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Raise a toast to the paper with the MOST!

One of Rosalie’s favorite issues of her beloved InCity Times! pics:R.T.

By Edith Morgan

Fifteen and Still Ahead!

Happy fifteenth birthday to InCity Times – and good wishes for many more!

Many changes have happened in these 15 years, and I hope many more will take place in the coming years – we are still a long way from perfection, so the fight continues.

Over the last several decades, as more and more MONEY considerations dominate all that we do and think, the press has become more timid, more conservative, more limited in what it covers, and in how it does it. So much “news” is copycat nowadays, so that when you turn on major TV channels, they all are covering the same story, as though nothing else was going on anywhere else. And events seem to be reported as though they have always had two equal sides and need to be fed to us through the eyes of the same experts.

As the mergers and the absentee owners proliferate, true free press is more and more a fiction, and we are fed a variety of pablums, squeezed between more and more outrageous advertising.

But none of that has ever been true of InCity Times! It seems to be the only true FREE press still alive in the city. Yes, it is often very outspoken, direct, even brash – but there has never been any censorship or holding back. And many of the positions taken by InCity Times writers and contributors proved to be ahead of the times, fighting for causes that at the time were labeled as “far out” but succeeded in becoming mainstream. (One of ICT Editor and owner Rosalie Tirella’s campaigns, for example, has resulted in the freeing of elephants from their servitude in the circus.)

The [Jack] Hoffman columns were always among my favorites, as he exposed regularly (in his inimitable style and unique sentence structure!) the political “dirt” taking place around the world. On a more scholarly and educational note, I always enjoyed John Monfredo’s columns, and I hope that many parents took them to heart.

Over the years, much free space has been given to so many groups serving various underserved and barely noticed parts of our population – I have often turned to InCity Times’ listings of our elected officials’ titles, addresses and phone numbers so that those who do not have the latest media at their fingertips can also access their elected officials.

InCity Times is in the best traditions of American Journalism: every little American town used to have at least one newspaper that told it “like it is,” that was run by a fearless boss who was not intimidated by the power elites.

When I came to Worcester in 1967, there was a morning and evening edition of basically the same paper – the Telegram in the morning and the Gazette in the evening: same owners, same view points. Those were the days when peace marchers were “egged” and considered disloyal, and worse. Green Hill Park was being used pretty much as a dump (the city mulching operation was there, and a the quarry was being filled in with God only knows what. Eventually the I 290 route cut several lively and viable parts of Worcester in half – and so it went.

But now these things no longer pass with impunity – and I know that at the very least, InCity Times will be there to expose and oppose these things – and our editor Rosalie will lead the charge.
Rosalie, last week

Rose parked in A.I. … The Worcester I know and love!

So I’m driving by these two hard working guys in my positively dust-covered jalopy and say to them: Hi! You look so busy, but can you just power wash my car?! I am a small biz lady OVERWHELMED by EVERYTHING! My two dogs aren’t with me, but it’s usually … AURGH! and YEEESH!! and GRRRRR!!!

The fella says: SURE! No problem!!!

And he washes my car beautifully – all sweet and smiley! Just a giving person!


Lovely, polite guys! This is a small biz to patronize! This is the kind of small business that makes Worcester great! M & M Cleaning Solutions! Real, professional, NICE!


Pics/text: Rosalie Tirella

Green Island – always in style!

Out of my neck of the Woo woods … but Bancroft Tower is still pretty cool! Classic Worcester quirkiness built by a Worcester big shot! A monument to his inflated ego – er, I mean, the city he loved so dearly!


I was here a few days ago, on the West Side, checking out BT. Missed my Green Island ‘hood, though, and drove home lickety split!

This makes me happier! The basketball court on Harding Street, two seconds away from my apartment!


Monumental basketball played here!

A monument to the spirit of  inner-city folks!

Go, Green Island, go!!!!!

Text/pics: Rosalie Tirella

Mrs. Tirella – always in style!

The fourth anniversary of my mom’s death was a few days ago. Today I was boppin’ around Worcester in her baseball cap, remembering and honoring her in my own way! She loved my ways! (disapproved of a few!) We were best friends! Miss ya, Ma! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Rosalie – today!

Below: Rosalie’s beautiful Mom (on the right) in the 40s, with her sister, Rose’s sweet auntie. They are with their incorrigible,  beloved Doberman pinscher Rocky! Ma is holding Rocky’s paw – she adored Rocky! – and Mew Mew, her cat. They had several kitties and two Dobbies (the other, a female, they named Bridgette) when they lived in Springfield and kept house for the Bishop of Springfield. The Bishop indulged them when it came to critters, letting them have as many pets as they wanted to own.

