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New recipe from Chef Joey … and Bill Coleman on COVID-19, love, history, hope … +more

These Days

By William S. Coleman III

Bill and James Vets Homor Roll 4-28-16(2)-1
Bill Coleman, right, and James Bonds working to get the World War II Black Honor Roll monument re-erected! pic submitted

Strange and challenging times, these COVID-19 days, weeks, possibly months. I called upon my family to help me, to give me guidance, to let me know how they’re feeling as we are living in our communities and our country, the world … As we ALL experience the devastation of microbes killing Harmony – hospitalizing so many of us, killing thousands, too.

I asked my son, who lives in California, to tell me his feelings. I asked my daughter who told me a few weeks ago that this is something like none of us will have ever seen in our lifetimes. I asked her to share, to continue to share her thoughts with me. I asked my extended family to share with me their thoughts and their feelings about what’s going on in this world today. How they are DOING!

I believe that this is the time that we really need to look to our fellow humans and to reach out to each other – and to talk about what’s going on.

To know our history is to know our present and future. But today we have an opportunity not to judge what’s going on but to think about what we mean to each other. Life is so precious and so limited in time! We could be here today and gone tomorrow! What will we have learned?

If we look at our past histories … of things that have happened in this world: the swine flu, AIDS, the Bubonic Plague, the Influenza Virus of 1916 to 1920 … so many people died during those times. If we look at wars that we have participated in or by reading articles in the newspaper or listening to conversations on the radio or even following breaking news on the Internet … when do we get a chance to really express how we feel to people in our family or our close friends?

As I look back and read old newspapers and try to find newspaper articles to get the feelings of people years ago as they experienced these different pandemics, all the suffering, I find things have not changed all that much in the way people have reacted and interacted with each other. How many can remember the scourge of Polio? There are a lot of articles about polio and how families felt when one of their children was diagnosed with it. What were the feelings of FDR – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt – when, in his late 20s, he was diagnosed with Polio? What was that like? Did it make him a better, a GREAT, President? I think YES!

I remember what it was like during the 1980s when the AIDS epidemic was running rampant – people didn’t understand. They were accusatory of a certain gender of individuals, saying: Oh, this is God’s Wrath on Them. Then we found out it was a simple disease … Or how about people coming down with the swine flu, the bird flu – all these different types of illnesses that were affecting our society? Some of us stood in judgment. How can we stand in judgment? When we look at the Ebola crisis that happened in parts of Africa, when we look at the illnesses because of infected water that happens in our country … HOW CAN WE JUDGE????

When we look at people who are victims of constant War – 24 hours a day – in various countries. It is still going on, and there are cries to end the wars, but the bombs do not stop!

If we can learn anything from COVID 19, we realize that there are no borders that can stop us from getting sick or dying from some force greater than our inability to care. Every once in awhile it seems like we all need a wake-up call. Then maybe our society, the world, will change for the better.

Maybe during this holy time of Passover and Easter we can fight the ills of our society by kindness – not judgment. Maybe, just maybe, 100 years from now, people will look back and see what happened in our society and say: They did their best. They did what they had to do.

And they were kind to each other.

Bill Coleman today … at the Woo Sox stadium groundbreaking celebration.


From Chef Joey:


ICT_Yum Yums-edited
Missing our chef!

We all seem to keep using the same side starches: rice, noodles, pilaf, potato, mashed potato. How about polenta?


Simple corn meal! Cook according to the package directions and add a bouillon cube – either vegetable or chicken.

If you want to add protein, as it is cooking, add 2 beaten eggs to the mix. Spread it out and let it chill. Cut into cubes and layer a pan. Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake for 20 minutes until heated through. Serve! Simple and delicious! It tastes great with pasta sauce, too! Even pesto!






Passover teaches us that ALL suffering matters to God! … + more☮️🎶



Passover—the universal story of dignity, hope, and freedom—teaches that all suffering matters to God. And that means, of course, that it should matter to us as well. It is odd to celebrate freedom if we still dine on the flesh of animals who spend their lives caged in cement stalls no bigger than their own bodies, never able to look up at the sky or feel grass beneath their feet. The very premises that lead many to conclude that it is permissible to eat meat—that animals have no merit beyond how they might taste and that animal suffering is of no consequence—are antithetical to the humanity and compassion of Judaism.

