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Grant Park, off Lincoln Street – always in style!

20160627_172319-1-1 pic: R.T.

Grant Park Ribbon Cutting

By Edith Morgan

At last, Grant Park is ready to be formally recognized! Saturday, August 6, at 12 noon, there will be a formal ribbon cutting ceremony at the Park, with city officials (elected and appointed) there to celebrate the occasion.

The ceremony will mark the completion of the improvements in this neighborhood park, celebrating the achievement of several years of persistent and unfailing efforts by Winifred Octave, who lives right across from the park, and her co-chair, Debra Bolz.

Though small, this park is situated in an area (off Lincoln Street) that badly needed it, and is used by many residents in this densely populated Worcester neighborhood.

All are invited to come and view the new basketball court, the garden area, the places to sit beneath trees and just enjoy the outdoors, meeting with friends and neighbors.

The ceremony will be followed by the Green Hill Neighborhood Association’s fourth annual picnic, which is usually attended by more than 300 neighbors and friends!

Our picnic will feature music, food, entertainment for children, including balloons and face painting, and displays by several city agencies. Refreshments are being donated by area businesses and individuals, and volunteers will be helping with the set-up, serving, grilling, and cleaning up.

This Saturday! May 2! Downtown Worcester comes alive!

CAM00180InCity Times editor Rosalie T. will be there with her pink camera and red hair! (Pic taken a few days ago, after a not-so-successful home dye job!) Rose would love to bring Jett, her beloved husky mix, to the festivities, but dogs aren’t allowed on the Worcester Common. They’re not allowed in our city parks … Hey! What happened to the city DOG PARK we were all talking about last fall? The issue was to be STUDIED – ha ha – and revisited in February, after city officials chewed the canine cud yet again!  Come on, Worcester! We’ve been talking the dog park issue to death for 10 years! Easier to get a civilian review board for the WPD in this town!

Nonetheless, Rose may try to sneak her bratty little Jett-ski into the celebration. It’ll be a disaster, she just knows it …



Spring onto the Worcester Common!

This Saturday, May 2

noon to 3 pm


The Worcester Common will host the 1st Annual Spring onto the Common!

… to prepare everyone for warm weather and healthy living!

on the Worcester Common Oval, behind Worcester City Hall, Main Street

Join the City of Worcester, City Manager Ed Augustus and dozens of local organizations on the Worcester Common for a day of springtime fun!

Bring the kids and let’s celebrate everything spring, with garden demonstrations … plant swaps, scavenger hunts for kids, composting demonstrations, tree plantings, giveaways and more!