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How Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman cooks the numbers …

Claude Dorman, the Worcester Wonderland blogger (Will WW)

Old Will WW (Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St.) has been inflating his numbers, deflating everyone else’s. Here are portions of Steve’s letter to authorities, re: how Claude manipulated the number of visits Steve made to Claude’s website, Worcester Wonderland. I have deleted the name of Steve’s former employer and made some sentences of Steve’s letter bold. Here is the letter …. – R. Tirella
Dear …

… However, the analysis I have done of the documents provided Monday is devastating to [XXXXX] assertion I was fired because of excess use of the Internet. I am bringing it to your attention so that you know it is with good reason that I ask the Attorney General to order the release of further documents.

The information on the analysis done by [XXXX] on my computer usage (the “XXXX Documents”), shown at Exhibits M-138 through M-150 (faxed you on Tuesday), is misrepresented. I spent only 27 minutes on company time over a two-month period looking at the websites in question.

… In the attached spreadsheet is a detailed analysis of the XXXX Data. Recently XXXX has been advertising my job on the Internet at a greatly reduced pay scale, which I suspect is the real I was discharged.

What Dorman did on the analysis he sent XXXX was to double count my visits to his website. What XXXX did was ignore, or not even investigate, the data provided by Dorman. The data showed I was on the Internet during my lunch break or before work.

We had flexible work hours. We could start at 8:00 AM or 8:30 AM. Most days I would come in prior to 8:30 AM, turn on the computer, check my personal email, and sometimes Dorman’s website, which I monitored to see if Dorman smeared me on his website, as he had done with so many others.

Lunch breaks were also flexible at XXXX. The cafeteria was jammed after noontime, so I would break for lunch between 10:45 AM and 12:00 AM to use the microwave. I believe there was only one microwave available in December.

The spreadsheet analysis was done as follows:

1. In the first tab, entitled “Baseline”, I loaded in the data from exhibits M-138 through M-150. XXXX’s lawyer said they analyzed my visits to two websites: Worcester Magazine and Worcester Wonderland. However, because Dorman bragged about the spyware his website attached to his visitors’ computers, I normally entered his web site via Worcester Magazine, where there is a link to Worcester Wonderland. It’s obvious from the formats and titles that the analysis was done by Mr. Dorman, who mentions in his January 9, 2013 letter that he included a computer analysis with his letter (See M-135).

2. In the second tab entitled “Duplicates”. I highlighted the “News /Media” data in yellow and the Worcester Wonderland data (Dorman’s site) in green. I sorted all the Data by date and time. There were sixty or so identical entries. These showed that eight or nine times in one minute I accessed both sites, which is absurd. I then highlighted in blue the entries that were identical.

3. In the third tab entitled “WW Not Duplicates Sorted by Size” the remaining forty-five green (Worcester Wonderland) entries. Theoretically, these could be entries where I entered the Worcester Wonderland directly. However, as I will show below, it is highly likely that many of these were fraudulent. The data was then sorted by the “Bytes Out” column. As I suspected, much of this data had similar size quantities and measurements. In the tab this data is highlighted in yellow. Sixty percent of this data was of blocks of identical size, with the Bytes Out, Bytes In, and measurements being exactly the same. This strongly suggest, give the statistical size of the universe being analyzed, that the data was either redundant or fraudulently manipulated. Half the forty-five items in this tab were timed during my lunch break or pre-work period.

These facts strongly suggest two conclusions: the analysis submitted was distorted by the fact that I entered the Wonderland website through Worcester Magazine; or Dorman fabricated this study to exaggerate my computer usage. Dorman has been known – which I can prove in court – to fabricate charts and statistics about numerous people and place them on his website. …

I concluded by putting the Worcester Magazine data into the next tab, and extracting out the data where I accessed the website on my own time. This showed that I used the XXXX computer for a grand total of twenty-seven minutes during the two months in question. My analysis here may not be perfect, I may have spent another ten or fifteen minutes on the Worcester Wonderland site than this shows. But it is a lot closer to reality than what XXXX claims about me.

