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Main South! Always in style! … Oct. 13 – tomorrow! – opening of new Kilby-Gardner-Hammond Athletic Field and Track!

This lovely duplex is just one example of the the glorious Gardner-Kilby-Hammond urban renewal project! pic: Ron O’Clair

Boys & Girls Club kids will inaugurate field with soccer ‘kickoff’!

The Main South Community Development Corporation, the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester and Clark University will celebrate the completion of a new field and track with a dedication beginning at 3:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 13, at 65 Tainter St.

Opening the new field marks the culmination of the Kilby-Gardner-Hammond project, begun in the late 1990s. The project so far comprises more than 100 new housing units, the $9.2 million Boys & Girls Club, and the new, $3 million field and track. This facility will be used by Clark University for intercollegiate, club, intramural, and recreation sports. It will also be shared with the Boys and Girls Club, giving the young people there an essential outdoor play space.

Congressman Jim McGovern will join the ceremonies on Thursday, along with Stephen Teasdale, Executive Director of the Main South CDC; David Angel, President of Clark University; and Liz Hamilton, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester.

“This new field and track will expand access to green spaces for local families and give kids new opportunities for outdoor recreation and positive afterschool activities,” Congressman McGovern said. “The successful completion of this project is another strong step toward a rejuvenated Main South. I was proud to help bring federal dollars back to our district to invest in the bike path around the track and I am grateful to work with such great partners in the City, Clark University, the Boys and Girls Club and the Main South Community Development Corporation to help us revitalize this neighborhood. Together we are building a strong and vibrant community for all of our families.”

“This field represents just the latest in a long history of successful partnering between Clark and our neighbors in Main South,” President Angel said. “The investments of our community along with city, state and federal agencies, private investment and development firms have resulted in a successful revitalization project sure to benefit all.”

“We’re thrilled to cut the ribbon and officially help Clark University open their new collegiate field, located next to our Harrington Clubhouse,” writes Hamilton. “This field will create opportunities for our kids we’ve never been able to provide in the past. We’re extremely appreciative of Clark for allowing our Club to utilize the field to offer sports such as snow-shoeing, lacrosse, track, and flag football.”

After officials finish their remarks, they plan to toss and kick soccer balls onto the new field for the club kids to “kick off” the new playing field.

The field and track project is another in a series of collaborations between the Main South CDC, the city, federal and state government and Clark University to revitalize Main South.

Worcester photos by Ron O’Clair … the AG comes to town … and more!



Pics/text by Ron O’Clair

This image is of Jerry (Dino) Mariano, a cousin of Ray Mariano, who happens to be a member of the Genesis club, at Boston Donuts on Park Ave getting some grub on. He usually wears a funky leather hat, so this is a rare view of him hat less.


This is the house recently built by the Main South Community Development Corporation on Hollis and Kilby streets; it is a duplex …


… the other side. Beautiful!


A self portrait trying to document the injury to my eye socket. (editor’s note: Ron was taking videos in his Main South neighborhood and one of his neighbors didn’t take kindly to the videographing! So he slugged Ronny in the face! Now Ronny’s got a semi-detached retina!)


Previously a clean area, someone decided to drop their trash on the curb. I dislike litter.


broken car door mirror …





Teens! Join the City Manager’s Youth Council!

The Youth Opportunities Office is recruiting applicants for its 2016-2017 City Manager’s Youth Council.

Applications and student nominations are due on October 14.

If you are interested in nominating a student, please contact youth@worcesterma.gov.

The City of Worcester Youth Council was created in January of 2012 to establish a representative body of young people living in the City of Worcester entering the 9th and 10th grade during the 2016-2017 academic year.

The Youth Council gives young people a direct connection to local government and Youth Councilors take part in civic engagement, leadership development, and planning and decision making opportunities.

The Youth Council will also execute in the following assignments:

• Encouraging youth civic participation

• Enhancing young people’s roles in their community

• Construction of positive youth centered narratives

• Making recommendations, presentations and advocating on issues that affect youth their age

• Involving youth in community awareness and community service projects

• Forming and strengthening working relationships with community

• Eligible youth representation on Boards, Commissions, Committees and Councils

• Public speaking and leadership opportunities

Please spread the word and email us at youth@worcesterma.gov if you are interested in nominating a teen!

If you know a young person who is interested in applying, please have them fill out the application!




