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MFS parked in AI! From Massachusetts Farm to School


Happy New Year! With colder weather, it can be hard to think about the local bounty from Massachusetts farms.

But this is a great time to highlight fantastic storage crops like butternut squash and sweet potatoes and think beyond produce to items that are available year-round like dairy and seafood.

… This month we’re highlighting many great learning opportunities to take advantage of this winter to prepare for farm to school success when spring arrives!

Sea to School Case Studies Released

Mass. Farm to School worked with Farm to Institution New England (FINE) to create a six-part series to look at how institutions are incorporating locally caught seafood into their meals. These case studies highlight three higher education institutions,two K-12 schools, and one hospital and provide lessons to those looking to develop a local seafood program. … In Massachusetts, see how Harvard University, Gloucester High School, and Boston Medical Center have incorporated a variety of delicious, local seafood into their menus and are supporting New England fishermen and fishing communities.

Harvest of the Month: Summer Program and Evaluation 

Harvest of the Month sign-up for summer food service sponsors is now open! … Sign-up for the school year and year-round programs will be available soon!

Get up to $12,500/School to Launch a Breakfast in the Classroom Program

Eos Foundation is offering single-year grant awards of up to $12,500 per school for those interested in rolling out Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) in school year 2016-2017.

Districts have the opportunity to apply for larger multi-year grants to implement BIC in multiple schools.

Submit your intent to apply by February 4, 2016.

High Rates of Breakfast Participation at Your School? Your School Could Win $500!

Eos Foundation is offering $500 awards to schools in Massachusetts that reach and maintain for at least two months 80% or higher participation in the school breakfast program in the 2015-2016 school year. Applications are due February 23, 2016, by 5 pm. School Principals, in partnership with their district Food Service Director, are invited to apply. …

For more information, please call Eos at 508-430-8130508-430-8130.

CLICK HERE for more info and to visit the MASS FARM TO SCHOOL website.


Trader Joe’s grocery store in Shrewsbury has got plenty of vegan options! Earth Balance spread! Soy milk and yummy almond milk, too!    pic: R.T.

By Rosalie Tirella

ICT editor Rosalie does lots of her grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s in Shrewsbury because they have a nice selection of vegan foods: food not derived from American farm animals. The animals on American farms do not lead bucolic lives! They lead horrific lives!

Chickens are crammed into cages, pumped with hormones to make their breasts huge, leaving them unable to stand on little legs. Filthy living conditions call for plenty of antibiotics! And to keep the stressed out, crazed birds from pecking at themselves and each other, “farmers” rip their beaks off – without anesthesia.

Pigs and veal calves are kept in pens where they can’t even stretch out or turn around!

The cruelty most STOP! Consumers do NOT want to support a food-production system that many compare to an animal concentration camp!

Here is some great news:


For the Mass folks who want to eat eggs with a lighter conscience, for the folks who are vegan and have been praying for this day – THE CAGE-FREE CHICKEN REFERENDUM and more! comes to Massachusetts! On the Mass ballot this November!


If passed, the proposed laws would prohibit raising Massachusetts farm animals in small pens where they cannot:

fully extend their limbs

turn around

We’ve been writing about these INHUMANE “farming” practices for years!

Finally, as with the circus issue, we are moving FORWARD!!!

I am so proud to have pushed these issues in InCity Times for almost 15 YEARS and on this website since its inception.

The law would also prohibit the sale of pork, veal or eggs in Massachusetts if the animals producing the food are raised by these methods on farms outside Massachusetts.


Go, Massachusetts, go!

CLICK HERE to read the Boston Globe article!


But for now, once again:

Soy milk? Earth Balance buttery flavored spread? Vegan pudding?

All at Trader Joe’s! And they have organic (pesticide-free) veggies, too!

AND … their prices are great!

By buying vegan, you opt out of the cruel, cruel agribusiness!

Here is a chart to help you substitute vegan foods for hen, cow and pig when you’re baking/cooking up a storm! etc:


Farm to you! Register by April 1

Join leaders from across the Northeast who are working to get more local and regional foods into schools, colleges, health care and other institutions for three days of learning, sharing, exploring and connecting.

Register online before April 1 for the Farm to Institution Summit, April 7-9 at UMass Amherst!

CLICK HERE to register!

Scholarships available!

The Farm to School Forum is on April 7

You are welcome to register for one, two or all three days of the conference!

April 8 is the Cross Sector Forum which aims to encourage education, networking and collaboration between organizations, institutions and government agencies within and across state boundaries.

The Farm to College and Farm to Health Care Forums will be held on April 9.

Online registration closes on Wednesday, so act now!

We hope to see you there!