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Head to Jan’s Kitchen this school vacation week and get $1 off your omelette!

(Offer good through Friday)

You may also want to check out their pancake challenge! ICT writer Ron O’Clair did! – R.T.


Jan’s Kitchen Pancake Challenge 

Text and pics by Ron O’Clair

I stopped by Jan’s Kitchen on 580 West Boylston St., Worcester, the day after Easter to drop off a bundle of InCity Times for the customers to read and decided to take on the “Pancake Challenge” for which Jan’s is famous.

All you have to do is eat one pancake within an hour’s time. It is the largest pancake in the universe!

DSCF9076I have taken the challenge before and was unable to finish my flapjack, even though my fellow tenant and friend, “Big Mike,” got to have his picture on “Amanda’s Wall of Fame” for having eaten the “whole thing” in one sitting. Amanda is the late Jan’s daughter; she is head chef and manages the restaurant.


I thought that I could do it this time, I really did. I had not eaten breakfast, and I was quite hungry. So I gave it a try.

Well, let me tell you, that one pancake is as big around as my Renegade Cowboy hat is, and weighs in probably at over a pound of pancake. It fills the large round plate with some hanging over the edge and is as thick as a doughnut in the middle. You can order it plain, blueberry, or chocolate chip. I ordered the blueberry pancake.

As you can see from the photograph, I could only eat one quarter of the pancake. I took home the other three quarters, which fed me for three other days, and all for around $7, with a tip and coffee included.


The pancake was delicious at the restaurant and still delicious at home heated in the microwave on the following three days in which I ate a quarter portion on each day.

If you like a good value, try the Jan’s Kitchen pancake challenge, but I warn you: it is not for the light eater, and only the hearty appetite will complete the challenge. (That’s when you get your picture on “Amanda’s Wall of Fame”!)

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I was in the mood today to visit the coziest, cutest breakfast spot in Greendale!


Jan’s Kitchen at 580 West Boylston St! So I put my goofy hat on and headed out the door with the mighty Jett. Bob, Amanda, Patty and crew fill Jan’s with happy times and serve generous breakfasts!  But I was late – they’re open 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. – so I snapped this pic instead!


Try Jan’s Biggest-Pancake-in-Worcester! Possibly the world! This griddle-cake has girth, boys and girls! It measures 13 inches across! Try Jan’s lunch specials, too! Everything at Jan’s is home-made right on the spot for you!

This school vacation week – offer good today thru Friday – take advantage of Jan’s SCHOOL VACATION SPECIAL!


Each omelette discounted!

Enjoy a BOTTOMLESS cup of great coffee, too!

Jan’s does lunch! But don’t be late like I was this cold, brittle day! You’ll miss the conversation, laughter, smiles. Jan’s Kitchen – home of the 13-inch pancake and good vibrations! And free Wi-Fi!  (for more info, call Jan’s at 508.852.0432.)

(I know! I know! I’ve used way too many exclamation points!!!!)

– Rosalie Tirella

Jan’s Kitchen – pancake-arama!

By Matt Wexler

In the search for a good place to eat, it is rare to find a restaurant as warm and inviting as Jan’s Kitchen. Located on West Bolyston Street, this small diner serves breakfast and lunch throughout the week to hungry customers from all over the area.

A family business, Jan’s Kitchen is run by Amanda Pineiro, the restaurant’s manager. Previously, it was owned and operated by Jan Dubeau, Amanda’s mother, who founded the restaurant back in 1991. A professionally trained cook, Jan handled nearly everything in the kitchen herself, building its reputation for good food and service over the years.

Sadly, Jan passed away several years ago, leaving her husband as the restaurant’s owner. He and Amanda have handled the kitchen since then, and while Jan’s famous spritz cookies may not be on the menu anymore, they continue to do her memory justice.

The environment that Jan’s Kitchen has established is truly unique. The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the restaurant is that there are no tables. Instead, customers sit around several square counter tops built into the floor. It feels like a classic fifties malt shop, complete with an open grill behind the counter, where you can view Amanda and the rest of the staff bustling about, preparing orders. Continue reading Jan’s Kitchen – pancake-arama!