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One ICT reader on Joff Smith’s “half-way” (done?!) house!

By Joseph Daniels

Please review the background of Joffrey Smith, who is running for the Mass State House. You might consider checking the records from the Worcester Registry of Deeds concerning the residence of City Councilor Joff Smith on 37 Barry Road, Worcester, MA.

One major factor that caused the housing bubble was people’s ability to get sub-prime mortgages for homes they could not afford to keep and maintain. I think you’ll find that Joff Smith, through his initial mortgage at Country Wide and his re-fi, falls within these parameters. Presently, Mr. Smith is at least $50,000 “upside down” on his house. How is our self-proclaimed financial genius (as we’ve been told over and over and over… “I have an economic degree from the University of Hartford”) able to get himself in this situation?

Apparently, his two full bathrooms have been out of commission since January of 2010 (I hope he has the proper permits), because he can’t afford to fix them. He had a leak in the wet wall that has caused him to knock down the wall between the bathrooms. He has had to clean up the mold and re-do the plumbing, walls and fixtures.

How can we have him take care of our house, when he can’t take care of his own house?

Boycott Southwick’s Wild Animal Farm! In Defense of Animals urges feds to investigate Elephant Death at Southwick’s Zoo

(Southwick’s Zoo urged to publicly release Dondi the elephant’s veterinary records)

editor’s note: For years Southwick’s has been nothing but an exotic animal death camp PRETENDING to care for animals. 15 or 20 years ago, they made the news (they have made the news several times) for their shitty wild animal housing. I went down there and saw: a chimp in a fake circus train car sitting on a bale of hay! That was it! That was its home! Their lion? In a fenced in bit of concrete sitting in the middle of the dump – all ribs, all hip joints. No shade – no “habitat.”

A crime! A crime they had to pay for: they were ordered to build more suitable habitats for the poor animals that “live” tragic lives at the Southwick “zoo.” Do not kid yourself! There are no real vets/experts there. There is no one who is a true biologist/scientest caring for the animals. This place is strictly a money maker – no better than Barnum and Bailey’s.

Let’s work to free Dondi’s “vet” records. I bet they did little for that poor creature!

Boycott Southwick’s in Mendon, Massachusetts!

– Rosalie Tirella

now the article:

San Rafael, Calif. – In Defense of Animals (IDA) today filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), urging an investigation into the death of Dondi, an Asian elephant held at the Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon, Massachusetts. Dondi died on Wednesday, after suffering an unidentified illness.

“Dondi’s unexpected death raises a red flag because at age 36 she should have been in the prime of life,” said Catherine Doyle, IDA Elephant Campaign director. “We are asking the USDA to investigate the circumstances surrounding Dondi’s death as a matter of public interest and public safety.”

In a separate letter sent to Southwick’s Zoo president Justine Brewer, IDA urged the zoo to publicly release Dondi’s veterinary records and necropsy reports, saying, “The public has a right to know the cause of Dondi’s death.”

Dondi was in direct contact with the public at the Southwick’s Zoo, where she gave rides during the summer months; she performed circus tricks and gave rides during the winter at various locations in Florida. Elephants can harbor diseases transmissible to humans, including tuberculosis, which can be difficult to detect. Release of the records would hopefully allay any public health concerns. Continue reading Boycott Southwick’s Wild Animal Farm! In Defense of Animals urges feds to investigate Elephant Death at Southwick’s Zoo

How chubby are we?

… from Bill Coleman

editor’s note: we may as well say: How poor are we? (poverty often = obesity = poor nutrition). R. Tirella

The rise of obesity has been stunningly rapid. As recently as 1980, just 15 percent of adults were heavy enough to be defined as obese. By 2008, however, the rate had hit 34 percent. Although some experts dispute the causes of the change, with nearly 10% of health costs linked to obesity, no one disputes that it is a public health crisis.

State Obesity Rates for Adults:

1. Mississippi 33.8%
2. Alabama 31.6%
3. Tennessee 31.6%
4. West Virginia 31.3%
5. Louisiana 31.2%
6. Oklahoma 30.6% Continue reading How chubby are we?