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From the Worcester NAACP …

“We’ve Got Your Back”: Moving Forward in Uncertain Times

Wednesday, November 30 at 5:30 pm

Harrington Learning Center #HLC 109-A/B (first floor)

The recent election cycle has brought about a level of hostility and anger that many of us have not seen in our lifetime.

Sentiments of racial hatred, misogyny, anti-Semitism and xenophobia have risen to new heights in our country, and those who prescribe to these sentiments have been emboldened since the election of our new president.

Increased stories of harassment and intimidation against minority groups and immigrants are being reported on social media, shared with friends, fellow students at schools, colleagues at work, and at the dinner table at home.

The Worcester NAACP and the Diversity Caucus of Quinsigamond Community College has invited the staff from the Attorney General’s Office, along with representatives from Congressman Jim McGovern’s Office, City of Worcester, Worcester Police Department, Worcester Public Schools, Coalition Against Bias and Hate, Worcester Interfaith, Worcester Black Clergy Alliance, Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts, Latino Education Institute and Center for Nonviolent Solutions to share their commitment to preserve the rights of all residents in our community and to ensure that Worcester remains a city that is welcoming to all.

The staff from the Attorney General’s office will present information on your rights as residents and how the state is prepared to protect these rights and ensure your safety.

Mayor Joseph Petty recently responded to the anxiety and fear of those most vulnerable in Worcester by responding “I’ve got your back.”

In these uncertain times, our Mayor stated that he is “certain that we will fight for all of our city’s residents and we will move our city forward, together.”

The Worcester NAACP stands with our Mayor, Attorney General, organizations that are represented at this event and all others who dedicate themselves to ensuring justice and equality for all – “We’ve Got Your Back.”

Please join us this Wednesday, November 30th @ 5:30 pm at the Harrington Learning Center #HLC 109-A/B (first floor). Please share this information – everyone is welcome to attend.

Thank You


TODAY! – Monday, November 28 – is “Election Day” for the Worcester, NAACP.

All active members are eligible to cast their vote between 4 pm until 8 pm upstairs in the Boardroom at the YWCA, Salem Square.

We’ve been through the nomination process and I’m please to announce the following candidates are eligible to be on the ballot for officer positions within the Worcester NAACP:

Pat Yancey, President, Dr. George Yancey, 1st Vice President, Dagne Yesihak, Esq., 2nd Vice President, Leonard Cooper, 3rd Vice President, Nigel Belgrave, Treasurer, Yvonne Brown, Secretary, Rev. Doreen Oughton, Asst. Secretary, Rev. Raymond Austin, Member at Large, Edward Robinson, Member at Large, Fred Taylor, Member at Large, Thomas Doughton, PhD, Member at Large.

Please show your support for these candidates and come out to vote!

In addition to the elections, our regular monthly meeting will start at 6:30 pm, upstairs in the YWCA Board Room.

Our featured speaker will be the folks from SMOC Financial Services. SMOC will focus on presenting information on their small business programming and loan fund, what services they provide in Worcester, and other projects like the Greater Worcester Housing Connection.

We’ve shared information recently regarding the Attorney General’s new hotline for residents to report bias-based harassment and acts of violence (800)-994-3228.

As members of both the AG’s Advisory Council on Racial Justice and Equity and the City Manager’s Coalition Against Bias and Hate, the Worcester NAACP is working with our partners and the community at large in planning an informational session to help us all better understand the realities of the recent election and how we can push back and protect those who are most vulnerable to bias-based harassment and acts of violence.

Please add the AG Hotline, and social media information to your phone’s contact:

Hotline: (800) 994-3228

Link to AG’s civil rights complaint form: http://www.mass.gov/ago/consumer-resources/your-rights/civil-rights/civil-rights-complaint.html

Thank you all for your support of the Worcester NAACP. Our volunteers work hard to stand for social justice and equity in Worcester, and we are proud to stand with all of the other organizations that make Worcester a better place to live for all.

