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Black lives matter! BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Political Trial 3 (1)
photo: 2015

editor’s note: I’ve made some paragraphs bold. – R.T.

A Bogus Trial of Retaliation

By Gordon Davis
The Kelley Square 4 BlackLives Matter protesters charged with disturbing the peace during the 2015 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day protest had their day in court today. It was pretty clear from the start of the trial that something unusually wrong was going on.

The trial judge prevented the defendants from having a jury trial. He said case law allowed him to change the nature of the case from criminal to civil.

In a criminal case the defendants can choose a jury trial. In a civil case the prosecution can choose not to have a jury trial. In either case, it can be inferred that the trial judge did not want to go through the hassle of a jury trial or he did not think that the charges rose to the level of criminality.

In a civil case, the prosecution only has to achieve the standard of “preponderance of evidence” and not the more difficult standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The prosecution witnesses were, in my opinion, not credible and perhaps racists.

The truck driver said he was five hours late for a delivery due to the four and one half minutes blocking of Kelley Square. He said this got him fired from his job. Another witness said that the driver’s firing had nothing to do with the Kelley Square demonstration.

A woman driver who encountered the demonstration testified to yelling out to the protesters you would not block me if my granddaughter was Black. This witness could recognize a photo that showed her car during the protest. 

Worcester Police Department supervisor, Sergeant  Maddox, said he would not have arrested anyone at the Kelley Square demonstration – as he did not see anything criminal taking place.

Police Officer Maddox said he did not start to write his report until two and one half months after the incident, when ordered to do so by his superiors.

Maddox then said his report was partially based on a police report written by Worcester Police Officer Brace who did not testify.

Two of the defendants, Julius Jones and Robert Gibbs, gave as a defense their compelling political need to protest the unjust killings of people, especially unarmed young Black men. Defendant Kevin Ksen also spoke of his political motivations and the fact that he did not block any traffic. Defendant Conner did not testify, but her attorney indicated that Officer Brace misidentified her and there was no evidence that she blocked traffic.

The Worcester city officials who initiated the charges against the defendants did not testify.

There is speculation that they brought charges in order to retaliate against and intimidate BlackLives Matter protesters and the Black community.

The judge said he will mail out his decision to the KS4 defendants. The maximum for a civil case of disturbing the peace is a fine of $150.

There were a good number of people who came out in support of the BlackLives Matter protesters. They expressed a sentiment that no matter what the judge rules, the protests would continue and they would not be intimidated.

A March Against Racism is being planned for this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – January 18, 2016 – at 12 Noon. 

The march will go from St. John’s Church on Temple Street to Kelley Square.

Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center …

… Board of Directors (public information/record). The usual suspects: We have Mary Keefe (of course!), Kevin Ksen (of course!), etc. Call them/visit them today! Ask them: Who’s the new executive director of the center? How open will the hiring process be? Will the center be more welcoming – open its door to all folks in the hood, even the ones this bunch doesn’t like? Will the center be more helpful to the very poor folks who make up a big chunk of Piedmont? Will the center be more hands on such as: giving out emergency food, clothing; running after school programs, ESL classes, GED classes, citizenship classes? Will there be more FREAKIN’ LIFE AT THE CENTER???

There are so many folks in the community who think Mary Keefe would not have won the race for state rep if  the other two candidates, Kate Toomey and Diana Bianchiaria,  BOTH had not run  for the seat. A guy in the hood told me: “The chubby ladies split the vote.” We agree.  If either Kate or Dianna had the East Side all to themselves, we would most likely have a different state rep. today. And most folks think Kate and Dianna are more main stream Dems who are more in line with the goals and values of the majority of the folks in the district.  Time will tell if I endorsed the right lady! – R. Tirella


What the fuck is going on at the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center?

By Rosalie Tirella

A few weeks ago we asked: Where the fuck is Mary? As in where is our State Rep Mary Keefe, when the Henry Lee Willis Center went belly up?

Now the question is: What the fuck is happening at the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center? The Piedmont neighborhood center Mary Keefe worked at, RAN AS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FOR A DECADE?

Since Mary’s been gone, and she promised she would give up her job at the center, we have a kind of clubby atmosphere at the center. One big clique, actually. Clickety, clack, clack, the city’s unemployable, 40-somethings, all with college degrees and certainly capable of legitimately making their way in the world, have begun squatting there.

You know, the usual suspects. Kevin Ksen, Dante, Dante’s girlfriend. People who were always around when Keefe ran the place. People whose wide butts seemed and still seem perenially glued to the old sofa at the Network Center. If anybody can make an inner-city neighborhood center seem exclusive and unwelcoming, it is Kevin Ksen and his full-of-themselves pals. None of whom seem to have jobs, EVER. Even though they are middle-aged and educated. Whenever I pop into the center, next door to the Pickle Barrel restaurant and deli, I never see them doing any work. It seems more coffee klatch, political meeting space for future Democratic candidates for local elections.

I walked in right before election time last year and found Kevin Ksen sitting at the computer typing away.

Without my even asking, he said: I am not working on election stuff.

I replied: Of course you aren’t, Kev.

I hope none of these arrogant pretenders aren’t pulling down a paycheck, getting tax dollars to run their pals’ political campaigns, plot their next political move out of what should be an inner-city neighborhood center. You know, a place where neighborhood folks, many of them poor, could scan a bulletin board for job openings, maybe pick up some emergency food, clothing or even gain some new job skills. Take a citizenship class or computer class or ESL class.

I doubt any of this is going on. I know of some folks who feel shut out of the center’s clicky club atmosphere, PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THE HOOD AND WANT TO USE THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER.




Where are our tax dollars going? To pay Kevin Ksen a salary to run a political consulting biz out of the office? Rent free, we may add. Dante C.  So arrogant and so useless. Are we paying him money to squat at the neighborhood center?

What are the center’s intentions? Will its board of directors get off its ass and hire a new executive director or are they too afraid of Kevin Ksen and his pals to make a move, get things going FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD FOLKS, MANY OF WHOM NEED THE BASICS? Holding anti-foreclosure meetings is good, but the center needs to do so much more if it is to keep getting the public funds the state and city keep pouring into it.

Now that Mary Keefe is supposedly outa there, let us make the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center a true inner-city neighborhood center, a place that is open TO EVERYONE IN THE ‘HOOD, A PLACE THAT REALLY HELPS PEOPLE IN A HANDS-ON WAY.

Not some clubhouse for Kevin,  Dante, Dante’s girlfriend, etc. These over grown, arrogant children must unglue their arses from taxpayer-funded sofas, in taxpayer funded neighborhood centers and start WORKING. TRANSPARENCY has never been this group’s strong suit. But now that Mary is gone, let’s hope a new day is dawning.