Refusing to have a hand in that suffering is especially timely at Passover, for in commemorating the escape of the Jews from Egyptian bondage, the holiday reminds us of the importance of continuing the battle for freedom. Prayers said on Passover call on us to be kind to those who are now oppressed and to deepen our commitment to liberty today. What better time than Passover to extend our compassion to every living being? And what better way to celebrate the spirit of the holiday than by practicing vegetarianism?

“It appears that the first intention of the Maker was to have men live on a strictly vegetarian diet. The very earliest periods of Jewish history are marked with humanitarian conduct towards the lower animal kingdom. … It is clearly established that the ancient Hebrews knew and perhaps were the first among men to know, that animals feel and suffer pain.”

—Rabbi Simon Glazer

We hope that you will start a new Passover tradition this year by adding kindness to the plate. Traditionally, most Jews include an egg on the ritual seder plate—to symbolize spring and life—but many now replace it with a flower. Using an egg from a chicken who spent her short life in death-like conditions—squeezed inside a tiny, crowded cage, barely able to move—mocks that symbolism. In place of the shank bone set on the seder plate to remind us of “the mighty arm of God,” many Jews use a beet, as allowed in the Talmud. And the cholesterol-laden array of animal foods often found on the Passover table can easily be replaced with delicious, healthful, and humane dishes. Check out our favorite Passover recipes to get started.

Protesting against injustice should lead to a table free of cruelty, as people of all religions begin to recognize that suffering is suffering-no matter who is experiencing it.




This is traditionally a mixture of chopped nuts, apples, honey, spices, and wine. Check out our delicious, honey-free version.


Red beet is permitted on the Seder plate in lieu of a lamb shank.


The Torah commands that “bitter herbs” be eaten. Romaine lettuce, horseradish, and celery all suffice as bitter herbs.


You can substitute an egg with an avocado, a flower, or a white eggplant (without the stem).


Any green will do, but spring parsley is a popular choice. Dip the green in saltwater or vinegar (depending on your tradition) before consuming.



New from Chef Joey: LEMON SQUARES🍋 + more🎶

Text and pics by Chef Joey

ICYumYums-final-for website
Chef Joey sends🇫🇷 his ♥️ + 🍋🍋!

Having two giant lemon trees in my mom’s yard, here in 🇫🇷 …

… and in constant need for snacks for a growing Gigi, I researched a few recipes and came up with lemon squares.

Joey and daughter Gigi😊

These treats are not your traditional lemon squares – more like a lemon cake made with lemon juice and yogurt. It’s a very simple recipe – takes about five minutes to put together and another 15 minutes to bake. Then, you’ll have some healthy snacks for the family to enjoy!

You need:

one cup of flour

half a cup of sugar

a quarter teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon baking powder

two eggs

1/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt (basically one small container)

3 tablespoons of oil

the zest of two lemons and their juice



Put everything in a bowl. Mix well.


Pour into a parchment lined 9 x 9 pan:

Bake for 350° for about 20 minutes, depending on your oven. Cool for five or 10 minutes …

… and cut into squares and serve.

You can make a glaze, if you like, of 1/3 cup confectioners sugar mixed with a little lemon juice and a tablespoon of milk. But they’re delicious plain! ♥️





Louis – a Worcester hero!

Text and pics by Rosalie Tirella

Yesterday, I went out for groceries. I was so IMPRESSED by this Worcester 7-11 CASHIER – Louis – and 7 Eleven in general.


Louis, behind his slab of plexi glass, did not have to be so sweet when I rushed into his 7 Eleven store and cried: One HOT PIZZA SLICE!!!! Please!!!

I was hungry – and sick of doing the right thing at my apt @ 36 Blackstone River Rd. I was out with my pups, shopping AND enjoying the car ride, the sky, the fresh air, the trees, the precious interactions with PEOPLE♥️♥️♥️! … Louis said he could no longer do puzza slices…I assumed that was cuz of COVID 19 – large pizzas sitting in the display window was a no no now. …So I said: Anything else? Louis said: Chicken sandwich or sausage …I said: I am a vegetarian. No meat! I’m hungry…anything cheese???

Louis smiled and said: WAIT HERE. HE WENT IN BACK, GOT A LARGE PIZZA, put it in their oven and said: Two minutes. I went outside after I paid him my $1.50. Then … out came my hot, delicious pizza slice. Louis did not put the rest of the pizza in the display case to sit – it went in back (now his pizza$?). I said: THANK YOU, LOUIS! You are so nice!

Rose’s slice of pizza – to go!

