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“Reading in our City Week” now through June 18! Join the fun!

By John Monfredo, Worcester School Committee

Five years ago my wife Anne-Marie and I started the committee Worcester: the City that Reads to bring books to all children in Worcester. Research continues to point out that reading regularly increases one’s vocabulary and improves skills.

Study after study finds that the ability to read well is the single best indicator of future economic success – regardless of family background. We know that once a child is “hooked” on reading, his/her skill develops rapidly. The more he/she reads, the better he/she reads and the more he/she brings to each new reading experience. It is because of those reasons that Worcester: the City that Reads was started. The week of June 12 is the culmination of our and many others’ efforts over the past year with the Third Annual Literacy Week.

Activities for the week:

There will be a proclamation read by Mayor Joseph O’Brien in the City Council Chambers declaring the week as “Literacy Week in our Community.” During the week across the city our Worcester Public Schools will have their “Kick-off for Summer Reading.” Parents at many schools will also be informed that they will be able to borrow books from their school library for summer reading. Celebrity reading events as well as book character events will take place in the schools. Continue reading “Reading in our City Week” now through June 18! Join the fun!

Immigration in Worcester

By Laurie T. D’Amico

A visit to the genealogy department of the Worcester Public library, any day of the week, will reveal a multicultural interest in Worcester’s past. In 1908, Americans saw an enormous in pouring of immigrants- in fact one of the greatest human migrations in history was spread throughout the North east portion of our country. Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Irish, Poles, Italians, Swedes, Czechs, Slovaks, Iranians, Lebanese, Danes, Norwegians, Lithuanians, Syrians and other Asians came to reside in Worcester.

Today Worcester welcomes people from Vietnam, Venezuela, Somalia, Romania, Laos, Liberia, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Burundi, Nepal Brazil and Bhutan (as well as 28 other countries). The countries may be different from 1908 but the reasons for coming to America “the land of opportunity” have not changed. Continue reading Immigration in Worcester