: Within the last half year I’ve received two middle-of-the-night phone calls from ICT readers who called me to bitch about state representative Mary Keefe. Express their ire, disgust, disappointment … to fume. They told me how Keefe was Missing In Action (or should I write “Inaction”?!) at the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center, when she was executive director there. How she made nothing, positively ZIPPO, happen down there. One caller, I am not 100% sure because it was 12:30 at night when he rang me up, also had issues with Keefe’s knitting habits. Weird, but hey, it was ’round midnight.

Donna D., the NUN who runs the Mustard Seed Soup Kitchen on Piedmont Street, and has been a Piedmont icon for almost 30 years because she has dedicated her life to helping Piedmont’s downtrodden, also hates Keefe’s guts. Several years ago, when talking with me, Donna had nothing but disappointing things to say about Keefe. How, for instance, during Thanksgiving Keefe got very choosy about the poor people she was gonna give free turkeys to as head of the Pleasant Street neighborhood network center. Seemed, according to Donna, you had to be part of Keefe’s Network Center in-crowd clique to eat a meal on that holiday. Donna believed: JUST GIVE THE POOR A FREAKING TURKEY! Keefe got passive aggressive over … gobblers.

As the editor of ICT I’m always out and about in the Piedmont hood. For years whenever I went into her neighborhood center, looking to talk with Mary Keefe, she was never there, a sad fact of Piedmont life which became fodder for one of my columns: WHERE THE FUCK IS MARY?!

I got congratulatory phone calls for that one!

We’ve been told by several savvy inner-city voters that they are behind Keefe challenger and Worcester City Councilor Phil Palmieri BECAUSE THEY CAN’T STAND Mary Keefe. They will vote for Phil out of pure bile for Mary!

Seems like half the voters in her district can’t stomach Keefe and at this point would throw their support behind a sprig of parsley, if it decided to print some push cards and run against her!

She is right on the issues but so is Phil Palmieri. Plus, Phil works so much harder, is an absolute pit bull when it comes to advocating for his district and is truly open to small biz folks and truly wants to AND WILL work with everybody.

Best of all: HE’S NOT MARY KEEFE!


One thing I forgot to tout re: Hartford

By Rosalie Tirella

Unlike Worcester,  a much wealthier city, Hartford STILL HAS ITS BRANCH LIBRARIES! Open in the poorest of its neighborhoods!

Places where there is crime, violence, abuse, despair. Places that should be, NEED TO BE, home to city branch libraries because this is America and knowledge is for EVERYBODY! I smiled when I saw one huge Hartford  branch library in the north end of the city. A five-minute drive down the street and I saw another big, beautiful City of Hartford branch library. Both branches were located in challenged inner-city neighborhoods.

Can you imagine that happening in Worcester?  Our city leaders keeping a great branch library open in a politically  unconnected city hood? Years ago our branch libraries died a certain death at the hands of then mayor Jordon Levy, a guy who, from the sounds he makes, doesn’t read books – period. How could an ignorant blowhard like Jordon Levy have advocated for the branch libraries and their mission?  The moron was clueless.

That is why today Worcester has the fatty phony gentrifiers controlling what’s happening in its hoods. That is why what’s happening in our inner-city neighborhoods has so little to do with the inner-city residents who live there. It’s all about bringing in the new phonies in. Chunky and self-congratulatory,  these people live in the suburbs and come into our neighborhoods and usurp these neighborhoods and don’t care one whit about the poor folks yards outside their doors. IT IS NOT ABOUT THEM AT ALL. It’s about people from Shrewsbury and Westboro, it’s about people who live in Somerville and Chatham and spend a sliver of their time in Worcester. It is all THEM and no US. The nerve of some fatheads who live here for a total of three months out of the year and yet try to direct economic development in Worcester. That’s because city councilors bailed on the poorest neighborhoods a long time ago: Closed their libraries, shut down their swimming pools, sold their three deckers to developers … They have no plans. So the big mouths horn in.

The only free-standing Worcester Public Library branch library is located in the Greendale/Burncoat area. That’s where lots of politically connected folks live and that’s where lots of middle-class folks live, people who vote, people who aren’t afraid to get on the horn and demand stuff from their city councilors.  The smart kids, kids with potential but with the hard luck that comes of being born to junkies or poor folks overwhelmed by their poverty get zip for their neighborhoods! There are no WPL branch libraries in Green Island or South Worcester or Union Hill or Oak Hill or Vernon Hill or Piedmont. Everyone is too unconnected to get us a pool or a branch library. Yes, we have one in Great Brook Valley … but cities like Hartford have MADE IT THEIR MISSION TO KEEP PUBLIC LIBRARIES OPEN IN POOR NEIGHBORHOODS. Their leaders are actually LEADING.

I know. We have Libby and Lilly, the WPL book mobiles.  And some Woo elementary schools now have community libraries. But outside the Goddard School in Main South – home of former Worcester mayor and city councilor Joe O’Brien and his kids – the libraries seem to be in middle-class neighborhoods – not the Woo hoods most desperate for books and technology and knowledge.

It really is all about being “connected” in this town.

Today! Friday, July 11 … don’t forget the Beaver Brook farmers market!