Later I thought: and so smart and professional during these COVID 19 days.

Two things:

First – Because I am a regular customer, 7 Eleven IS ALWAYS SUPER CLEAN. And it has GREAT pizza and Coffee – Green Mountain Coffee! Starting at $1 – all flavors, decaff, real cream, half and half, milk – at a great coffee station that is a bit different these days …

7 Eleven sells terrific Green Mountain coffee, starting at $1/cup

Second: The conveience store/gas station yesterday looked especially clean and sanitary: plexi glass between Louis and his customers … bottle of hand sanitizer on counter for all customers to use … light plastic disposable gloves for all customers who are buying gas and pumping it at the 7 Eleven gas pumps.

♥️Best of all: a polite, courteous counter person – Louis – helping his customers with grace and ♥️ during these dangerous COVID 19 days. Louis, like all gas/convenience store cashiers /counter staffers, KEEPS WORCESTER ROLLING. He is an essential worker! He is as heroic as a nurse or doc – maybe more so because many service workers may not be fully aware of the super-contagiousness or deadliness of the coronavirus. …They certainly are not making money commensurate with the health risks they take doing their job. WHY NOT $$BONUSES FROM THE STATE, THEIR COMPANIES?? Why not a $15/hour LIVING WAGE for them?

Louis – a Worcester hero!🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸🍕


Meat markets breed killer diseases: Are we just going to ignore them? … and more🙏🎶


Will any Worcester Coffee Shops / Coffee Roasting companies step up? Step up for our hero docs, nurses, EMTs and hundreds of Worcester County health worker-angels who ARE KILLING THEMSELVES TO SAVE LIVES HERE IN WORCESTER?

– Rose♥️


Meat markets breed killer diseases: Are we just going to ignore them?

By Heather Moore

COVID-19. Swine flu. Bird flu. SARS. MERS. Ebola. Creutzfeldt-Jakob (mad cow) disease. Hoof-and-mouth disease. The number of emerging dangerous infectious diseases has increased significantly in recent decades.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 75% of new infectious diseases affecting humans originated in animals. But animals aren’t to blame for outbreaks of animal-borne, or “zoonotic,” diseases — humans are. Many animal-borne diseases exist largely because humans don’t leave animals in peace. Instead, we crowd them together on filthy factory farms — breeding grounds for pathogens — in order to satisfy our voracious meat habit.

Unless we find the status quo satisfactory, we can’t continue to ignore what we are allowing to happen and the link between meat and outbreaks of zoonotic diseases. Health experts report that COVID-19 originated in a Chinese “wet market” that sold fish, live poultry and exotic animals, like the gentle pangolin, for human consumption. Cages at these markets are typically stacked on top of each other, and animals at the bottom are invariably soaked with excrement, pus and blood, providing ideal conditions for viruses to spread from one animal to another — and to humans who touch them or step in the ooze.

While it’s easy to point the finger at China, there are disease-ridden animal factories here in the U.S. that officials have warned, time and again, also pose major health risks. They are like volcanos that could erupt at any time. More than 80 live-animal markets and slaughterhouses operate in New York City alone, and San Francisco and Los Angeles are awash in them. But beyond live-animal markets, the enormous demand for chicken, pork, beef and other animal flesh means that animals must be mass-produced in crowded, feces-ridden farms, travel in filthy trucks, and be slaughtered on killing floors that are covered with bodily fluids and dangerous pathogens.

In 2009, hundreds of sick pigs died in a massive pig operation in Mexico, just before the swine flu outbreak spread to the U.S. and resulted in more than 274,300 hospitalizations and 12,400 deaths. The outbreak, as USA Today recently pointed out, stemmed from the pig populations of both countries. And some historians suspect that the virus associated with the 1918 flu pandemic — also known as the Spanish flu — originated at a chicken farm in Kansas.

Bird flu spreads easily on chicken farms so crowded that they make a subway car during rush hour in Tokyo look roomy. There are at least 144 different strains of bird flu, including the H5N1 variety, which kills the most birds and about 60% of humans who catch it. And as if we didn’t have enough to worry about with COVID-19, bird flu was recently discovered on a poultry farm in Germany, as well as being identified in the Philippines, India, Ireland, England and some other countries.

PETA recently sent a letter — and launched an international petition — to the World Health Organization, urging it to call for the permanent closure of all live-animal markets.

