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🇺🇸New by Steve: False info spreading on rules for impeachment

By Steven R. Maher

Over the next year there will be a lot of untruthful information disbursed about the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Readers should be aware that Russian robots, Iranians robots, and other bad actors will be trying to shape the election results to fit their desired outcome.

I had an example of this yesterday when a gentleman approached me with the accusation the Democrats had written the impeachment to prevent Trump or his counsel from participating in the Judicial Committee activities on the impeachment. I left this person feeling quite upset with the Democrats for doing this. But first I wanted to check the accuracy of these facts.

So, I went to Google and searched for the Judiciary Committee on impeachment. Up popped a story on factcheck.com entitled “DEBUNKING FALSE STORIES” and subtitled “Viral Posts Distort Impeachment Inquiry Rules” by Angelo Fichera: “Some viral posts, shared by thousands of Facebook users, purport to state ‘the rules’ of the impeachment inquiry proceedings — likening the U.S. to the ‘USSR.’ But two of the three ‘rules’ distort the facts. One of them — about what can and can’t be asked of witnesses — is false, and another (that no ‘involvement’ by Trump’s counsel is permitted) is misleading…I did some further research an found on fact.check.com a copy of the Congressional resolution specifying that the Judiciary Committee work to set up a system where the President and his counsel are both allowed to participate in Judiciary Committee proceedings.”

The judiciary committee, which is the one drawing up the articles of impeachment, is the one to keep your eyes on. Fichera’s story quoted the house impeachment rules: “The resolution says: ‘The House authorizes the Committee on the Judiciary to conduct proceedings relating to the impeachment inquiry referenced in the first section of this resolution pursuant to the procedures submitted for printing in the Congressional Record by the chair of the Committee on Rules, including such procedures as to allow for the participation of the President and his counsel.’” (emphasis added.)

Both pro-Trumpers and anti-Trumpers need to be constantly vigilant about information they happen upon on the Internet.

This information on Trump’s counsel was given to me by an honest gentleman in good faith. I told this individual that I would appreciate a copy from his sources in the form of an Internet print out or web link to the article or website before he surprises me again with such an allegation. I recommend you do the same.

As Ronald Reagan once put it: “Trust but verify.”




It was GP’s birthday🎂🎈♥️♥️:

On the new Worcester School Committe the old Worcester rolls on! Tracy O’Connell Novick, don’t be a hypocrite! Push for WSC DISTRICT REPRESENTATION!

Text and photos by Rosalie Tirella

Lots of minority WSC candidates on the ballot yesterday – and voters came out for them! … A new Quinsig Village polling spot – the new Blackstone River Visitors Center/museum…

How ironic that ol’ incumbent – Tracy O’Connell Novick- got reelected to the Worcester School Committee yesterday (all the Irish surnames running for Worcester School Committe did), and the first phony sentences out of her mouth were:

The community will be the priority!!!…

And…Strong outsider campaigns run, but incumbency is a tough nut to crack!!!

OF COURSE IT IS, YOU NUT Tracy!!!! Who better to know than you? When you were on the Worcester School Committee last go around and then Worcester Mayor and School Committee head Joe O’Brien WAS PUSHING FOR DISTRICT REPRESENTATION ON THE WORCESTER SCHOOL COMMITTEE, you voted against it!!

TRACY O’Connell Novick, YOU VOTED AGAINST CRACKING THE INCUMBENCY NUT! All the school committee members at that time did! No one joined Joe O’Brien in making the School Committee more inclusive, more representative of the people of our city! Reflecting minorities, folks – children – from our working class and poorer neighborhoods. People who see up close: the child hunger, teen pregnancy, health challenges, domestic violence and abuse, the lack of resources … AND ALL THE GREAT STUFF … ALL THE POTENTIAL! Let’s make the Worcester School Committee mirror our Woo City Council: 5 district members and 6 at large members.

Tracy, you live on Olean Street – on the city’s West Side. An added perk: you also live at the nature nook – Cascades – so you LIVE RENT FREE COURTESY OF THE TAXPAYERS, IN THE CUTE HOUSE THERE! Now you can make almost $15,000+ a year as a member of the Worcester School Committee, courtesy of the Worcester taxpayer

Why would you give up some of that entitlement by pushing for District Representation on the school committee – even though you said incumbency is a tough nut!

