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More from Bill McManus on T & G coverage and Jim Leary’s UMass pay raise

From McManus to the T & G owners: New York Times Company

By Rosalie Tirella

Former Worcester pol Jim McManus recently complained about Lt. Governor Murray guy Jim Leary going from working for Murray in Boston to a specially created job – fit just for him!- at UMass Med and now this news: This year Leary got a huge pay raise at UMass. Thousands and thousands of dollars in salary increase while other UMass Med workers (63) have just been laid off. (Could some med school be playing favorites to make some Lt. Gov happy or to thank him for all those stem cell reasearch center bucks? (or so they can get even more research funding)

People hate it when politicians reward their people with sinecures. They hate to see their tax dollars thrown at some poltical operative – thousands and thousands of dollars – while their pay checks shrink.

Telegram & Gazette columnist Dianne Williamson was obviously oblivious to this. In her column, she spent a few paragraphs poking fun at McManus but never reporting on one of his main points: Leary’s huge pay hike (while other UMass Med workers got laid off). Williamson didn’t, however, forget to slime the Med Center’s president Collins for his recent mega-raise. Is it because Collins is not a member of the good ol’ local boys (Tim Murray) club that she – and Jim Leary – belong to? Continue reading More from Bill McManus on T & G coverage and Jim Leary’s UMass pay raise

Two pols – Jim Leary and Bill McManus – go at it

editor’s note: two pols go at it! Here’s a portion of the email exchange.

From Bill McManus to Jim Leary:

“I find it very sleazy that [Jim] Leary, a public employee, got roughly a !00% pay raise in a one year period of time for a newly created job that was created while he was the Lt’ Gov’s Chief Aide and his wife was a paid fundraiser for the same Lt’ Gov. It’s understandable that Leary wants to create a smokescreen and talk about anything else but the public money he is taking. He wants to somehow deflect the focus of attention from himself. This has nothing to do with me. I am not the public employee who got a raise from $100,000 to $180,000. My wife was not the paid campaign fundraiser for the same Lt. Governor. Jennifer Murphy, was also a paid political aide for Lt. Gov. Murray just like Carolyn Leary.

“Jennifer Murphy just got a newly created $105,000 job less than three weeks ago. That’s what this is all about and why it brings Leary’s pay raise and his wife’s role as a fundraiser into the news. During a recession and in the midst of a hiring freeze, two jobs were specifically created for the benefit of two consecutive campaign aides, AND the first one got roughly a 100% pay increase during his first year while others at the same institution were being laid off. Continue reading Two pols – Jim Leary and Bill McManus – go at it