Animal markets were banned in China after the SARS outbreak, which also originated in such a market, but they were reopened in 2003. We see where that’s gotten us. While some live-animal markets in China have been closed again, at least temporarily, many such pockets of disease continue to operate throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and the U.S. Regardless of the country it takes place in, raising and killing animals for food threatens human health and causes tremendous animal suffering. It’s not only time to end live markets but also to take responsibility, to get away from consuming animals and their “products.” It is safer, kinder and better for the environment for all of us to eat vegan — not just now but also after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.





Palm Sunday. Coronavirus morning …

Text and photos by Rosalie Tirella

This a.m: My breakfast – because it is all I’ve got left in my kitchen cabinets:
Tuna and Triskets. Bleh. But I am desperate, I am hungry, so I will wolf it all down.

Now I’v just got oatmeal and orange sauce. Am I eating alphabetically these days? No, phonetically! And I am hungry! So I park my tastebuds in the discarded Bumblee can and eat. I grew up poor in Green Island. I know what I have to do to survive.

God, help me. I would prefer to be eating the my Water Street’s Widoff Bakery bulkies, slathered with soft butter, and planning a fun day with my two dogs! But this is the new reality, how things roll these days … days of death, days of a global pandemic, with no cures in sight. … Yet. We humans – all over the globe – are thrown back hundreds and hundreds of years, and we are left with the remedies our Neandethal ancestors were left with during killer epidemics: STAY AWAY FROM ME, Freddo! GO DIE QUIETLY, ALONE, IN YOUR OWN CAVE, Rita! And the strong drink water! Eat! Pray to the clay gods and the cave paintings painted in bloodroot.

During these COVID-19 Days/Daze this atheist prays her Hail Mary’s, not because I’ve found Jesus, but because they remind me of my late mom, who prayed her Hail Mary’s three or four times a day – in our Lafayette Street kitchen, in the morning before we little kids were up for breakfast, before I headed out to my beloved Lamartine Street School. “Ma” prayed on one of our rickety wooden kitchen chairs that she had pulled out from the green wooden (so ugly) kitchen table and placed in the middle of our kitchen where she faces the open window, and sunlight, and a picture of Jesus, hammered into the kitchen wall, a few inches above our icebox. She kneels on the kitchen chair, blesses herself and hangs onto the back of the kitchen chair for balance. It is her mother’s beatup paintining of The Virgin Mary she is whispering to. An heirloom in our slummy tenement. My late mother, in all her strength and moral beauty …
Rose’s mom, Cecelia, in downtown Worcester, circa 1961

… beams down her love and strength onto me these awful days of ventilators (not enough), old ladies sewing pretty, but useless, cloth face masks, youngish doctors dying in their hospitals as they save the HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of moaning, begging, crying, sick patients – some of them waiting for help for 5 hours in their gurneys parked in the ER hallway – the docs leaving their little sons and daughters back home, waiting for them … orphans. Like me without Ma! But I was old when I lost her, and I enjoyed my childhood with her. Because of her.

Did I mention my mother was enchanting? So was my Polish immigrant grandmother, Bapy, … and my pretty aunties:
WW II – on the roof of The Block, Bigelow Street

Today, before I go grocery shopping and pick up other necessities, I eat crap and miss EVERYBODY! Even a nemesis or two. Or three. Or four or five.😢 Today, I recite, whispering over my dogs and my cup of black coffee, …

… my Hail Mary’s. For my enemies!… Hatred. Such a waste of LOVE, the lifeforce!

I cannot WAIT TO GO OUT DOORS TODAY! Who, knew, as Michael Moore says during one of his Rumble Podcast, that we humans are hardwired to be around our fellow humans! That we CRAVE PHYSICAL CONNECTION, the surging, dirty-faced masses! That we want to rub shoulders against ALL PEOPLE, the beautiful COVID 19 asymptomatic and beautiful symptomatic COVID 19 hoi polloi! So good to see you, my Woo friends! I know – cuz it happens every time – that as I take my large McDonalds coffee and quibble over napkins with the takeout girl in the window – my heart will swell with JOY! I am JUST SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY TO SEE HER! And those golden arches! And that prosaic stretch of Greenwood Street! And that gas station with my pal at the cash register! And the sky above! And maybe a seagull or two diving outa the clouds to pick up a stray Wendy’s french frie! Hooray!!! … Last week I saw a woman standing in the Burlington parking lot feeding scores of swooping seagulls hunks of bread from a big plastic garbage bag. She was smiling! HAPPY TO BE OUTDOORS TOO! TO SEE PEOPLE AND SEAGULLS IN ALL THEIR BIG BELLIED BEAUTY. Amen.