Doing the right thing means you may be off the school committee next time – it means new city candidates, new city voices, Woo folks from under-represented Worcester neighborhoods and communities WILL HAVE A CHANCE … It means they will get elected to the school commityee. The numbers, as you know, are there.

Why is running in a district make it easier to get elected? Because people are running in their neighborhoods and surrounding neighborhoods – folks know them, and they know up close and personal the challenges/issues of their communities. AND running a district campaign DOESN’T COST AS MUCH MONEY as city wide because you are running in your DISTRICT – not ALL of Worcester. Fewer signs, flyers, letters, etc.

DR is a great way to bring minorities … working moms and dads … the working class and poor – NEW VOICES – into our public school conversation – making CHANGES, VOTING FOR REAL CHANGES in our Worcester Public Schools. Most likely these new voices will be THE FOLKS WITH KIDS OR GRANDKIDS IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

So stop giving cheap politician lip service to what you denied the city schools, and the voters, several years ago, Tracy O’Connell Novick! You help stop STRONG, OUTSIDER/MINORITY SCHOOL COMMITTEE CANDIDATES from serving on the Worcester School Committee!


Inside my neighborhood’s visitor center/polling site – a history of the disenfranchised!! Working to/demanding they get their FAIR SHARE!


Why is NO ONE IN THE CANAL DISTRICT? Why is Allen Fletcher’s big public market not open? Another delay …

Text and pics by Rosalie Tirella

Again: Why is the area around Allen’s Green Street building …
Fletcher’s Folly???

… so dead??? Why are his $1,400 – $3,000/month studio apts/apartments unfilled??? Where are all the walkers for whom Fletcher is pining????!
Green Street: zero walkers

Allen Fletcher, an old money Worcester scion whose family once owned a chunk of the old T and G, worth millions$$$, is sort of slumming it at his Ash Street School home. Still, he dreams the right dreams – of filling his Green Street and Water and Harding street neighborhood with walkers! With real city folks!!!!

I don’t see them. Never see them. Often, it is just Allen and I actually WALKING down Green Street, going about our lives/businesses. Separately. We ignore each other – I used to work for him👿 … But deep down we both know – we, arch enemies two, that we two, on some afternoons, are the only two city peeps feeling comfortable walking – really walking – through the neighborhood. Experiencing the scene!! Which IS a cool scene!

I feel bad for Allen: He is trying to recreate the Kelley Square area of MY childhood/youth!

It was GRAND AND … GRITTY!!! A kind of Eastern European enclave/slum: Green/Water Street area and Green Island (Millbury Street) over the Square filled with walkers – all characters! – visiting the scores and scores of our small local businesses that lined the streets, one after another: restaurants, diners, dry cleaners, drug store, bank, fabric store, children’s clothing store, fruit store, hair dressers, five and ten store, bakeries, grocery stores, tailor, Polish sausage market and grocery store, fish store, shoe store …THE LIST GOES ON!! AND ON! My childhood writ LARGE! A blast! A nightmare! An urban tale still unfolding in my mind! Real community – the locals (many of us poor) mixing with middle class visitors and diners from the city’s middle class West Side!!

A Worcester- an America! – that I (along with Allen) miss! Earthier, more real, more unafraid of the new kid on the block, unafraid to walk a half mile or mile to shop. Friendlier, less stratified …

I see what Allen Fletcher is trying to do – TO FORCE – TO RECREATE – BY SHEER STUBBORNESS AND MILLIONS OF $$$ HIS OWN DOUGH$$ AND TAX-FREE LOANS from city/state/fed sources (TIFS). But I wish the development of my old neighborhood had been more organic, driven by, stemming from the people in my ol’ neighborhood – bubbling up from us – not forced down upon us by rich Allen and his rich enablers.