Rocky here dug himself out of his kennel one afternoon and knocked a nun down, breaking her arm! He was a sinewy handful! But he was also a wonderful companion and protector to my mom and her two sisters.


– pics/text: Rosalie Tirella

Love, love, love

By Edith Morgan

What is so hard about treating our fellow humans with love and compassion? We have special holidays set aside to do it, one day at a time – why can it not become a habit?

I have been very fortunate to have nearly always been treated with love and kindness, though I am no more deserving than others. So, why me? I think I know the secret: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – the famous phrasing which has, in so many nations and cultures, been repeated with minor variations, and has come to be known as “The Golden Rule.”

And in most of my life, I have found that the practice of that rule works over 99 per cent of the time. Those of us who assume that most normal humans respond to kindness, politeness, generosity, caring, warmth, and compassion usually treat others – be they family , neighbors, or strangers – that way.

How do we learn to behave this way?

The hints are all around: at the most basic level, who among us has not heard a parent or teacher or religious leader say: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything? “ or some variation such as “bite your tongue,” or one of my favorites: “Put your brain in gear before you run your mouth”?

We all could at least try to practice the famous advice of doctors: “First do no harm.” Then, consider the advice of so many bumper stickers that enjoin us to practice random acts of kindness. How hard is that?

The last week of January, which dumped over thirty-four inches of snow on us all at once was a great opportunity to practice acts of kindness, and I am very pleased to say that my neighbors came through with flying colors: both my husband and I are 84, and he is preparing to undergo a hip replacement, so neither of us was in shape to do much shoveling. Yet when the snow stopped falling, and our cars were buried in drifts of powdery white, we heard the unmistakable sound of shoveling and the put-putting of snowblowers very near. Patrick, Bill, Charlie, Joe and neighbor McCarthy with his snowblower all showed up to dig us out.

Our own snowblower still sits dormant in the shed, having suffered some sort of mechanical problem in its transit from Long Island to Massachusetts. But you can be sure that by the next snowstorm, it will be put to use to get around the neighborhood and return the favors shown to us.

And so we celebrated Valentine’s Day several days ago. Here’s hoping, it was for you more than just an occasion to exchange cards, bake red and white cupcakes, give and get bouquets of roses, bottles of wine, maybe even get/give jewelry and perfume – or dinner out.

I hope it was the opportunity to really begin (or continue) our practice of “random kindness” – I have experienced it several times already, from strangers too , who hold open doors, pick up things we drop, smile and let us get in front of them in line. Let us make a turn in front of them at a busy intersection – all small acts of kindness that brighten someone’s day.

I appreciate that I live in a city and neighborhood where these things happen all the time.

From my kitchen table to my turntable …

Yesterday I was at the Old Injun Fighter’s – chatting about German Shepherd dogs, nature, the Nazis,  etc. The conversation, as always, wide-ranging and stimulating – in a quirky way. As we talked in the sun, I couldn’t resist going behind him and running my hands through his long blond hair.  Hmmm. Wonderful … Almost a decade ago, when we first met,  his hair was growing out of a cut. Looked lovely. I said: You should let it grow out, grow it even longer  – it’ll look lovely. He did. And he does – look lovely (to me).

Yesterday, as I was braiding his goldy locks, I noticed how dry his tresses were, how luster-less. I said to the OIF: “It needs a really good conditioner. A really good conditioner. Let me condition it!” I played with his hair in the warm Woo sun. “I wanna condition your hair … Let me make it nice … ” The Old Injun Fighter smiled and I immediately thought of this Joni Mitchell tune, off her amazing BLUE album.

I have been listening to BLUE since I was 19. Every mom, aunt, big sister should give this lp to the daughter, niece, sis in their lives. When they turn 18 and are heading off to college … or get their first apartment. It will become a kind of emotional touchstone for them, carry them through the years, just like it has me. A work of art that you can revisit year after year, day after day.

This morning I took out my BLUE album, the album cover as stunning looking as ever. Joni is/was a beauty! I listened to the song the OIF made me think of – “All I Want.” It sums up our relationship/friendship to a tee: “I want to talk to you/I want to shampoo you/I want to renew you again and again … ”

God, it (a song, love) doesn’t get any better than that! Enjoy!  – Rosalie Tirella

Love ain’t easy – we know that for sure!