Sincerely yours,

Steven R. Maher

Worcester City Council agenda for Tuesday, Feb. 12 … and some songs

The show begins at 7 p.m., City Hall, Main Street …. click on link below to see agenda.


Listening to lots of Elton John during the blizz. This may be the song for Worcester’s panhandlers … click on link below pics to have a listen! – R. Tirella


More great Elton tunes – the classics!:





One InCity Times website reader on affordable housing …

The only way rental housing would ever be truly affordable …

By Christina P.

The only way rental housing would ever be truly affordable is if there were ZERO rent subsidies for ANYONE – including private landlords. Without tax subsidies, rent prices would depend entirely on SUPPLY AND DEMAND (the TRUE “free market”), and so would have to be brought back down to rates that the majority of WORKING RENTERS could afford SOLELY ON WORKMEN’S WAGES. Whenever landlords attempt to price gouge, middle income renters quickly become HOME BUYERS, and so those landlords are forced to live completely off of their lower wage earning tenants (or else their apartments are illegally overcrowded with college students or extended “migrant families”). Landlords who become millionaires via rent subsidies (aka societal parasites) are THE reason I was first attracted to becoming a Ron Paul Libertarian.

Christina P. is owner/Manager of WWB

Next Tuesday, Nov. 6, please vote for Mary Keefe for state rep, District 15 …

By Rosalie Tirella

OK, so state rep (Worcester District 15) hopeful Mary Keefe and I will never be best buds. And we won’t be drinking our vanilla creme Green Mountain coffee with her campaign manager Kevin Ksen any time soon. But we have to admit: We have always agreed with these two on the issues – and backed them up. Prickly personalities, aside.

Kevin Ksen and ChaCha Connor were able to run a huge piece in Incity Times on the state of our municipal pools. Cha Cha and Kevin led the charge to have our neighborhood pools fixed and even went so far as to get estimates from contractors down South. We ran EVERYTHING because 1. they worked so hard and their work deserved to be seen by the public and 2. WE AGREED WITH THEM. We wanted the city manager to get behind Kevin and all the neighborhood folks who were behind this project. That didn’t happen. The neighborhoods were betrayed.

We also agreed with Ksen re: rebuffing the COPS show from Worcester. That reality TV show would have made the City of Worcester one freakin’ big stereotype – hurt the very people the show claims to want to help (bull!).

We were and are fans of Barb Haller, and believed she was better for District 4 than Keefe, who ran for that council seat several years ago. But when it comes to District 15, Keefe is the gal for us. We urge you to vote for her. We urge you to vote for Mary Keefe NEXT TUESDAY because she is RIGHT on all the issues.

Mary Keefe will:

* fight to keep low-income residents in the Piedmont neighborhood. There are some efforts to do a bit of gentrifying in the ol ‘hood. We are OK with making things prettier and yummier, but we are AGAINST displacing good neighborhood families or men/women just because they are poor. Keefe is promising to keep the low-income housing complex on Pleasant Street low-income, so families who have lived there for years can continue to live there.

* Bring jobs to Piedmont. Forget about the coffee barristas! We want jobs in Peidmont! We want light industry there, factories where people can get jobs that pay $11 or $15 an hour. Not great dough but better than minimum wage jobs. Better than the Work a Day crap lots of Peidmont residents must take to keep on keepin’ on. We are tired of poor people being exploited. Mary Keefe will work to make sure they are not exploited.

* Keefe will also fight to increase the state minimum wage, which is a joke. She herself said that given high housing costs and daily living expenses, the minimum wage “just doesn’t cut it.” Right on, Mary! Go, girl, go!