When I was away in college my neighborhood was evolving into something new … a Vietnamese enclave – tbe newbies were opening stores and restaurants. They were buying 3 deckers on Lafayette Street. They were attending St. John’s Church on Temple Street, too. They were nice and hard working. I dreamed of our city’s vetsion of Boston’s Chinatown – Worcester’s VIETNAM TOWN!! Slurping their great big bowls of soup. Buying their pretty blouses …

Then came the millionaires: Allen Fletcher and his two main pals Bob Largesse and Johnny 3 G’s … to alter the fate of hundreds of Green Islanders and shoppers! Change the scene for ever. Gentrify and exclude. Sad …

This World Vegan Month, let healthy, humane eating habits take root!

By Heather Moore

Every November — World Vegan Month—compassionate, health-conscious and environmentally friendly individuals revel in the growing interest in vegan living. And this month, there’s even more reason to celebrate. Both The Economist and Forbes predicted that 2019 would be the Year of the Vegan, and their proclamations have pretty much been on the mark. Vegans have been sprouting up all over, as more and more people become aware of the ethical and ecological ramifications of animal agriculture, as well as the health hazards of eating animal-based foods.

According to Veganuary, a charity that inspires people to go vegan for January and throughout the year, a quarter of a million people in 190 countries pledged to go vegan in January 2019.

If you weren’t one of them — or you’re not already vegan — why not pledge to go vegan for World Vegan Month? You’ll improve your health, help stop animal suffering and combat climate change, all while expanding your culinary horizons. Researchers from Oxford Martin School believe that if everyone went vegan, it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two-thirds, avoid 1.5 trillion dollars’ worth of climate-related damage, and save up to 8 million human lives (not to mention billions of animals) by 2050.

And you won’t be on your own if you give meat, eggs and dairy foods the boot. In 2017, 6% of Americans identified as vegan — an increase of 600% in just three years — and the number is likely even higher now. The new generation of “beefy” veggie burgers has been flying off supermarket shelves and restaurant griddles like the proverbial hot cakes. Americans spent $670 million on vegan meats from 2017 to 2018, and the food industry organization Dining Alliance found that sales of vegan meats in restaurants have increased by 268% over the past year. Sales will continue to skyrocket, according to UBS, a financial service company, which forecasts that the vegan meat market will grow by 28% a year and reach $85 billion by 2030.

A growing number of young people — including those who may be paying for their own meals by 2030 — have reason to rejoice this World Vegan Month. The Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest school district in the nation, began serving vegan meals in all of its schools in the 2018 – 19 school year. Other California schools, as well as schools in New York, Florida and Maine, have recently started offering vegan options, too.

Eating animal-based foods is old school. Even meat companies, including Hormel and Smithfield Foods—the largest pig-killing company in the world—have launched lines of vegan meats. There’s a vegan fast-food war going on, too, with well-known companies trying to win customers over by introducing meat-free meals. And it’s working. KFC sold out of Beyond Meat vegan chicken, which it recently tested at a KFC near Atlanta, in just five hours.

Subway offered a Beyond Meatball Sub (made vegan by forgoing the cheese) at select locations in October, Mexican food chain Del Taco recently joined Chipotle in offering vegan meat options, and UNO Italian restaurants just added a vegan menu, complete with the Beyond Burger and Daiya vegan cheese on its pizza.

And that’s not all. Las Vegas-based vegan butcher NoButcher opened its first brick-and-mortar store on October 19. It offers vegan turkey, bacon and pepperoni along with vegan pulled pork and Mediterranean grilled vegetable sandwiches.

America is clearly hungry for change. Heck, thinking about all these vegan foods has left me famished. I plan to plant myself at a vegan-friendly restaurant (or two) this month. How about you?


From Chef Joey: Healthy Snacks for All to Enjoy!😊

By Chef Joey

ICT_Yum Yums-edited
Joe Joe: now a proud Papa!

It’s all back! The fall season, school and me! It has been a while, but I am back at CECELIA with my trusty pen and a few easy tips for healthy snacks.

My Miss Gigi is in now in her second year of school and growing at a rapid rate that is fueled by a never-ending supply of snacks!
Toss in a few neighborhood kids during play time in our backyard and the volume goes up!


Popcorn is a safe, fun snack and very cost friendly when there is a plethora of hungry kids. …
Yellow or white: both are healthy choices! pics:Rose T.

A pan, a drop of oil and 10 minutes gets you a snack. And if you shake some parmesan cheese on top, you add a splatter of protein and flavor, and your “Smart Food” just cost you a whole lot less.