9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Across the street from Foley Stadium on Chandler St.

Local farmers selling local veggies and other goodies, including crafts…

Sponsored by REC.

For more information, call 508.799.9139

… or visit their excellent website: RECWORCESTER.ORG



Fresh veggies and more make it to your Worcester neighborhood in a cute, colorful mini-bus! Just a short walk from your kitchen door can lead you to all kinds of healthy, often times organic, always locally grown produce!

Check out this cool farmers market on wheels! Check the REC website for times and places near you!

Five things parents of children with cancer should know

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and Lisa Diller, MD, chief medical officer of Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, advises parents to remain positive if their child is among the 12,000 children in the United States diagnosed with cancer each year. Thanks to advances in research and treatment, the five-year survival rate is 83 percent for all childhood cancers combined, up from 58 percent in the mid-1970s.

1. Although many signs and symptoms of cancer – fever, bruising, headaches – are normal in healthy children, pediatricians are extremely skilled at distinguishing the usual bumps and pains from concerning ones. By evaluating the character, duration and severity of symptoms – as well drawing on their own instincts – they know which symptoms require additional evaluation and promptly order the appropriate tests.

2. The need for specialized pediatric oncologists, pathologists, radiologists and surgeons cannot be overstated, nor can the importance of seeking treatment at a center specializing in pediatrics. Not only do clinicians trained in pediatrics understand the needs of a child’s developing body, but cancer also presents differently in children and adults.

3. Physicians act quickly when a child is diagnosed with cancer. Using leukemia as an example, oncologists often receive a late afternoon call about a child seen in the office earlier in the day whose blood count results suggest leukemia. Typically, the oncologist sees the child in the emergency room the same day. Depending on the child’s condition, s/he will either be seen in an outpatient facility or admitted to a hospital. In either case, s/he will undergo several days of preliminary tests, which may include scans, biopsies and blood work. A team of pediatric specialists, including an oncologist, surgeon, radiation oncologist, pathologist and radiologist, will make a final diagnosis and design a treatment plan.

4. Primary care providers play a critical role before, during and after treatment for cancer. During treatment, they often assist with outpatient care by monitoring blood counts and nutrition levels or providing nursing support. Pediatricians are also an integral part of a child’s return to normal life, starting with the two-year transition period after treatment during which the focus is on the risk of recurrence and side effects of therapy. Communication between the oncologist and the pediatrician is essential, especially concerning well-child care, growth and immunizations. Eventually, the focus shifts from risk of recurrence to risk of late effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

5. Seek information from the websites of reliable cancer institutions, such as the National Cancer Institute and theAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology. The nearest medical facility that offers cancer treatment will not only have books and videos but will also have resource specialists to meet with parents and children.


Look who we bumped into this weekend …












By Rosalie Tirella

… Worcester’s well liked, easy going mayor, Joe Petty! Pictured here, Mayor Petty and his son, give us nice smiles in the summer sun. Petty, like the weather these days, is  sunny. He has a friendly, sweet disposition, which is why he seems to be just what Woo ordered during these days of our downtown rebuilding, economic engine rev-revving and all the big egos vying for a piece of the action. Big egos with their big ideas, and Joe “The Quiet Man” Petty keeps everyone in check, keeps everyone at the table. Good family man, too.

But there are downsides to being so nice and easy … . Sometimes you have to go to the mat for something you believe in, fight for something near and dear to your heart and not be worried about hurt feelings or mixing it up with some tough customers. That’s just not our Joe. For instance, he floated the idea of a Worcester EXAM SCHOOL a la Boston Latin several months ago. EXCELLENT IDEA! So many Worcester parents – from all socio-economic backgrounds – would have loved something this special for their kids. It would have made everybody try so much harder –  to get into the exam school, to plan on getting in or even to say: I almost got into our exam school, but I didn’t. That’s OK. I am in all honors classes at my school these days. And I like me teachers … etc etc

A rising educational tide WOULD HAVE LIFTED all Worcester Public School students and their families. Made all our students better learners and strivers!

Believe it or not, there are brilliant immigrant kids and first generation kids in Worcester. Most families in urban/immigrant (poorer) neighborhoods know who’s brilliant, super bright in their families, churches, etc and they are not afraid to have them compete with West Side kids or upper income families. My mom thought I was smart. She expected me to get all A’s in school and to take honor classes in junior high and high school and AP classes in high school, which I did. She expected me to be just as smart as my gal pals in the Burncoat area ( I attended Burncoat High). She did not say: I only work at a dry cleaners, Rosalie’s friends’ parents are school principals and engineers and live in big houses across town. We just can’t keep up! We need to roll over, give up. NOPE. The thought never entered my mom’s mind. EVER. For one nano second. My relatives were the same way. … First- and second-generation Americans are super competitive. They are strivers who are proud to be American and proud of  their kids and public school teachers and great public schools.

But, of course, the Worcester School Committee didn’t think of WPS students and families when Petty presented  his dream. No, they thought of the politics and came up with crap.

Joe Petty, as head of the Worcester School Committee, should have stood up to them and pushed, pushed, pushed his vision. Defended his idea. SOLD his idea to his colleagues.