Minimum wage blows. I was raised in Green Island by a (wonderful) single mom who had a minimum wage job (when the minimum wage was actually worth much more than it is today). She worked 40 hours for regular pay and 20 under the table. BRUTAL. For her and us kids. We never had a car. We never went on vacations. We just all worked, ate, studied hard at school and prayed for better days. A tough way to live. Keefe gets that. She will work to make sure that if you work full time in Massachusetts you will earn a paycheck that will allow you to survive – pay your bills – and maybe then some.

We must stop punishing poor people. Mary knows this.

We also like wahat Keefe has done as director of the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center. She has run a youth jobs program (which she wrote about in InCity Times several years ago). She helped women get together and create the Winslow Peace Park after a neighborhood youth was gunned down and died. The neighborhood women were welcomed by Mary Keefe into the neighborhood center, where they mourned the death of the youth but moved beyond the pain and created a lovely park in the middle of the innercity – in his honor. A symbol of hope.

We see Keefe as a symbol of hope for all the folks who need some lifting up! We know she will represent District 15 – all its people – with honor and grace!

Vote for Mary Keefe, District 15, state representative.

Go, Mary, GO!!!!

Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger, aka “Claude the Fraud”!

CLAUDE DORMAN, Worcester Wonderland blogger (Will WW)

please click on link below to see the dorman mobile:


For years! years! Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger (WIll WW) has lied about my paper’s circulation, web stats, my age, even my beliefs.

A pal said, the guy is a fraud. Check out his cars. They most likely are not registered in Worcester. Which means Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St. Worcester, MA 01609, and his wife Kunigunde Cigan, are NOT PAYING THEIR CAR EXCISE TAXES TO Worcester but another MA town … which means Worcester isn’t getting the Dormans’ tax dollars and the Dormans are saving a bundle of money in car insurance premiums by registering their Saabs out of the city! Illegal! If true, Claude and his wife are GUILTY OF INSURANCE FRAUD.

Did some research and low and behold my pal was right! Dorman’s and Cigan’s Saabs are BOTH registered in MARLBORO, Massachusetts! (to save some serious insurance premium $$$bucks, for sure!)

Yup! We checked it out: The Dorman Saab with licence plate # 69K N14 is registerd under “Kunigunde Dorman” in MARLBORO, Ma.

Claude’s Saaab – the one with licence plate # 93YY12 is registered under his name, Claude Dorman, in Marlboro, Ma.

Don’t worry, Claude, I’ve alerted the authorities.

– R. Tirella



  1. SAABrina the Witch

    This is absolutely priceless! Excellent detective work, Rose! The same buffoon who has lampooned small business people of Worcester on his blog as ‘liars, crooks and cheats’ and the same buffoon who requests tax abatements on a villa in the hood is CHEATING Worcester out of excise tax money and DEFRAUDING insurance companies claiming a Marlboro residence. You just can’t make this stuff up … welcome to Wusta! Dime his ass out, Rose! 

  2. Kunigunde Golemo

    Having found this little tidbit on Worcester Wonderland aka Claude Dorman, make sure when dropping the dime on him to state he has been a Worcester resident since 8/31/1999 so Claude and Cigan’s little tax evasion/insurance fraud has been going on for a loooooooooong time …. make sure you get paid on the WHOLE total of the insurance fraud. Also the Dorman’s took their house off of the market on 10/11/2012. 


From Grace Ross …

From “The Grace Team”:

Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending

maaplinfo@yahoo.comwww.MAAPL.info The statewide Alliance working to reverse the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts, expressed concern yesterday about an unexpected development in the handling of post-foreclosure evictions.   “We are finally getting the word out to families that you do not have to leave at foreclosure. Our state protects your rights to a legal eviction,” explains Grace Ross, Coordinator of the Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending. “We were dismayed then to hear from our local affiliates about the arrests without warning in Brockton. In general, police (like fire and other municipal workers) have experienced enough foreclosures in their ranks to be more respectful of housing rights they are only recently being dragged into address. We stand ready with training materials for police forces across the state. We trust this was just a single incident mistake that will be corrected today and that those facing foreclosure will feel safe to stay post-foreclosure knowing their legal rights will not be violated.”