Cookies, small cakes and muffins are always the safe way to go. Hermits, for example, are quick, easy to make, tasty as can be and full of healthy goodies like eggs and real molasses (recipe below).

My other favorite thing to make with molasses are cookies. You do not need to add extra sugar, and they’re loaded with eggs, cinnamon and ginger – kids love them! (recipe below)

Small cakes are fun, too, and easy to store and portion out. I bought mini-cupcake tins this year and make batches of 24 mini-cakes that I freeze. Pop them into the lunch bag and they are fresh and thawed by lunch! Google any cake mix and divide it in half – this gives you a smaller batch to make. I usually put in less sugar than the recipe calls for. A bag of flour is significantly less expensive than 1 box of premade mix and much healthier – and takes the same amount of time.

We all know about the healthy yogurt drinks/pouches and apple sauces that are available – finally unsweetened. These are a fantastic addition to a bag lunch and more appealing to a young kid than an apple!

Lunches can be boring, but not if you change the salad parameters! Subbing quinoa for salad greens is great, and you can add a protein (tofu cubes, tuna, diced chicken etc.), cook a double batch of the ancient grains and let them cool.

Garbanzo beans = yummy hummy!

You can literally add anything: chopped red onions, scallions, shredded carrots, diced cukes or even feta cheese. Season with a great salad dressing, and you have a healthy multi-grain lunch that is low in calories and high in fiber. I also sub quinoa or faro for couscous and make tabbouleh with it – simply add chopped scallions, parsley, mint, diced cukes, tomato too if you want – add fresh lemon juice and some olive oil to taste – salt and pepper and you have another option that does not go soggy!

For lunches, I try and mix up the sandwiches. I start with fresh bread – Gigi loves Syrian bread, sometimes I make 3 cheese sandwiches – and a smear of butter inside – it’s a lactose delight that fills the tummy. I cut these in small pieces so it is more of a snack than a sandwich. The important thing to remember is making something that your kids like to begin with and turn it into something else – baked salmon, cold mixed with a little dill, mayo and a touch of Dijon mustard makes a great salmon spread instead of tuna! Frozen 4 oz wild filets are cost effective for this tasty lunch.

Taking the time to shop and look at the prices per pound is the way to shop – don’t hesitate to buy sale items and freeze them.

You can freeze fruit!

Another favorite is pork cutlets. Cut them thin, pound them out a little, pat them with flour in a bowl, beat 2 eggs, and in another bowl add some seasoned breadcrumbs. Dip in the egg, then the crumbs, and fry lightly until golden brown. Dry on a paper towel and place in the fridge – always a tasty snack! You can do this with chicken, veal or turkey! No bread needed!!


🙂🙂Molasses cookies🙂🙂

1 ½ cups soft butter (room temp to blend)
½ cup white sugar
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup molasses
2 eggs
4 ½ cups flour
4 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp ground ginger
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cround cloves
½ tsp salt

Mix the dry ingredients together – whip the butter until fluffy, add molasses and one egg at a time until light and fluffy.

Add the dry ingredients and mix well.

Chill mix for an hour.

Heat oven to 350 degrees – roll out into small balls and place on cookie sheet – bake 8 to10 minutes, depending on your oven and cool on a rack.

These cookies can be stored for up to 3 months!


1/3 cup raisins (cover in boiling water while prepping)
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp ground ginger
½ tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp salt
¼ cup molasses
3 tbsp butter melted
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup walnuts (optional)

Mix the molasses, butter, egg and vanilla – and fold in the rest – drain the raisins first.

Spread the batter (on parchment paper is ideal) using wet hands and form into a rectangle (divide batter into 2 batches, if you have small pans). You want the rectangle to be about 2 inches wide and 1 inch high to cut it into 1 x 2 cookies.

Bake at 375 degrees until the edges are crisp – around 10 to 15 mins. Cut into strips and cool on a rack!