Today, as I get my $1 special McDs coffee, I will be so slaphappy ecstatic!!! HELLO, WORCESTER! HELLO, BEAUTUFUL ROUTE 20 STRIP MALL! I ADORE YOU! Every brick that needs repointing! Every door that needs sanitizing! … On to CVS … Every pothole that sends me and Jett and Lilac flying in my jalopy! I love you, too! My car is such a piece of crap!!! GOD LOVE IT!

Yesterday I was cruising Youtube, picking out songs for this post. I wanted the tunes to reflect these COVID 19 days: societal collapse, pain, anxiety, darkness, death. So I looked for the dark, devil lovin’ Stones …

… another tune:

… But I ended up being attracted to:

…and then finally choosing this song to encapsulate my feelings these days. Choosing Armstrong, our earth, our animals, love OVER DEATH. AS WE ALL DO! Because we are human. Because, despite these temporary hard times, we human beings and our planet earth will endure. We are BRILLIANT. ♥️:

Chef Joey in Rose’s space: SCONES! ♥️ + more🌎🎶


Text, recipe, pics by Chef Joey

Chef Joey😊😊😊

Welcome to COVID-19 lock-down. We have been experiencing this since March 13. The opportunity to walk away from duty is huge … we were running to accomplish the unnecessary … overindulging on items at Burlington because the prices were so good … buying bigger vehicles because gasoline was still reasonable. And then the Coronavirus comes around and sends the world into a screeching halt.

The good part is all countries are in the same camp, so no one must sweat this one out alone – we hope.
Being stuck at my mom’s home here in France has its advantages, and with a now 5-year-old little girl who thinks it is OK to watch television all day with the lack of school … So the Internet has turned into a learning tool for me. Our French school sends us lesson plans and a web page to follow and print outs assignments for Gigi to work on. I had to change the media format because tablets can be changed to cartoons when parents are not looking; and since I never had a tablet she has the one up!

So, I have reverted to old fashioned 1960’s early ’70’s style afternoons. The word I am using is “chores!” … so steps need sweeping, chair legs need wiping down and, since we cannot run off to the store, we have to make things.

What better way to make school like it was before? – Home Economics!!!
Gigi’s too young to iron or sew, but the concept of baking and mixing is a natural for kids who are not in a sand box.

So “High Tea” that was created for that afternoon snack before the dinner was the theme for snacks. Today we made cucumber sandwiches with butter, but yesterday’s scones with heavy clotted cream and home made strawberry jam were a hit …
A scone

… and instead of “tea,” Miss Gigi indulges on hot cocoa.

This scone recipe is either gluten free or regular gluten – it is an easy recipe as it uses self-rising flour. If you just have regular flour, no big deal: just use a packet of yeast, mix with some sugar, warm water and a couple tablespoons of flour. It takes 10 minutes to set up and add it to the recipe. Soy flour works great and keeps them light!

Enjoy this snack! Take the 10 minutes to sit and enjoy these with anyone from a child to a partner to a neighbor – if you can still do that. Sconen go a long way and cost less than $3 a batch.

Quickie Scone Recipe♥️:

Made with gluten-free, self-rising flour. If you can’t get it, use gluten free flour and one packet yeast.

Add a tbsp sugar and some warm – not hot – water. Mix together. When it bubbles, add the flour.

Basic scone recipie:

2 cups self rising flour
1 stick soft butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
I two lemon juice
an egg and 1/4 cup warm milk and 1 tbsp baking powder

Mix all the dry ingredients.

Then swish the butter with you fingers.

Add the milk and other wet ingredients.

Flour your surface and add flour as needed to make a soft dough.

Roll into rolls and cut circles …


… brush with another egg.


Bake at 350F 10 to 15 mins. If you add raisins to your dough, boil them first to make them plump.

Kids love to cook. Now may be a good time to teach them the basics …




Bill Coleman – always in style!🇺🇸♥️


By William S. Coleman III

Bill is a longtime Worcester community activist. He loves🇺🇸♥️😊 everything Worcester! pic submitted

Massachusetts/Worcester residents (80+% Americans) have been ordered to shelter in place. If you go out, SOCIAL DISTANCE – GOING OUT FOR NECESSITIES LIKE GROCERY SHOPPING, TRIP TO PHARMACY. You will lose people if you are lax – and never have a chance to say goodbye to them.