Brockton Family Evicted and Arrested after Tense Standoff Arraignment in Brockton District Court Brockton – Yesterday Tyrone Hubbard and his two sons were arraigned in Brockton District Court.  They are facing charges of trespassing stemming from a Fannie Mae eviction on Friday September 28th, at their 137 Walnut Street home in Brockton.  Approximately 40 people supporting the Hubbard family protested and formed an eviction blockade, leading to an intense standoff with police.  Supporters included members from City Life/Vida Urbana (CLVU), Brockton Bank Tenants Association, the Coalition of Social Justice and Lynn United for Change. Brockton City Councilor Jass Steward, who was also at the location, made courageous efforts to amicably resolve the issue without eviction.

At approximately 11 am, Brockton police formed a line, marched through protesters, entered the home and immediately arrested Mr. Hubbard and his two sons.  Two protesters sitting in the doorway – Sue Parsons and Annie Hunt, were pushed aside and not arrested.  Rev. Stewart Lanier, who was also sitting in the doorway willing to risk arrest, was also arrested.  Rev. Lanier, an extremely disciplined and mild-mannered man, has been charged with trespassing, and as reported by the Brockton Enterprise he is also charged with assault and battery on a police officer along with interfering with a police officer in the performance of his duty.

At no time was a warning given to any one to “leave the premises or be arrested.”

In addition to Mr. Hubbard, his two sons and Rev. Lanier, the police  also took into custody a young mother and her 6-week old baby who are members of the Hubbard family.  They were secretly taken out the back door, through a hole in the back fence and later to the hospital.  Police alleged that there was carbon monoxide in the home.  No appreciable amount was found in either the mom or the baby at the hospital.   During protests, City Life always emphasizes that the fight is with the bank, not the police.  The Brockton police have made their behavior an issue and in doing so, gave 3 different reasons for arresting the family:

·        First, police said the family refused to leave when ordered; but they received no such order. The family was fully prepared to leave – they were scrambling to get medicine etc., when arrested. This is the first family EVER arrested in a City Life eviction blockade.

·        Second, police maintained the family had been trespassing ever since 9 am, the time the constable said he was arriving.  This is a suspect legal rationale.  But even people who are trespassing are told to leave or face arrest.

·        Third, supporters and City Life members were told the police decided to arrest the family because they were nervous about protesters and believed that the protesters would disperse once the family was arrested.  City Life blockades are loud but extremely disciplined, and there is never a hint of violence.  City Life never leaves members in jail without supporting them.

For the following reasons, Fannie Mae is completely responsible for everything that happened on Friday September 28th, as well as the arrest of Rev. Stewart Lanier and the entire Hubbard Family.  Fannie Mae rejected 3 different alternatives to resolve this case without eviction:

·        Fannie Mae refused to offer principal reduction to avoid foreclosure, even though their own studies show it’s cheaper to reduce principal than to foreclose and evict.

·        Fannie Mae accepted the Hubbard’s rent for 11 months (through September) but refused to continue to take rent and allow them to stay.  As a result of a CLVU protest against Fannie Mae in DC, one of Fannie Mae’s national attorneys called to agree that the Hubbard’s had paid rent through September, BUT they still planned to evict them!

·        Fannie refused to wait for the outcome of the Hubbard’s application for a new mortgage from Boston Community Capital, a non-profit that Fannie Mae has previously worked with.

As the city of Brockton continues to be hit hard by foreclosures and bank evictions, the bank tenant movement will continue to grow.   As a result, there will inevitably be more protests. So, the Brockton Bank Tenant Association, City Life or is supporters will not be intimidated or deterred from organizing or conducting eviction blockades in the city of Brockton.