By Ron O’Clair

It seems to me that Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that appeal to the young, the young at heart, and to the romantic among us older generations.

Over the years I have had a number of Valentine’s that were dear to my heart as February 14th came around that year, and I would send a card to let them know how I felt about them.

I am in my early fifties, and I am not too old to have feelings of romance in my heart, and my new Valentine is my Internet sweetheart, Renee. We have not been chatting very frequently lately since I no longer have in home Internet service. That problem will take care of itself as I recently ordered Verizon Internet, and should have it by the time this article gets published, whereupon I intend to resume my Internet romance without delay.
Renee is a wonderful, kind, and considerate person who just happens to be beautiful besides, at least I think so anyway. We have told each other many of our most precious thoughts, and find that we like the same things in many respects.

I hope that the relationship grows stronger day by day, and that we end up having a real romantic relationship sometime in the near future, so this year, I will be sending off a Valentine’s Day card to her, and I hope that she agrees to be my Valentine.
This reminds me of the time I was falling in love with a longtime friend who happened to move into the building I manage some years back. We started to have a romantic relationship, and I had already bought a gift, a card, and some candy intending to present it to what I thought was my one true love that year.

We had been intimate the night before, and as I was in the process of removing the snow that had fallen overnight from the sidewalks as is my responsibility as the building superintendent some guy comes and yells up to the girl who I will call Wendy for the purposes of this story (Name has been changed to protect her feelings).

I did not at first find this to be disturbing because I trusted that we had an arrangement between us that was exclusive, or so I thought anyway. So I continued my snow removal duty without thinking anything was wrong with the situation, other than the fact that she invited him up which was in violation of the “No Visitor” policy in effect.

I assumed that because we had been intimate, she felt that she could flaunt the household rules about not having visitors. Little did I realize that while I was busy removing the accumulated snowfall, she was getting busy with this new guy who apparently was in recovery from alcohol and drug dependency and living at the Salvation Army on Cambridge Street. No job, a precarious foothold on sobriety, and an iffy future prospect of remaining clean and sober, and this is what she wanted to hook up with instead of me.

While I was working my butt off to clear the sidewalks of this and the other two properties that I am responsible for, this new guy was courting what I felt to be my girl.

You can’t force someone to love you, and apparently she wanted this guy more than she wanted me, as from that day forward we were through. There was a battle about my enforcing the “No visitor” policy, and I did not do it out of spite, but as I explained it to her, if I allowed one person to have a visitor, I had to allow all the tenants to have visitor’s, and in no time at all we would have descended back to a house full of crack heads and junkies, which it had been before I became the building superintendent.

I was heartbroken, and I ate the candy myself rather than give it to her.

We stayed friends throughout the process, and many years later she admitted to me that she wished that she had kept me instead of what she got.

Normally I make it a rule to not get involved with any of the tenants in a relationship, and broke this rule due to the feelings in my heart. That technically was the first and only time I broke that rule, my relationship with “Mary” not counting because it took place just prior to my becoming the building superintendent in June of 2003.

I justified getting involved with “Wendy” due to my having known her prior to her moving in for many, many years. Really though, I should not have gotten involved with a tenant in my official capacity as the building superintendent.

This year I am pinning my hopes on “Renee”, my Internet sweetheart. Even though the holiday is for the young, you are apparently never too old to have a sweetheart that you want to be your Valentine.
I have been inherently unlucky when it comes to love. It is hard for me to express feelings of love due to the many times over the past that I had been hurt when I dared to declare my love for someone else.

Perhaps this Valentine’s Day will be different, and I will have my Valentine throughout the coming year, time will tell.
If you liked my story, or you hated my story, I would appreciate your input at: Ronaldoclair@Hotmail.com

For Valentines everywhere: Understanding love through music

By William S. Coleman III

In the 1970 blockbuster film Love Story starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw, two students from different classes of society, Oliver “Preppy” was rich and Jennifer, his love, was working-class they fell in love against the wishes of Preppy’s rich father. This movie takes us through a rollercoaster ride into the many emotions and deep feelings of the passions of love. From that movie comes the eternal phrase of young innocent love: “Love is never having to say you’re sorry.”

Love is an emotion for all times. When it’s good, it’s real good. But when you hurt from a broken heart or a deep trust has been broken or you feel someone has fallen short of your expectations, the hurt and pain will send you into a seemingly endless spiral of deep depression and regret.

Love is challenging. When I think of the music of love and how the lyrics talk to your heart. Continue reading For Valentines everywhere: Understanding love through music