We are living in a time of change; we’re living in a very fearful environment. We are living in the pandemic of 2020.

People are afraid.

People don’t know where to turn.

Some folks think this is an act of God, some folks think, from a scientific standpoint, that COVID 19 is just another evolutionary time in our world history.

I remind people that this is real.

People are dying every day. Daily predictions are being made that before this pandemic of 2020 is over or settles down, we will see two 200,000 plus Americans killed by this virus – an Invisible War. A war that we are fighting face to face against an unknown assailant.

World wide the numbers are frighting to think of.

Deaths – not by bombs or bullets – but by biological means – microbes being spread by us – to each other.

Through it all we ask what are we doing locally, as we look at the world response to this Global Pandemic. We realize that everything we do locally will have a tremendous impact on how we protect each other … how we encourage each other and how we can help save each other.

In 1917 through 1918 there was an influenza virus that swept across the world. We learned that this “Spanish Flu” impact has no favorites – everybody was impacted. In 1918 we lost over 600,000 American lives due to the influenza virus – that was more people than we lost during the first, second, Korean and Viet Nam wars.

As the daily news broadcasts announce the number of deaths worldwide that are being reported to the John Hopkins University Health Center statistics agency that is collecting information, we realize that everything is happening in a very fluid way. The statistics reported one day may be increased by the amount of research that is done and reporting that is being submitted by other countries other communities cities and towns. We are finding everything happening so quickly that the moment you report on one statistic, 15 minutes later you could end up reporting other statistics!

Still, in all, we are telling the story of lives being lost and families going through fear, anxiety, depression, loss … communities looking for hope and wondering when this is going to end.

I write this post as much for the people today as much as for the people of the future who will look back on these events we are living through now in March, April and May of 2020 in Worcester Massachusetts. And America. And the world.

I have witnessed the kindness of strangers reaching out to help people asking for help. Our schools are closed, our places of worship are no longer gathering places, our meeting embraces are limited by a distant acknowledgement.

COVID 19 will change us forever. We are a social people, but we must be vigilant in our efforts to remain healthy. Still we reach out to help others by kind words, through electronic communication, or a distant wave.

We as a consumer society are forever grateful to the frontline workers who keep the peace in our streets, the health care workers who save lives, health care educators who are teaching our students through distance learning.

We will change, but will we learn from this time of world in crisis.



Talkin’ to Joe

By Rosalie Tirella

Rose is a little worried.

I just spoke with Worcester Mayor Joe Petty. I told him good things in bad times – what I believe to be true: THE CITY OF WORCESTER IS DOING A GREAT JOB battling COVID-19.

For every rogue construction project on Whipple Street/Blackstone River Rd

State of Massachusetts has temporarily halted all construction projects – to come up with guidelines for working these jobs during the global pandemic.

… there IS THE WONDERFUL JOB BEING DONE BY OUR CITY LEADERS to ensure we are all safe, to preserve lives, to battle the scariest, deadliest public health crisis in our American lives – this generation’s Spanish Flu. The tidal wave is still far from shore …

But we are girded for it…
We have, thanks to Petty and our city leaders:

♥️FREE MEALS FOR ALL CITY KIDS – HOT AND HEALTHY – distributed DAILY by the City of Worcester. No vulnerable child goes hungry during this pandemic.

♥️State of the art preparation and housing – 4 new shelters opened just this past week – for our homeless. To SAFEGUARD THE LIVES of our city’s most vulnerable, often least healthy people. Meals are given out for free, beautiful big rooms with cots spaced 6 feet apart are set aside for them … at St. Johns church, North High, Ascension Church and more. Places where our brothers and sisters get medical care, food, quiet, safety, peace. …police presence. LOVE.

♥️All our hospitals and the city’s DCU center expanded to accommodate more ICU cases … hundreds of new beds added …

♥️Our WPSchools NURSES leading PPE drives – then personally delivering the thousands of hospital masks, gloves, gowns and more to our hospitals.

♥️ Daily press briefings by City Manager Ed Augustus and Mayor Petty during which time THEY TELL THE TRUTH – the whole truth to us citizens. They TELL US HOW THE CITY IS READYING FOR THE DELUGE, what the City has accomplished so far. What the next challenge is … Programs in place. Phone numbers we can call. Websites we can visit. All to learn more. Questions taken – and answered – by Petty, Augustus and City Top Doc Dr. Hirsh!