Remembering my father, Worcester cartoonist Malcom Gordon

By Alan Gordon

The Worcester Public Library is hosting a month-long September exhibit of the cartoons of my late father Malcolm Gordon. Born in 1929, Malcolm grew-up on Houghton Street on the East Side of the city, attending Union Hill Elementary School and graduating in 1949 from Commerce High. Drafted during the Korean War, he was stationed in Munich, Germany as an Army cartographer and cartoonist. He attended Vesper George Art Institute in Boston on the G.I. Bill then spent a few years in New York experiencing first-hand the professional freelance cartoon art scene, before returning to permanently settle back-home in Worcester.

From the 1950’s through the early 1980’s, Malcolm published several thousand magazine gag cartoons in dozens of national and regional publications, ranging from big markets such as Golf Digest, House & Garden and Woman’s World to more specialized magazines such as The California Highway Patrolman and The Dakota Farmer. He specialized in dental humor, publishing hundreds of his cartoons in a monthly cartoon column in the dental magazine CAL. Malcolm was keenly interested in changing technology in the U.S. and featured the topic in many of his cartoons, creating humorous features about computers and other inventions. His monthly cartoon feature “The Light Side” was published in Laser Focus magazine, one of the first laser technology magazines in the U.S.

My childhood memories growing-up here in Worcester are full of my Dad’s cartoon career. As a family, we experienced his career right alongside with him. It was fun as a kid to see every stage of his cartooning process, starting with his writing of a gag idea, then sketching and inking cartoons, mailing them to publishers, then getting a cartoon accepted (and sometimes rejected, as every artist and writer experiences!) and finally receiving the magazine in the mail with the published cartoon in it. I took the daily mail delivery to our household for granted, but it had to be one of the more creatively unique mail calls in Worcester, loaded as it was with the constant back-and-forth correspondence of Dad’s always active career.

Time flies and life’s entered yet another stage; Dad passed away in May of 2011 and his career is the stuff of recollection, memories and exhibits such as the Library show. In hindsight, my thoughts these days on Malcolm as father and professional cartoonist are dominated by four impressions of his career and life experience. The first is the wide range of his production; after Dad’s passing, my brother David and I found ourselves reminiscing through thousands of cartoons, almost every one of them having been published. My second impression is how different Dad’s world was from today. His was a pre-internet world, in which the pace of his cartooning was set by once-a-day mail delivery, typewritten or handwritten letters and the very rare long-distance professional phone call. It may seem slow and frustrating to today’s constantly on-line artist or reader, but to me it seems more satisfying and much more suited to the pace of the artistic and creative process.

The third recollection of my Dad’s career is how far his cartooning experiences took him beyond his day-to-day life here in Worcester. Proud and caring of his profession, in the 1960’s Dad teamed with many other nation-wide cartoonists to found the National Cartoonists Guild and was also active in Toon-In, a fledging industry magazine for freelance cartoonists. Via traditional “snailmail” U.S. Mail delivery, these activities not only brought him into personal friendships with other well-known national magazine and comic strip cartoonists, but also led to his cartoons being exhibited in international world-wide exhibits in New York, Montreal, Berlin, Brussels and Milan. In 1969, we took a family trip to the International Pavilion of Humor Exhibit in Montreal. Malcolm once told me that one of the most satisfying moments of his career was standing anonymously in front of his cartoon at the exhibit, just watching complete strangers wander by and laugh in enjoyment at his displayed cartoon.

Fourth and finally, I can’t help but be so impressed by how well Malcolm lived the last few decades of his life in the face of mounting health issues. Ironically, blindness that began in the early 1980’s prevented Dad from continuing his beloved artistic interests into the final 29 years of his life. Yet his positive outlook toward life and his love for cartooning and art in general never wavered. He remained active with family and friends, sharing his cartooning experiences with people, maintaining a keen interest in goings-on within his profession and following the cartooning careers of new rising professionals and aging old-time colleagues. He took particular pride in the graphic arts accomplishments of my brother David.