He didn’t.

He’s still a nice guy. Still doing great things for Wusta.

But he needs bigger … shamrocks.

On the trail of Wonderpoop OR …

By Rosalie Tirella

… Do two butt-wipes = 1 mega butt-wipe?

A week or two ago I was given a clue: Wonderland blogger = Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester.

As you may know, if you’ve been reading us, the Wonderland blogger ass-wipe has lied about InCity Times’ circulation, the number of drop off sites for InCity Times, and its webstats. Trying to destroy my business – just as he has tried to destroy local developer Paulie C. of the NOLA  Jazz Festival fame, Harry T.,  Billy R  (biz folks who actually accomplish something in this town) – is something I will NOT tolerate.

Par for the course: Wondershit has libeled everybody! From former Mayor Joe O’Brien, former City Councilor Barbara Haller, City Councilor Kate Toomey, the Worcester City Council, all local biz associations, all of the good people of Worcester, Wonderpoop has pooped on them all. Libeled, defamed, etc. He is brutal with every city gal/guy who crosses his misanthropic path … but I digress.

This Wonderland butthole has become my “white whale,”  the whale (will – ww = white whale) I intend to pursue to the depths of hell. Who would have thunk hell would skirt the edges of Elm Park – 38 Sever St., home to a guy as loathsome as Wondershit. OR: Wonderhsit?

I have made a ton of calls, etc and decided:

1. This butthole may indeed be the butthole (Wonderpoop) we have been tracking for weeks …


2. this butt hole – Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St. – may be any entirely different, unique butthole. However, Dorman could be as big a butthole as the butthole we have been tracking for weeks!

This leads me to think (and fear): My, God, can Worcester actually be home to TWO MEGA buttholes?!!

Can this medium-sized city actually contain two horrific people with out-sized HATRED for everything WUSTA?

So, what I’ve learned about Claude, who fills me with a sick “Wonder”!

* Claude Dorman is called “Stormin’ Dorman” by the Worcester Police Department. Claude, the dear, called the Worcester Police on his Becker College neighbors (he and his wife Cignan live across the street from Becker) 79 times in ONE day! 79 times! In one day! Just last month he was involved with the police again!

They can’t stand him.

* Claude Dorman lives next door to former Worcester City Councilor Dennis Irish – and made his life hell. They do no even say hello to each other in passing – not even a nod of recogniton. Why? Because a while ago Irish got a tax abatement on his property and Claude Dorman wanted one, too. He went to Irish asking for one and Irish did the correct work and Dorman didn’t get the abatement. Well, in a fit of rage, Dorman wrote to all city council folks to tell them what a piece of poop Irish was. Lies and more lies. Libeled Irish up and down! Then Dorman reapplied and lied to the hilt on his application. City folks were hoping Cluade would be sued for the lies on his abatement application.

* A few years ago, as a leader in the Elm Park neighborhood, Claude Dorman got into a horrible feud with Bob Bourassa, then a web guy who lived in the city. Well, he gave Bourassa such a bad time that Bourrassa, left the area and disconnected his telephone number and email address.

The word on the street: Oh, God, not Claude Dorman!

Claude, the guy looks normal, but he is utterly vicious, utterly evil … sick … .

* The Telegram and Gazette threw Claude Dorman off their website. Seems Claude’s comments were so creepy and hate filled (a la Wonderland blogger) the T & G web moderators had to get rid of him (and they let almost anything go!). The T & G traced the ultra crappy comments to CLAUDE DORMAN, there are tons of people who saw the “proof.”

Is it any wonder that Claude has his home covered with cameras? To spy on his neighbors? To protect himself from people who hate him?

Poor Paulie! He has been outside Claude’s house taking photos, just staring at the guy’s lair … .

Paule, I told Paulie, you’re stalking the guy!

I don’t care! Paulie says! He has taken tons of pictures of my house and posted them on his website!

And Wonderpoop has!

Paulie said a Google search of him and his festival is loaded with slurs and lies about him written by Wonderland. It is something he hopes his darling Ma never has to see!

What about the musicians who are thinking of joining NOLA? And they do a quick Google search and see all the lies Wondershit has written about Paulie and his festival/biz?

The way Paulie sees it, sitting outside Claude’s house is nothing compared to Wondershit’s relentless stalking of Paulie for yearts. This is why Paulie sits in his car outside Claude Dorman’s house in the dead of winter, just staring … .

Paulie, believes Wondershit is Claude Dorman.

And Wondershit has done a number on Paulie! But we all know the truth: Paulie has helped turn around Worcester’s Piedmont ‘hood. Thanks to him, it’s ;ooking so much better! There are revitalized three deckers (Paulie’s he lives in one!), a repaved Chandler Street, new bike stands along Chandler Street, potted plants, a summer jazz festival on Chandler Street that draws hundreds and hundreds of folks from all over New England and, thanks to Pualie and pals, SMOC did not relocate to the MLK building, practically right across the street from Paulie’s house. All the homeless folks SMOC helps need help. But they should not be a stone’s throw from Park Ave and a neighborhood on the upswing.

More on Claude Dorman later … .