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Rose parked in A.I. … Out and about today … impressed with Hudson’s …

… and Marlboro’s downtowns.

Flowers, flags, adorable small businesses, smooth street, crisply painted yellow crosswalks, cones in the crosswalks reminding drivers to SLOW DOWN (pedestrian-embracing), flower beds everywhere, public art, SUPER CLEAN (no dumped garbage!) … steal these ideas, Worcester Downtown boosters! Make our Main Street sparkle!

P.S. Years ago I worked in Marlboro part-time – and drove through Hudson often. Kinda dumpy. These burgs have really come along way, blossomed with biz. However, I’ve got to say: Marlboro looks over-developed. Too many chain everything! I miss all the open green space there … It’s like Marlboro planners are developer-whores: They say YES to every Applebees, Walgreens, tire joint and strip mall! Way too much!

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Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger, aka “Claude the Fraud”!

CLAUDE DORMAN, Worcester Wonderland blogger (Will WW)

please click on link below to see the dorman mobile:


For years! years! Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger (WIll WW) has lied about my paper’s circulation, web stats, my age, even my beliefs.

A pal said, the guy is a fraud. Check out his cars. They most likely are not registered in Worcester. Which means Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St. Worcester, MA 01609, and his wife Kunigunde Cigan, are NOT PAYING THEIR CAR EXCISE TAXES TO Worcester but another MA town … which means Worcester isn’t getting the Dormans’ tax dollars and the Dormans are saving a bundle of money in car insurance premiums by registering their Saabs out of the city! Illegal! If true, Claude and his wife are GUILTY OF INSURANCE FRAUD.

Did some research and low and behold my pal was right! Dorman’s and Cigan’s Saabs are BOTH registered in MARLBORO, Massachusetts! (to save some serious insurance premium $$$bucks, for sure!)

Yup! We checked it out: The Dorman Saab with licence plate # 69K N14 is registerd under “Kunigunde Dorman” in MARLBORO, Ma.

Claude’s Saaab – the one with licence plate # 93YY12 is registered under his name, Claude Dorman, in Marlboro, Ma.

Don’t worry, Claude, I’ve alerted the authorities.

– R. Tirella



  1. SAABrina the Witch

    This is absolutely priceless! Excellent detective work, Rose! The same buffoon who has lampooned small business people of Worcester on his blog as ‘liars, crooks and cheats’ and the same buffoon who requests tax abatements on a villa in the hood is CHEATING Worcester out of excise tax money and DEFRAUDING insurance companies claiming a Marlboro residence. You just can’t make this stuff up … welcome to Wusta! Dime his ass out, Rose! 

  2. Kunigunde Golemo

    Having found this little tidbit on Worcester Wonderland aka Claude Dorman, make sure when dropping the dime on him to state he has been a Worcester resident since 8/31/1999 so Claude and Cigan’s little tax evasion/insurance fraud has been going on for a loooooooooong time …. make sure you get paid on the WHOLE total of the insurance fraud. Also the Dorman’s took their house off of the market on 10/11/2012. 


Charting a dangerous course: the fallacy of Charter School superiority

By Worcester School Committee member John Monfredo

Throughout our city much has been said recently about the Charter School movement and its impact on our kids. Worcester will have its third Charter School: the Massachusetts Department of Education has approved the “Spirit of Knowledge Charter School.” The school will house students in grades 7 to 12 and classes will begin this September with 156 students in grades 7 and 8. While charter schools provide an alternative to other public schools, they are part of the public education system and are not allowed to charge tuition.

The general purpose of the Charter School program is to establish an alternative means within the existing public school system in order to provide innovative learning opportunities to improve the education of students.

There has been a great deal of controversy regarding the effectiveness of charter schools and whether they give additional benefits to students. A study performed by the American Federation of Teachers, which strongly supports charter schools, found that students attending charter schools do not fare any better or worse statistically in reading and math scores than students attending public schools. If one looks at the number of Charter Schools state-wide and looks at the research, you will find that Charter Schools are more expensive, more segregated and do not offer a better education to children. Continue reading Charting a dangerous course: the fallacy of Charter School superiority