Enjoy! And get plenty of recess!😉

Monday a.m. … garbage, WARL😪🐩 … and more🌱

My Quinsig Village window♥️ …



Our Mad Man in the White House!:

It’ll all be over November 2020! Presidential front runners Warren, Biden, Harris … all GREAT CHOICES FOR PRESIDENT!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


I called/visited the City of Worcester Mayor’s Office last week…spoke to Dan R. … told him all about the crappy overgrowth on Blackstone River Road. Covering the sidewalk!! – the length of two three deckers!! He said he’d get it taken care of:

Difficult to walk down the sidewalk …

One of my dogs had to trot in the treacherous, CAR-CLOGGED Blackstone River Road!

The urban BROKEN WINDOW THEORY in action: Dan/the City of Worcester did nada! Nothing! The landlord not held accountable/fined! So … We saw this on our Sunday walk: 10+ huge trash bags! – more shit on Blackstone River Road! In a city neighborhood Worcester’s civic poobas are trying to repackage as “tourist destination.” The neighborhood’s garbage pick-up day is Friday – so the trash bags will sit there all week if nothing’s done, for all to see … cooking all week!!

Attention must be paid!

– Rose T.


Animals suffer and die when shelters put out the “unwelcome” mat

By Teresa Chagrin

In March, a 7-year-old dog named Zelda endured what must have been an extremely lonely, frightening and uncomfortable five days. A man — who happens to be a former UFC champion — allegedly tied her to the inside of a truck bed and left her in a Texas airport parking garage.

When authorities connected him to the dog, he claimed that Zelda belonged to his mother, who could no longer care for her, and that he had been trying to find the dog a new home. He said he had called “every shelter and no-kill pet center within 200 miles” but that none would accept her.

There is never any excuse for abandoning an animal.

But scenarios like this one are becoming increasingly common as more animal shelters are operating like exclusive clubs or boutiques instead of refuges.

[editor’s note: Did you know Allie Tellier the Executive Director of the Worcester Animal Rescue League, acts this way? Lovely with her chosen folks – but unhelpful to others who visit her non-profit on Holden Street, in Worcester. The tone of WARL has grown so exclusive, rude, dismissive and unhelpful over the years! (excepting excellent long time staffer/vet tech Kathy Jamieson – WHO SHOULD BE NAMED THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of a new City of Worcester municipal animal shelter that should be built for ALL THE PEOPLE OF OUR CITY!).

A private non-profit like WARL, run by a person like Allie, should NOT be in the business of running a diverse-city animal shelter. WARL gets a huge contract$$$$ from the City of Worcester, but they do not serve ALL THE PEOPLE OF WORCESTER!

Allie has zero people of color working at WARL!

Hispanic folks come in to WARL and they can’t understand what the staff’s saying. So many of the staffers rudely blow visitors off – all the time – Did I say rudely?! Small-town people, with small minds, should not be running – or heading! – an animal shelter that is supposed to serve the second largest city in New England. A city that is Majority Minority once you cross Park Ave!

It’s not the case in Hartford, Springfield and even most Worcester County towns!

And now WARL’s Executive Director Allie WILL NOT DONATE – EVEN THOUGH IT’S DONATED TO WARL AND THEY HAVE A TON OF IT IN THEIR BUILDING – any dog food to Dorrie Maynard, head of Central Mass Kibble Kitchen!

Dorrie kills herself running the local non-profit that gives out pet food and supplies to homeless people with pets and the poor who see Dorrie (and love her!!) for pet food and other help every Wednesday at the Mustard Seed Soup Kitchen in Piedmont! A tough, gun- and drug-ridden neighborhood that Allie wouldn’t spend 3 minutes in – but that Dorrie (with love – and treating the poor people with such compassion!) spends 3+ hours in every Wednesday!

What kind of heartless witch is Allie? Beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside!

Change, Worcester!

– Rose T.]

Some shelters have drastically reduced their hours, have changed their policies to exclude cats or now require people to make appointments, wait for months or pay a fee — often very high — to surrender an animal. Some even encourage people to leave homeless animals on the streets, which is illegal in many areas.

When shelters make it difficult for people to do the right thing, animals suffer. Many rejected cats and dogs are simply abandoned, leaving them to starve or die of disease or injuries. Others remain in the hands of people who don’t want them and may mistreat, neglect or even kill them.

A shelter in Florida reportedly turned away a couple trying to surrender a 6-week-old kitten last March because they hadn’t made an appointment. The couple left the kitten in the shelter’s parking lot, where he was run over by a vehicle and found hours later with severe injuries, including a crushed skull. He died a few days later.