I think its most appropriate that the Worcester Public Library is the host setting for Malcolm Gordon’s career retrospective cartoon exhibit, given his life as part of this community. It was the Worcester public school system that encouraged and fostered his childhood love of art and cartooning, with his Commerce High School art teacher becoming a valued source of encouragement and mentoring to him and his fellow Commerce High art student Jean Gibree. Dad appreciated the importance of offering art education in the Worcester school system and gave back later in his career, teaching an art course for a few years in the mid-1970’s to students of all ages in the Nightlife program at Belmont Street Elementary School.

And it was at the old Rice Square Public Library Branch in which Malcolm and his older brother Noah, one East Side brother developing as an artist and one East Side brother developing as an accomplished novelist, where the pair found a neighborhood oasis from which their lifelong creative passions grew and flourished. Theirs is a true Worcester story as well as a personal life-long adventure.

The Cartoons Of Malcolm Gordon exhibit is on display through September 30 at the Worcester Public Library located downtown on Salem Street. The show displays a sampling of published cartoons, original artwork and correspondence from various eras of Worcester native/resident Malcolm Gordon’s nationally-known magazine gag cartoon career, ranging from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Exhibit space is located in the glass display cases in both the front and central areas on the first floor of the Library.

The Piedmont neighborhood’s The Raven club forced to eat crow!

By Rosalie Tirella

Imagine you are a cool, young, handsome guy. Imagine you are a cool, young, handsome guy who digs music. Imagine you are a cool young music-loving guy who wants to bring cool music to Worcester’s masses – especially to young people. So, because you are young and cool and hopeful, you buy a club. You buy the old Cardinal bar in Worcester’s Piedmont neighborhood, on Pleasant Street/Congress Alley, and rechristen it The Raven because you are an Edgar Allen Poe fan and, with your shiny long jet black hair and angular attractiveness, you kinda look like a crow.

Then you – in this case Chris Bettencourt, 35 – watch your dream – and nerves – unravel, courtesy of the rough neighborhood to which you have hitched your dreams, the unsavory punks from the ‘hood who want to piss all over your dream, a half-hearted police force that will allow the punks to defile your dream, a missing-in-action neighborhood center staff, and a city manager’s office that seems too busy to bother about your dream.

This is what is happening to Bettencourt! Right now, as you read this! Chris still has his dream and his biz, but on many days he can often been seen sitting on the black metal bench outside his establishment sucking so hard on his cigarette, shoulders hunched, head down, that you’d think he had just checked into Deb Ekstrom’s Community Health Link/detox center, a 10 minute walk away. But no. It’s just the shitty side of Piedmont wearing a good man down.

Take the following facts:

* The area The Raven is trying to survive in looks … foreboding. Yes, Chris has a nice new trash barrel and bench outside The Raven and his small parking lot is always clean, but things across the way and up the way still look dumpy. The kind of dumpy that if the parents of one of The Raven patrons saw it, they would drive straight to Clark/Holy Cross/Assumption/WPI, pull their kids outa bed, shove ’em in the trunk of their Beamers and drive ’em straight back to their comfy homes in suburban Connecticut, New Jersey or Pennsylvania where they would staple gun Biff and Buffy to their bedroom doors for the next four years. It looks that tough.

* Weapons are being brandished. One night a neighborhood punk pulled a knife outside The Raven. Chris told the knife-wielding punk: take one step on my property and the you’ll deal with my door guy. The punk walked away, but true to punk nature, he then went on to slash the tires of five cars – five cars belonging to Raven patrons/kids.

* Chris turns to the people in the City of Worcester who are supposed to help, be there for a good guy with a good business: the cops and The Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center, on Pleasant Street, just a stone’s throw away from The Raven. Well, the cops come and say: we can’t do anything about this. Kevin Ksen, annoying uber neighborhood volunteer who for this year, to the annoynace of many city folks, has planted his wide ass in a chair at the Neighborhood Network Center, comes to The Raven to give Chris advice. Kevin Ksen tells Chris to have a good game of basketball with the knife-wielding punk. Befriend the poor victim of society’s ills.

