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Candidate endorsements (the gals we recommended and why)

By Rosalie Tirella

We ask(ed) the good people of Worcester to get out and vote! We ask(ed) the good people of Worcester to cast their ballots for:

* District 4 City Councilor: Barbara Haller

Vote for Barbara Haller!

Spend some time with Barbara Haller, and you’ll quickly realize she has reached a kind of spiritual zenith in (what has become, I think) the dream of her life-time.

Her journey with her beloved District 4 continues, her love for its people still strong and pure. Continue reading Candidate endorsements (the gals we recommended and why)

FYI: 2009 municipal election results (Worcester)

City of Worcester – final election results – November 2009

Total registered voters – 90,729
Total ballots cast – 20,904


Joseph O’Brien – 10,210
Konstantina Lukes – 5,662
Kate Toomey – 3,721
E. Tsitsilianos – 595

City Councilors at Large:

Joseph O’Brien – 12,200
Kate Toomey – 10,359
Joseph Petty – 9,187
Frederick (“Ric”) Rushton – 8,065
Konstantina Lukes – 7,326 Continue reading FYI: 2009 municipal election results (Worcester)

Here’s the problem …

This is what gets me nervous about Worcester’s mayor-elect, Joe O’Brien: Election night City Councilor at Large Ric Rushton was on the radio and said he is sooo glad Joe O’Brien won Wormtown’s mayoral seat! Then Rushton made this very telling statement: he said if HE had run for mayor of Worcester, Joe O’Brien wouldn’t have run for mayor of Worcester. Rushton said Joe O’Brien CLEARED IT (running for mayor) with him (Rushton) first.

Cleared it with him first.

This is what O’Brien’s detractors don’t like/fear: no matter how vociferously Joe O’Brien claims to be independent/his own man, these backroom political deals/horsetrading will be going on amongst the same 100 or so people. The same 100 or so people who have always controlled things in this town.

That is not democracy. That is machine politics … .

– Rosalie Tirella

p.s. and it just shows you (once again) how stupid Rushton is. (blab, blab, blab)

The WPD sticks it to Haller; The police union and Joe O’Brien: a match made in hell

By Rosalie Tirella

I got my hands on some police union minutes – juicy stuff, when it comes to pols and which political candidates the police unions are backing.  The minutes of a recent meeting of IBPO Local 504 have the cops deciding to hell with District 4 City Counilor Barabara Haller who has worked with them to make Main South and the rest of the inner-city safer – to hell with her and onwards and upwards for Grace Ross, Haller’s opponent. becaise Ross will fund the Quinn Bill and more. The minutes (which are several pages long) state: “Grace Ross is running in District 4. She is totally pro-labor … .” Barbara Haller, according to the police union minutes, “filed an order requesting that the City Manager provide the [City] Council report explaining the steps necessary for the City Council to revise its 1987 vote [editor’s note, more like 2006!] relative to the Quinn Bill. President Cummings said that this means only one thing – that Barbara Haller has taken a posititon in direct opposition to our best interests. We need to work in the upcoming election to see that she is defeated.” Continue reading The WPD sticks it to Haller; The police union and Joe O’Brien: a match made in hell