Taxpayers — who fund public shelters — are increasingly told, “Sorry, we’re full,” or, “We’ll have to put you on a waiting list,” when they try to take even stray animals to shelters. In a small, impoverished area of Virginia, an elderly man who was trying to feed and care for more than 40 stray cats resorted to pleading for people to adopt the cats on a TV news station because animal control apparently wouldn’t help him.

Why are so many shelters refusing to shelter?

It’s undoubtedly connected to growing pressure from a small — but extremely vocal — group of people who are opposed to euthanasia under virtually any circumstances. “Life at any cost” crusaders harass and vilify shelter workers who have the extremely difficult (but necessary and compassionate) job of euthanizing some animals in order to keep their doors open to all comers.

It may be easier to turn animals away than to endure persecution from armchair activists. But can shelters really be called “shelters” if they close their doors to the animals who need them the most?

Animals need caring people to speak out against this harmful trend. If your local shelter has started implementing restrictions or rejecting animals, please get involved. Write a polite letter expressing your concerns to the shelter’s director. If the response is inadequate, write to your elected officials and alert the media.

If a shelter has refused to accept an animal from you, required you to pay a surrender fee, put you on a waiting list or instructed you to abandon an animal, document your experience. Note the time and date of the incident, the person you spoke with, what you were told and other pertinent details, and share them with elected officials and the media. Collecting statements from others who have been negatively affected by a shelter’s restrictive policies can help build momentum for change.

Changing entrenched policies can take time, persistence and patience. But our involvement can determine whether animals in our communities will ultimately be sheltered or shunned.


Lights for Liberty vigils! … parents hitting kids … and more

In June migrant children at the border were kept in vans for 24 hours! In the summer border heat! Caged! Traumatized! THIS IS TRUMP’S




On Friday, July 12, thousands of people will gather for nationwide Lights for Liberty vigils to demand an end to inhumane conditions that migrants and asylum seekers are facing in detention centers.

More than 170 organizations from across the social justice spectrum are hosting or co-sponsoring the Lights for Liberty vigils, and more than 650 local events are happening across the country. Civil rights groups, labor organizers, religious leaders, teachers’ associations, and people from all walks of life are joining.

This is a critical moment in history that demands we stand up, that we make a loud, unified demand. Please don’t miss it.

If you are interested in participating in a local Lights for Liberty vigil on July 12, please sign up here.

You’ll receive information to find a local event near you – or to host your own!

At the detention centers, teen mothers have been held outside in “dog pounds.” Sick and elderly people have been confined in “icebox” rooms for weeks.

Babies as young as four months old have been ripped from their parents’ arms. Kids have died. These vigils will send a powerful message that we will not accept these conditions in our country.

Key Lights for Liberty events are being planned across the country as well as at the sites of detention centers – in El Paso, Texas; Homestead, FL; San Diego, CA; Foley Square, New York City. In Washington DC, people are demanding Congress end the detention centers and impeach Trump.

Beto will be joining the vigil in Peterborough, New Hampshire!

Many people from our team will be at the event in El Paso. We hope you’ll join, wherever you are!

Please be a part of a July 12 Lights for Liberty vigil!



Walking mutts in our big backyard this a.m. …




Think!! Little kids don’t lie!!

Shame on one of our local newspaper columnists who naively believed (and defended in his column) a parent who denied hitting his little boy AFTER THE BOY TOLD HIS TEACHER HE DIDN’T WANT TO GET INTO TROUBLE AT SCHOOL because his father would “BEAT” him! “Out of the mouth of babes …”

His school DID THE RIGHT THING – notified DCF, and the DCF social workers did their job – a good job!

That said, we mustn’t generalize! There are so many great African parents in our city who take wonderful care of their kids. Outside our neighborhood church this weekend … these kids and parents:





P.S. If parents are being physical, extremely punitive with disobedient kids THEY MUST BE TAUGHT TO REPRIMANDED THEIR CHILDREN CORRECTLY. The little boy in the column wouldn’t be sticking his foot into another kid if he wasn’t seeing this kind of behavior at home, if it weren’t being validated by his parents …

 – Photos and text by Rose T.