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What Snoop Dog snoop Tracy Novick should “investigate”

By Rosalie Tirella

This is why people don’t register to vote or vote once they’re registered. For myriad reasons, once a seemingly normal person gets elected to office they go and get STUPID on the voters/community.

For example: Worcester School Committee woman Tracy Novick. She was elected to office last election cycle because the voters thought they were getting a young mom, a sensitive person who cared for kids and would advocate for families. But here it is a year or so later and we have a woman so out of touch with our school district and what Worcester public school students and families need that I’m sure people like Mayor Joe O’Brien is wondering what he ever saw in the little twit.

Novick has not come out for our students – most of whom are working class or poor. She has not gotten the fact through her thick/stubborn skull that our urban school district does not resemble the district in which she taught school or the schools she attended as a kid. This is why Novick is such a bad fit for the Worcester School Committee. She is putting her ego/needs before Worcester students and their familes. She has shown that she puts up a fight with any state or federal agency that gives millions of dollars to our school district – our needy kids – and (because they are giving us tons of dough) sets parameters/goals for our students and teachers. This is why, like an idiot, Novick was the only school committee person to vote against accepting MILLIONS of dollars from the government for one of our neediest/poorest schools – Union Hill – because the MILLIONS of dollars came with a few strings attached.

Everyone elso on the Worc. School Committee knows how bad things are for our schools and thought what I thought: SHOW US THE MONEY! We will work miracles with it! For example: Novick’s kids, I’m sure, have a library at home and the schools they attend. Union Hill, is located off Dorchester Street, for Cripes sake, they (up until a year or so) had no school library! No books for their kids to check out!Novick should have thought, like all of the other Worc. School Committee folks: Great! Now Union Hill will have some dough to play with! The school staff can put together a library, maybe get laptops in the hands of our students, etc, etc.

Not Novick. She turned the issue into a political pissing ocntest. Vote Yes – to govt intervention – or Vote No to WPS autonomy. Like the child she is, she felt it was an either/or situation. Most adults got it. Get the money and try to finesse the govt. parameters.

Now Novick’s chomped down on the Goddard School. Everyone has pretty much moved on. Not Novick and pal Dianna Biancheria. But especially Novick who thinks she’s Woodward and Bernstein put together and the Goddard School is the Watergate Hotel! No snippet and snippet of Goddard documents will be revealed. It’s a shame most are redacted to protect the privacy of CHILDREN. No matter to Novick – the idiot will press on!

She doesn’t get that Goddard is a great urban school – and most of Worc.’s inner-city schools are superior to other big city schools. She doesn’t get that she needs to BACK THE FUCK OFF – AS GODDARD PARENTS, STUDENTS AND STAFF WANT HER TO. Novick disrespects them and all WPS students as she continues her “undercover investigation.”

This dweeb needs to get a life. OR: focus on important investigations/issues. For example, Novick could investigate: WHY THERE ARE SO FEW MINORITY TEACHERS IN THE WORCESTER PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

Get snoopy in other ways, Snoop Dog Novick!

Wrong-headed duo! Worcester School Committeewomen Tracy Novick and Dianna Biancheria need to know Worcester has a #1 urban school system!

By Rosalie Tirella

How wrong Worc. Schoolcommitteewomen Tracy Novick and Dianna Biancheria they are about the Goddard School and how little they know about inner-city schools/urban school districts/educating the poor.

Novick and Biancheria have no idea how wonderful Worcester’s Public School system is! Safe, clean, well run schools where learning goes on every day! Teachers and principals who love their kids and kids who look at their schools as one of the best things about their neighborhoods.

Look at Springfield, Lowell, Lawrence, Hartford – even Boston. All of these urban public school systems can be compared to Worcester’s. All have lower standardized test scores, lower high school graduation rates and more – let’s be honest here – violence. We cannot and should not forget how violent some inner-city public schools can be. Poverty, ignorance, hunger, resentment can all add up to a huge tinder box – not a place to learn and grow. The Hartford Public Schools have security guards stationed in their high schools! Security guards! The kids there call them “Toy Cops.” Students in Hartford Public Schools – one of the poorest in the country – have urinated in hallways, overturned teachers’ desks when they were out of the classroom, broken into teachers’ cars.

Compared to so many urban systems in America, the Worc. Public Schools are heaven – pure heaven.

Novick and Biancheria need to know this – and remember this.

They also need to know they are outnumbered. Worcester teachers and educators (except the grandstanding Gary Rosen) and inner-city youth workers are 100% behind the kids and teachers at Goddard – and the W. School Committee’s 4 to 3 vote to move on and NOT seek the state records re: Goddard MCAS test results (the state’s invalidating the schools scores). A few of these adults – adults who have worked with inner-city families and kids for years – have told me what a great school Goddard is. They have spoken to me over the phone and I have heard their passion and deep feelings for kids who are oftentimes behind society’s 8 ball. Gary Rosen has mocked the true feelings people like Mayor Joe O’Brien and John Monfredo and Jack Foley – all adults who have special and deep knowledge of inner-city kids/life – have for the Goddard School and students.

It was amazing to see Novick get on with her misguided crusade to seek all state records after 100 Goddard parents and teachers, etc filled City Hall chambers to speak lovingly of their school and to say: LET IT GO, BITCH.