Our PUBLIC AND ELECTED OFFICIALS are WORKING SO HARD! Unlike Prez Trump, they LEAD and INSPIRE us! We need to listen to their advice, follow the city’s advisories …

♥️City park and playground monitoring … Do kids need to be up close and personal playing basketball? Can WE ALL USE OUR PUBLIC LAND JUST FOR WALKS THESE DAYS? – social distancing the whole time? Otherwise, they will be closed. WE MUST SLOW THE SPREAD OF THIS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS coronavirus!

♥️Our local businesses in snooze mode…parades and city celebrations postponed. As is throughout 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

♥️ WPSchools TEACHERS still doing lessons, engaging with their students – via computer, smart phone and old fashioned telephone calls. NO COVID 19 SLIDE for our Worcester Public School students!

So, I told Mayor Petty, this a.m: GREAT WORK, Joe! We are ahead of the virus!

… And like the modest, real guy he always is, Mayor Joe Petty, sounded a bit … afraid: “I hope so,” he said … very quietly. Without the bullsh”*t, self-aggrandizing fake assuredness of whacky President Donald Trump. Just that muted little “I hope so.”

After my acknowledging ALL THE GREAT WORK!

Classic Joe.

Now I know we are all going to be ok.





Rose’s relatives, during WW II. Atop Bigelow Street tenement building roof, Green Island♥️


Thursday wrap-up🌎🙏♥️

Rose’s Uncle Al led his own jazz band back when America had swing!👗👠🎶

Lots of music/art🎶🎶 on my late dad’s side of our family. One of my uncles – my dad’s brother – went to Hollywood during Hollywood’s Golden Years to paint the background scenery you saw in movies. My other uncle had his banjo, which he loved to play! His brother, my Uncle Al, was a professinal – led his own jazz band that played all over Worcester (pictured here, Uncle Al is on left holding conductor’s baton). They were not like the greats – Dizzie, Parker, Billie – they played white Dorsey, Harry James band stuff, but it was still wonderful! All the bands had their own girl singer. My Uncle Al once sidled up to me at a family reunion, and said, with a sly wink: “We called them ‘chirps,’ Rosalie.” At the dances, attended by hundreds, held in the Johnny Hines ballroom in Worcester – in dance halls all across America in the 1930s and ’40s – everyone wore beautiful gowns and tuxes. And the couples danced close!! It will happen again, America (our closeness)! Be patient!!
The full band

– Rose




ICT_Yum Yums-edited
Chef Joey is staying safe in 🇫🇷

From Chef Joey! A quickie recipe!

French Tuna Salad for lunch!

😊Rice – tuna – parsley – tomatoes and red onion with a Dijon vinaigrette!

Tasty and healthy!

Joey’s daughter, Gigi, helping to make dessert – oatmeal cookies. Recipe below …


1 tsp Dijon mustard

2 gloves garlic (garlic butter perfect for this)

5 tbsp oil

1 to 2 tbsp cider vinegar

Mix the dressing together, add your other ingredients and serve!



So, trapped at home!! We need healthy snacks! Here is a quick recipe that’s healthy, quick and can be made in batches.

All you need is:

1 egg

1 stick soft butter

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup white sugar ( I skip this part – I don’t like sweet)

2 tsp vanilla

1 1/2 cups instant oats

3/4 cup flour

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

Optional: add raisins or chocolate chips.


Mix the egg, sugar and butter until fluffy.

Add everything else – mix with your CLEAN hands for best results.

Get a sheet of parchment or Saran wrap and form a tube. Roll it and refrigerate for 30 minutes.


Remove and …

… cut the slices you want to cook at 350* – 12 to 15 mins, depending on your oven. …


When the cookies’ edges are brown, you are all set for soft cookies!


Today, Rose made herself a farmer’s breakfast to stay healthy during the COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

Remember: COVID-19 IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, THERE IS NO VACCINE FOR IT … AND IT CAN BE DEADLY. Already Worcester hospitals are low on PPE … Waiting for the deluge … Please! Be responsible and compassionate! Practice: SOCIAL DISTANCING (6 feet between two people), HAND WASHING, STAYING AT HOME EXCEPT FOR WALKS, TRIPS TO DRUGSTORES, SUPERMARKETS … The credit unions/banks are closed – their ATM and drive-thru windows open. – R.T.