Chris later told me: The punk is 35! Play basketball with him? Are they nuts??

I hear ya, Chris. Message to Kevin Ksen: The guy needs a job, not an enabler. The guy should apologize, retire his knife, get a job and then after a hard day’s work … play a game of hoop with Chris.

* Then there was the group of 20 guys – TWENTY!!! – just hanging out at the corner right by The Raven. Up to no good. The Worcester police were called; the cops said they couldn’t do a thing. Chris, feeling a tad overwhelmed at this point, called the cops again. This time the cops who came did in fact arrest the entire bunch except for one kid, a homeless dude.

* And we won’t go into the recent rash of fires in Piedmont that have made everyone in the neighborhood as jittery about their homes/apartments as Chris is about his club.

So, to see Chris sitting on his black bench outside his parking lot smoking like a chimney, a lost soul looking for an oasis in a desert of grime/crime, is heartbreaking. He says he wants to sell The Raven. He says he is looking for a partner to help him run the place. In truth, he is looking for someone to support him as he goes through all this crap. Someone who can be at his side the next time the bad boys ride into town and want to screw with his salloon. Chris is the Gary Cooper of Piedmont. This is his “High Noon.” No freaking deputies to be found! Anywhere.

Let me say this: It takes a truckload of guts to do what Chris Bettencourt is doing, to open up a club in a sometimes violent, inner-city neighborhood.

What makes all of this especially heartbreaking is The Raven is kind of a Worcester icon. It is located on Congress Alley, the tip of the Crown Hill neighborhood. Back in the 1960s Congress Alley was Worcester’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood, a place where Worcester’s young artistes came together to make music, poetry, paintings and protest the Vietnam War. A place where Woo’s hippies hung out to strum their acustic guitars and listen to their own beat poets because the cool old historic homes of Crown Hill were not yet reclaimed and rehabbed. They were just elegant junk, waiting for kids to move into them and decorate their lovely tired old maple and oak walls with tie-dyed curtains, macrame plant hangers, feathers and love beads and copies of The Whole Earth Handbook. There was even a relativley famous 1960s Worcester band called Orpheus that recorded a a couple of albums while they hung out on Congress Alley. They even record a song about the scene. It’s called (what else?) “Congress Alley” and sounds like a Byrds song, all jangly and cool.

So, good people of Worcester, we say how we want to be up and coming and cool and attract young people to our gritty environs, but we are letting Chris Bettencourt and The Raven dangle in the wind! New people and their NEW ideas are what make a city grow and thrive! It’s not just bricks and fancy crosswalks. It’s the peeps, peeps! Chris and his Raven club are a shining example of what Worcester should be in 2012 and beyond. Let’s not let the dude down!

Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger: another day in court for Claude

Called my lawyer today about Claude Dorman who is the  Worcester Wonderland blogger (38 Sever St., Worcester). Told him of Dorman’s latest crime.

My lawyer just called me back. Said to take none of Claude’s cyber-bullying. He told me Claude Dorman has stolen my identity and to go to the Worcester Courthouse tomorrow (after we put latest ICT to bed) and take out a harassment order against Claude.

Won’t cost me a dime.

SO: Another day in court for Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland bogger, aka Will WW, 38 Sever St., Worcester, MA.

This guy is truly sick/toxic.

– R. Tirella

Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman, 38 Sever St., Worcester, in court again!

Yup, guys and gals, ol’ Claude Dorman, the Wonderland blogger (aka Will – tall guy in this photo) was in Worcester court again, re: his blog! Case continued to September! We will report all the news here! He really is an abusive fellow! He just can’t believe we outed him and changed his life (he’s moving/selling his home; doesn’t write nearly as viciously about folks in town before we outed him; has skipped the poison re certain festivals, people, places; won’t write anything about his likes/dislikes/personal life – like he used to. No vacation pics!!!)

So I guess Claudo is upset with us …

Too bad, Claudo!

– R. Tirella