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Tweaked my Queenie post (below) and found the summer concert pic …

… of Bailey, my big old Nova Scotia Retriever! The pooch the OIF and I used to take to all the great FREE SUMMER CONCERTS  in Worcester’s lovely city parks. Here’s Bailey at Institute Park, enjoying the cool grass, the sweet sounds and sights of nature, being with his “family,”  AND listening to the great American song book!  … Bailey was as big and gorgeous as Queenie! His personality was a lot like hers, too  – serious, loyal … a good working dog.

Here are the websites for some of Worcester’s great concerts – accessible to EVERYONE – man, women, kid, baby, senior citizens, canines, even (I remember seeing one!) ferrets!!! (on a lead, of course!)    – R. Tirella

Click here for free PARK SPIRIT concerts and activities!

Click here for free NEWTON HILL concerts – (by the rotary/Newton Square)!


Cool smooth jazz …

For your MUST NOT MISS list for cool smooth jazz:
THURSDAY it's the JAZZED UP Trio: JULY 25th, at CERES Bistro at 6PM Come 
see vocalist/pianist Mauro DePasquale, bassist Joe D'Angelo, and drummer 
John Murzycki play "The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven" at 6PM.

FRIDAY it's JAZZED UP Trio : JULY 26 (Friday) at the beautiful 
Longfellow's WAYSIDE INN at 5PM Come see vocalist/pianist Mauro 
DePasquale, bassist Bob Simonelli, and drummer Bill MacGillivray play 
"The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven" on the patio . At 5:30 PM

For further info or contact : maurodep1@gmail.com

If you love Buble', Sinatra, Connick Jr, Bennett, you will love JAZZED UP!