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I bumped into one of Worcester’s UPS gals …

… last week. We love it when women do “men’s work” aka higher-paying jobs. We love it when we see women being independent, out in the world, not stuck behind boring desks as secretaries (the tools of men or other women) or switchboards! We want to see more women OUT IN THE WORLD! Running their own businesses, running their own lives. Being independent behind steering wheels, hammers, kennel runs, newspaper delivery stops! PHYSICAL! Using our bodies, our muscles! Outdoors in the sun – and rain – and sleet. Using our minds! FREEDOM, baby! Once you get a taste of  it, you never, ever want to go back to the status quo!

I digress! … It is fantastic to see women UPS drivers in Worcester County! They were a rare sight just a few years ago. But they, like all people demanding equal opportunity, pushed for the driver jobs. They got ’em. Now there are more female drivers around. Driving the trucks is where you make the dough. …

Still, there was some unsettling news at UPS. Right before the Labor Day holiday, they announced they would be cutting workers’ health benefits. A multi-billion dollar, global corporation! … There oughta be LAWS!!!

Rose to the UPS gal: May I take your photo for my paper?

UPS gal, smiling: Sure.

Rose: I am so sorry that UPS has cut your health benefits.

UPS gal, looking serious: I just heard about it yesterday. No smiles.

Rose (to herself): What is happening in this great land of ours?


Shame on our political “leaders”!!

Why is President Obama nibbling at the minimum wage issue? Where is our local state rep, Mary Keefe, on this issue, one that she said she would CHAMPION? And where does state rep candidate Dan Donahue stand on the $10/$11/hour living wage all MA workers need? He is getting a free ride to a great paying job courtesy Joe Petty, Jim McGovern, Tim Murray. Have any of these guys NOT HAD ANY CONNECTIONS??? To $200,000 a year jobs! To nice restaurants and influence and cushy car seats. Let them spend a week or two bouncing around in UPS trucks, delivering packages. Then maybe they’d do the right thing!

We need to restore worker rights!

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My McDonald’s …












Rosalie and Jett, autumn 2012 … I am wearing the fall coat I wore last night while walking my little boy …


Greenwood Street McDonald’s worker, this afternoon

By Rosalie Tirella

Last night I walked my dog …and I wore my fall coat because it was so cold out. Heavy, dark, lined, my fave coat is perfect for the season, will cuddle me as I make my way through the Woo autumn landscape … .   Walking Jett, my little Mountain Feist/Husky, I thought  about the innocents of Syria – women, children  – dying from inhaling burning, toxic gases. Horrific ..  I want our president to intervene so badly …

I worried about the workers of America and wondered why we, the greatest country on earth, pay millions and millions of our people $7 or $8 an hour for all their hard work – and leave it to them to survive – meanly. Labor Day weekend and to have so many Americans struggling is disconcerting, depressing … These days in the USA, there is so little respect for labor! Our unions are at their weakest. Low wage workers (at least in Woo) too afraid to make some noise, agitate.

I visited my local  McDonalds today (on Greenwood Street) to take some more pics for my ICT stories on RAISING THE FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE TO AT LEAST $10/hour. The manager spoke to me. She said she had to give my paper – the one with the McDonald’s worker on the cover – to “headquarters” for them to peruse. And no, I could not talk with her or her workers or even take photos of the property for an InCity Times story. She told me she had liked the story. It was a good story. But everyone had to just work – they were alerted by “headquarters” that there would be walkouts and protests at McDonald’s all over the country. She acted as if this were a bad thing.

I said: PLEASE, WAKE UP!!! America supports you! You deserve to be making $10 or $11 an hour! You have the American right to organize. There is nothing wrong with demanding a living wage for a hard day’s night. Let’s get together, here! Please!!!

No go.

She was young – in her mid 20s – and she felt part of the McDonald’s team.  AND SHE DID NOT WANT TO LOSE HER JOB!

Her uniform was crisp and clean. Her hair pulled back, her name tag glinted in the summer sun (she was outside having a smoke).

I tried to educate, proselytize. I think if I had hung on a bit longer, she would have called 911.

I went inside “my” McDonald’s. I looked for my young friend, the young man I put on the cover of ICT a few issues ago. I did not see him. I got afraid for him. … I began chatting up another manager, a Latina who looked worried. I saw an older woman – late 50s maybe early 60s – at the fryolator removing baskets of french fries. She looked sweaty, tired. She turned to look at me as I spoke. My heart broke for this lady.

I got a coffee – fair trade, Newman’s own – all profits go to Paul Newman charities, specifically his Hole in the Wall camps for kids suffering from cancer.

The big cheeses of McDonald’s make billions of dollars. And they have tried to move in the right direction re: animal rights.

Why can’t they see people rights???


To learn more about the fight to raise the wages of fast-food workers in America, click here!



March with Grace this Labor Day!

Scores of unemployed working people, together with family members and supporters, will be marching in the Marlborough 2010 Labor Day Parade on Sept. 6 together with two-time gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross and the direct-action organization she helps lead, the “Grace Team”.

This colorful and noisy contingent will meet at Chestnut and Pleasant Streets in Marlborough at 11am, and will march wearing work uniforms and union colors, carrying tools of our trade, banners and signs, behind the Grace Team banner which reads: “We don’t sit idly by … We’re not going to take it any more!”

In calling this action together, Grace Ross – who polled at 27% in the May 12 Rasmussen Poll in a three-way matchup with Baker and Cahill, but who failed to win a place on the Democratic Ballot – said:

“Hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents are without jobs, and ten thousand are coming to the end of their unemployment benefits every week. We started this recession behind the average of the rest of the country by 83,000 jobs that we should have re-created by the high of the last upswing in 2007. Continue reading March with Grace this Labor Day!