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Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester, in court again!

Yup, guys and gals, ol’ Claude Dorman, the Wonderland blogger (aka Will – tall guy in this photo) was in Worcester court again, re: his blog! Case continued to September! We will report all the news here! He really is an abusive fellow! He just can’t believe we outed him and changed his life (he’s moving/selling his home; doesn’t write nearly as viciously about folks in town before we outed him; has skipped the poison re certain festivals, people, places; won’t write anything about his likes/dislikes/personal life – like he used to. No vacation pics!!!)

So I guess Claudo is upset with us …

Too bad, Claudo!

– R. Tirella

Great news …

stories from the Interweb! Click below! (AND: Finally, Wonderpoop, unmasked! Great thanks to some great people! ICT is pleased we could be of assistance! We definitely moved things along, but the heavy lifting (research) was done by Harry T. and Paulie C. Go, little ICT website, go!) 

Now for important people/places/ideas:







So Wonderpoop needs a vacation (from us, we hope!)! Heading to Florida, bup? Here’s what you had to say about your 2008 day trip to Newport, Rhode Island, you overly refined prick! Loved the photos!!



My trip to Newport! Fun!

By Wonderpoop

Newport, RI, or why we had to leave Worcester to have a fun day.

Its gettin tuff to find things to do in Worcester. It’s Memorial Day weekend and nothing is happening. Imagine that eh? So we set our sites over the border to Rhode Island. Newport, RI in fact. A trip we’ve wanted to do for a while.

After a 90 minute ride, touchdown in Newport. We found ourselves in a time warp. Newport is beautiful. Seems it somehow avoided the indignities of modern corporate retail development.

The town is decked out to serve tourists. There are museums, restaurants and shops galore. I repeat, we’re really impressed by the lack of ugly corporate franchises – no McD, Subway, GAP etc… just a measly Starbucks housed in a nicely refurbished old building. Although dying for some caffeine, we didn’t indulge – we’re not stupid enough to pay 5 bucks for a java jolt. Instead we carry his & hers thermos bottles whenever we travel.

The reason for our visit wasn’t to indulge in some sort of retail frenzy, rather dwell and admire the history and architecture of this attractive and comfortable towny. Clearly the city fathers have a concept about how a historic city should look.

So what did we do? First we had to deal with a swarm of pirates. A Pirate Fest was the order of the day. The streets were teeming with pirates of all genders, shapes and sizes. Then we visited a couple museums – we love museums!

There are a number of museums in the city, the city museum and the uniform museum two that have free entrance – what a concept huh? And while strolling the back streets to admire the beautiful old homes, we also found quaint antique shops. Wonder what $20 bucks gets you in one of those shops? Not even a burned-out light bulb.

And then a midday picnic on the common. I got scalped by a Frisbee and a crafty dog purloined my salami, cheese & cress sandwich. A wily character he was. Did the ole head fake and bing my sandwich was gone! Luckily I had backups. Hey, I’m no fool.

We visited the docks and spoke with some of the fishermen. Seems they’re not happy campers. Voicing complaints about unfair licensing practices by the state. Seems bribery is the order of the day. And woe of all woes, the chemically treated sewage run off that pours into the Newport Bay destroying lobster fishing. The guys are a dying breed.

The end of the day we took a look at the mansions. A couple were up for sale. Do you think they got squeezed by the mortgage debacle? Sorta doubt it. Pretty nice places though. Several are museums.

It was a really nice day. Sorta disappointed that Worcester had nothing to offer. Is that because everyone leaves the city on Memorial Day weekend or is it really lacking? Oh well.

If you got the time, a day trip to Newport will be worth it. Have fun!