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InCity Times endorsement: Jim McGovern for Congress!

By Rosalie Tirella

Tuesday, make the world (and Worcester) a better place, please vote for Jim McGovern, one of America’s (in our humble opinion!) best congressmen!

This election cycle incumbent Jim McGovern is up against nutty/racist/cynical Tea Bagger mouthpiece Marty Lamb. Anti- social security, civil rights laws, department of education, etc, etc Lamb makes my blood boil! I damn near wanted to mow him down as I was driving by the DCU Center and Lamb just walked in front of me, arrogant and out of touch – on his way to one of his fake, paid-for-by-the Tea-Party commericals/debates.

“Ugh!” I screeched to my little dog Jett, who is a boon companion and goes everywhere with me. “Pup!” I said, as Jett looked out the car window, “It’s Lamb!”

And then I got depressed about the cynical, racist wave that Lamb and all the other extreme right-wing candidates in America are riding this election cycle. But, I truly believe, their bullshit won’t stick here. Continue reading InCity Times endorsement: Jim McGovern for Congress!

Marty Lamb: Tea Party mouthpiece in “Lamb’s” clothing/Vote for McGovern and Chandler!

By Rosalie Tirella

So besides having to put up with Marty Lamb’s fake news interviews on TV 3, we have this: Lamb claiming in radio ads that his opponent, incumbent Congressman Jim McGovern, has been arrested during these past few years. Arrested! What poppycock!

What the radio ads don’t tell listeners: Jim McGovern was arrested for protesting America’s slow response to the tragedy in Darfur and our two catastrophic wars in the Mid East – both of which McGovern was staunchly against from the get go. He and other folks were calling attention to the issues by calling attention to themselves. Civil Disobedience. You can’t get more American than that (think of Concord’s Henry David Thoreau!).

Jim McGovern will win reelection no sweat, but if he feels he needs to, he should tell voters Marty Lamb wants to kill Medicare, Social Security, the minimum wage, and the civil rights that Martin Luther King Jr. died trying to make a reality. King didn’t get to “the mountain top” Continue reading Marty Lamb: Tea Party mouthpiece in “Lamb’s” clothing/Vote for McGovern and Chandler!

Really sickening to see the Marty Lamb fake TV interviews on Charter/NECN TV 3!

By Rosalie Tirella

How sickening to see all those “fake” TV 3 (Charter/Comcast) “news interviews” of congressional candidate Marty Lamb. The Tea Baggers via their right wing Koch brothers funding sources are buying up a shit load of TV time on our local cable channel (3) in a last ditch effort to unseat the overwhelmingly popular and effective incumbent, Jim McGovern. Lamb has no chance what so ever of beating Jim.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t spend the $100,000 Tea Bagger windfall that was dumped in his lap – most of it on the greedy TV 3, a “news” channel that is only to happy to take the thousands of dollars. And play Lamb’s deceptive game!

It IS pathetic that NECN and TV 3 have gone along with the game. If, when you turn on your TV to channel 3 tonight and find your show canceled to make room for this stupid commercial, you many not know, at first, that this is a commerical. In fact, if you catch the “Marty Lamb interview” in the middle, you DO think a legitimate reporter is asking Lamb all these questions. That there is genuine give and take – a real TV news interview – going on. The two men are sitting behind a desk. The interviewer is serious, asking questions. Lamb is answering them soberly and with purpose.

But it’s a set up! A fake! A commercial. Shame on NECN and TV 3 for shilling for Lamb and the Tea Baggers. TV 3 drones, why not place the disclaimer: PAID POLITICAL AD on the screen – in the top or bottom corner somewhere – while this poltical commerical is going on (for an entire half hour!)? Why not be honest with the viewers and help them make informed decisions – let them know that they are watching a fucking commercial?! And this show goes on all night – repeats itself 3 or 4 times!

Ca-ching! go the cash registers at TV 3 – NECN – Charter.

Fizzle, fizzle go the brain cells of their viewers!

This interview is a commercial paid for by Lamb’s team. Set up and rehearsed! Set up with questions lobbed to Lamb that HE – Lamb – has chosen his fake reporter to ask him! And then Lamb delivers his rehearsed answer! The Marty Lamb campaign sign at the beginning and the end of this political commercial doesn’t help! It is not enough of a disclaimer. Especially when it comes to: the elderly or folks whose primary language may not be English – follks on the periphery who may be confused as to what is real news and what is a commercial.

Money does corrupt. These Lamb 1/2 hour fake interviews are running all night (it seems!) on TV 3!!

Shame on the TV 3 whores for not making the Lamb team label their show what it is: a paid political commercial.

Marty Lamb doesn’t have a chance against Jim McGovern

By Rosalie Tirella

This isn’t Christine O’Donnel country. This isn’t even Connecticut. And forget Scott Brown. He won the late great Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat because Attorney General Martha Coakley ran such a crappy campaign and was disliked in general AND Brown, looking every inch the Cosmo cover boy that he was, managed to bullshit voters about how he drove around in a beat-up pick up truck and was salt of the earth and all that crap. Unfortunately, the voters ate all that crap up, and now Scott Brown (who today pretty much disavows his Tea Party connections) has gummed up the works in Washington.

Thank you, Scott Brown! For diddley!

But this is Worcester. Congressional candidate Marty Lamb has a snowflake’s chance in hell when it comes to defeating our Congressman Jim McGovern. The Lamb brigade, flush with money from the Tea Party movement, which gets its money from oil-co. moguls like the Koch brothers and other Right Wing multi-national corporations that hide their political interests/identites by founding very sober sounding right wing/libertarian think tanks that distribute all the gold, want to keep polluting our planet, exploiting immigrants and dis-assembling the New Deal and great Society programs plank by plank, Continue reading Marty Lamb doesn’t have a chance against Jim McGovern