But Novick, in her little cheery, voice, in her little trim suit was brutal. It was as if she had not heard the testimony of the Latino parents. It was as if she was deaf to what the community was telling her. She was putting her ego before the Goddoard School parents and students.

Let me say this. While not all teachers love the MCAS, they do undertand that the tests are a way for the state to stay COMMITTED to educating our most disadvantaged students. The State of Mass is saying, through the MCAS tests: We value poor kids. We value inner-city kids who have had none of the lucky circumstances middle-class kids have had. We expect our teachers to teach them – not just promote them to the next grade level. We expect these students to master the basics – reading, writing, math – so they can go onto college and get a a good job. Or if not college, our neediest students will still have the skills to be able to be trained for some work – to succeed in life. Flourish in their communities. Not end up living in poverty like their parents – and most likely their grandparents.

The MCAS are really about moving families out of poverty. They are about respecting kids -wanting them to leave our public schools with a set of skills that will be a foundation for a successful life.

As a Lamartine Street School student years ago – Worcester’s first (labelled) inner-city school – we took tons of standardized tests. So the state could see how we kids were doing. Those test taking days were stressful – and not all the kids did well. But our teachers – Mr. Monfredo, especially – could take those scores and see what we students needed to learn. And after the two or so days of rigid test taking, there was always a party in the boiler room or auditorium. We got to see a great Disney movie and have little Hoodsie ice cream cups! Life went on! We kids felt OK about our school, our teachers and our principal.

Novick has lived a sheltered life. She thinks the MCAS test is the enemy! She thinks the Goddard School staff must be hung out to dry! In front of the entire Worcester community!

How wrong she is …

Worcester School Committeewomen Tracy Novick and Dianna Biancheria and The Goddard School MCAS witch-hunt

By Rosalie Tirella

Let’s take another look at the political subtext of the nasty/arrogant behavior of Worcester School Committeewomen Tracy Novick and Dianna Biancheria, re: The Goddard School MCAS brouhaha that they have managed to create, insulting WPS School Superintendent Dr,. Melinda Boone, the City of Worcester, Goddard School staff, students and families.

These two women are using the Goddard School to work out their issues re: The MCAS test in general (Novick, who loathes them and wants to do away with them – even though most educators and inner-city families want some kind of standardized test measuring the academic progress of students), the Mass Dept of Primary and Secondary Education (Novick has a vandetta against Mr. Chester and imtimated that he was corrupte), desire to oust Dr. Melinda Boone/racism (Novick and Biancheria resent this intelligent, caring and powerful African American woman), power/control (Novick and Biancheria do not know their boundaries and want to take it away from Dr. Boone – witness how the immature and shrill Novicik “slapped” her information request/letter in Dr. Boone’s hands at the last Worcester School Committee meeting. “unbelieveable” is how one political observer viewed Novick’s rudeness) and finally, both women’s disdain for then Mayor and now City Concilor Konnie Lukes who was instrumental in keeping the school superintendent search two years ago, fair, open, professional – and country-wide.

Good ol’ political Worcester boy Steve Mills did not get the job. The Worc. School Superintendent Search Committee, headed by WPI president and a lot of impressive/diverse Worcester business and educational and community leaders, chose Dr. Melinda Boone, who hails from Virginia – and is a beacon of professionalism and fairness. She is a role model for all our public school students – especially our kids of color. Novick – white, privileged, stay-at-home Mom who has never lived in the inner city and has never been poor/working class – has no idea how important a symbol Dr. Boone is for the WPSchools – a majority minority school district, where a majority of students are eligible for free or reduced-lunch (read poor) and whose parents know (to their very cores) that their kids’ school are neighborhood beacons of hope and caring, as well as education.

Konnie Lukes, John Monfredo, Joe O’Brien, Jack Foley and Mary Mullaney know this.

Novick has her head so far up her tight little asshole, she is incapable of seeing the truth. Biancheria is too dumb to have the kind of complex motives that Novick has – who will probably use the Goodard MCAS “scandal” to run for Worcester City Council soon (we hope she loses). Biancheria just feels left out, out of the loop, she says.

In other words, Dianna B.’s ass isn’t getting kissed often enough.

Dianna Biancheria worked at the Worcester public School Administration building on Irving Street. She was put into her high-paying position (a sinecure if ever there was one) by her ally and all around Worcester big-shot player, by former Worcester Mayor, Ray Mariano. Then she lost her job and all that money.

Dianna B. immediately ran for Worcester Public School Committee just to keep her fist in the money pie – and won, with the help of the Ray Mariano Political Machine. She – like all Worcester School Committee members – gets (around) a $15,000-a-year check for sitting on the Worcester School Committee.

Having watched the Goddard “showdown” a few weeks ago in which Dianna and Novick and strange political bed-fellow Brian O’Connell’s petition to see all the state records re: the Goddard MCAS test results (which classrooms was the “coaching” going on in, which tests were affected, which students were being inappropriately aided by which Goddard School teachers) get voted down 4 to 3 should have ended this creepy affair.

Nope. Novick and Biancheria are going to the state, filing freedom of information letters and the whole nine yards. Just to out to the community the Goddard students (how sad for the families!) and the teachers (whom everyone says are first-rate) to get what they need: their bizzarro egos fed, their misplaced need for control met and their (unconscious) racist, provincial desire to ruin the career (same motive of former Worcester city councilor Gary Rosen – the little dildo) of Dr. Melinda Boone, a woman way too classsy for these three.