4 p.m.


At the Worcester Public Library!

Flamenco for Kids!

The Worcester Public Library will offer a free program for kids to learn Flamenco dancing from Edmy Ortiz, a fine artist, architectural designer, and Flamenco dancer.

The program is recommended for kids ages 4 and up.

The program is in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The first session was held on Friday, September 30 …The second session, Flamenco for Kids: Part II will be on Friday, October 14 at 4 p.m. This session will also be held in the Banx Room.

This will be your chance to practice and show off your Flamenco dancing skills. Flamenco offers many benefits to kids while they enjoy making noise with their feet!

You may dress-up for these events if you wish! Parents don’t forget to bring your cameras!

Sign-up is requested…you may register at the Children’s Room desk or by calling 508-799-1671.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Worcester Public Library.

For more information on the Worcester Public Library and a complete list of events and programs visit mywpl.org.

Welcome to Worcester’s District 4!

Daily or 3 X per week trash pick-up for D 4! An itense, inner-city district like mine needs the extra TLC!!! Urban revitalization NOW! Public health is our concern, too!




On the other hand, the Main South CDC is doing some wonderful work in D 4 (see below):




Go, Steve Teasdale and Main South CDC, go!!

pics/text: R.T.

Remembering Clark University President Richard “Dick” Traina

By J. Stephen Teasdale, executive director, Main South Community Development Corporation

Many of us who have worked in Main South for more years than we may like to remember were deeply saddened this week to hear of the passing of former Clark University President Richard “Dick” Traina. Dick finally succumbed to the prostate cancer that he had been bravely fighting for the last few years. While the news of his passing was not unexpected, those of us who knew him, or had worked with him still felt a great sense of loss, for Dick was a man whose vision and sense of social justice fundamentally changed Clark’s relationship with its Main South neighbors and institutionalized Clark’s commitment to giving back to the community.

The mantra of giving back was integral to Dick’s philosophy of the role Clark should play in the community. It may be surprising to some but Dick was not someone who had grown up in a life of privilege. Growing up in challenging circumstances in San Francisco he saw a lot of his own background in the kids of Main South and wanted to create the kind of opportunities for them that had allowed him the chance to succeed in life. The definining feature of Dick’s presidency and a testimony to his character was that he believed that Clark had a moral imperative to be a socially responsible neighbor. It was the power of this belief and his leadership abilities that led to his philosophy becoming institutionalized at Clark.

Upon becoming President one of Dick and Polly’s first acts was to join Saint Peter’s Church where they became active members of the congregation. Dick continued to break down town/gown barriers by hosting an annual community cook out held on the University grounds and he met and listened to neighborhood residents about how Clark could become “part of the community” rather than a community unto itself.

In 1996, Dick and Polly had the President’s place of residence moved from an exclusive area of housing on William Street to a new location on Woodland Street. They felt that the President of Clark should live in Main South. They continued to live there as active community residents until 2000 when Dick retired.

It was under Dick’s guidance and leadership that the Clark University Partnership was established as a means of creating new economic, recreational and educational opportunities for the citizens of Main South. Dick persuaded the trustees of Clark to invest real dollars into community improvement efforts and to provide free tuition at Clark to eligible applicants whose families had lived in the neighborhood for five years. He appointed senior staff to support the effort and then gave it his full support. As a result Clark’s work became a national model for institutional community partnerships and received the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Partnership award in recognition of its accomplishments

However perhaps the one lasting achievement from which Dick drew the most satisfaction was the success of the University Park Campus School. The school which is a collaborative effort between Clark and the Worcester Public Schools was developed under his leadership and designed as an innovative new educational model. The school’s mission was to focus on creating a caring and supportive, yet challenging environment for kids, which would lead to academic success and would be accessible to all neighborhood children through an open lottery. The school has been one of the highest academically performing schools in the State, an amazing statistic when you consider that 54% of the students don’t speak English at home as a first language and 76% qualify for free school meals. Dick always understood that every child deserves an opportunity for academic success.

There is so much more to write about Dick, who with his wonderful wife and partner Polly did so much for this neighborhood and particularly the kids of Main South, but space is limited. It is enough to say that this unassuming, modest man managed to change the way that academic institutions nationally examine their social responsibility to the communities in which they are located. Dick Traina was a man who “walked the walk” and made a difference. May his legacy long continue.