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Senator, have you no shame?

By Jack Hoffman

It’s about the second week of September: It didn’t take long for the post convention Pailin balloon to begin loosing some air – Two interviews on ABC and Katy Couric and we now understand why the McCain campaign is keeping her away from the press. The polls are beginning to turn the Mc Cain convention bounce around almost 4- 5 points -Obama once again regains the lead.

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Talk about flip flopping

By Jack Hoffman

Almost five years has past since Rose Tirella, the publisher and editor, first approached me with the proposition of doing a political column. Make no mistake I was excited about the challenge since the closest I came to an op-ed was several pieces I had done on local politics here in Framingham. But I wanted to be sure I would be working with those that espoused the same progressive politics that I had over the years. I wanted to work with a true alternative progressive paper.

Throughout the years Rose and I had some differences of opinion. We never disagreed on the progressive ideals of the Democratic Party. Rose was not so happy with my support for Obama. But she never put me in a corner, or chopped and channeled some of my more inflammatory columns.

I always believed Hillary would be a lot of baggage for the party. Something that was evident from the conservative haters of the airways and press who fought her at every campaign stop- it was a clear and present danger signal that her winning would be great fodder for the Republicans and the big enchilada that awaited the Democrats if she was the nominee. But more importantly she ran a poor campaignwith lots of harm from papa Bill. When Obama was sure to be the nominee she began to show me a side I could not believe. If it wasn’t the nasty press and that bastard Chris Mathews etc, “It was the liberals who out of guilt voted for a black person.” I sought of let that last comment sit for awhile. After all it’s not so easy to digest that kind of comment coming from someone who has always shown support for whoever the democratic candidate was. She even admitted she might consider McCain. I figured that was enough for the time being -I went back to my Apple.

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