Holiday celebration

From the Worcester NAACP …

Just a reminder that the Executive and General member meetings will not meet on their usual dates in December, but instead will be combined into one meeting / holiday celebration on …

Monday, December 15

6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

YWCA , One Salem Square

It is a pot-luck affair, and you are invited to bring a dish to share.

And if you are moved by the spirit of giving, you are also invited to bring new adult-sized simple gloves or mittens to be donated to the Worcester Fellowship, an ecumenical outdoor ministry.

For the sake of planning and organization, an RSVP would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to Doreen Oughton at dcomdiv@yahoo.com to let her know that you are coming, and if there is a food item you’d like to contribute.

The Branch has done some amazing work this year, and it deserves to celebrate and be celebrated. Hope to see you there.

So when I see Worcester Chief Economic Development Officer Tim McGourthy, I’ll …







… have something to talk about. What I’m reading now (under my bedroom chair, top book on my read-this-stuff-first pile of books): THE DEATH AND LIFE OF AMERICAN CITIES, by Jane Jacobs. An old book (a classic) that’s written with such ballsy flare it just carries you along! I feel like I’m right there in Boston’s North End with ol’ Jane. Or in Greenwich Village chatting away with this chatty gal! I have only just begun this tome, but what Jacobs says makes good sense: The denser and more complex and diverse (economically, socially, racially, etc) a neighborhood is – the BETTER! Poor people, factories, bakeries, shops, rich folks – mix ’em all together – it makes a city so lively! The more intimate, the better!

Readers of this blog may have seen the photo I posted of the City Manager’s Housing Report, the photo of the report unceremoniously stuffed into a box, stuck between my oak bureaus. Sorry, city leaders, but the report is just so uninviting, so difficult to read … . Bureaucrat speak all the way! We are waiting for the Readers Digest version to come out – not the city’s executive summary that was also given to me – but something readable, something the people of Woo can enjoy in their local laundromat. But until then, it’s Jane Jacobs …

– Rosalie Tirella


ALSO: Agenda for Worcester City Council meeting – Tuesday, August 20 , City Hall, Main Street. Meeting begins at 6 p.m. To see agenda, click here!

The truth about “Secure Communities” community briefing

Please join us!


The Truth about “Secure Communities” Community Briefing

With Edwin Argueta (Jobs with Justice) and Gabriel Camacho (AFSC)

Wednesday, July 25
6 pm
Centro Las Americas
11 Sycamore St., Worcester

All are welcome (Translation available)!

Light snacks and drinks provided.

In May 2012, “Secure Communities” was implemented by DHS that forces local police to act as federal immigration enforcement. Immigrants who do not pose threat to public safety are detained in local jails at the request of ICE until their deportation proceedings. S-Comm opens the door for racial profiling, makes immigrant victims of crime, domestic violence and unfair labor practices distrustful of law enforcement, and makes our communities insecure for all.

Discover the TRUTH behind “Secure Communities”!
Know your rights and learn how to protect them!
Join us at our Community Briefing!

Show your support!

By Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director, WCCA TV 13 – “The People’s Channel”

Dear Friends:

The city’s Cable Advisory Committee will be conducting a Public
Ascertainment Hearing on Wednesday, July 25, at 6 PM at the Worcester Senior Center.

PLEASE make every effort to attend. It is important to have WCCA Board, Volunteer members, staff, and supporters there that evening.

The CITY Administration needs to hear from YOU.

Let the City know your need to see this public access station continue
with a capacity to meet and sustain the needs of this community and
community programming, the free to low cost training, the continuation
of youth programming, and of course the thousands of hours of culturally
and socially diverse programs that YOU present and create. No other
station or channel reflects YOUR interest as much as WCCA TV does. It
takes a state of the art facility, staff support, tehcnology and
resources to do that.

WCCA TV gives you access to produce and present and share your voice
directly on television. YOUR place to LEARN( TV production and
distribution), CREATE ( Produce and present full fledged television
programing seen on channel 13), and CONNECT ( with our community on
cable and online-around the world).

So far, after surveying and polling most of you, WCCA’s has determined
priority needs to help us best present YOUR voice are as follows. PLEASE
work to ensure the following bullets for your convenience:

The People want to see a long term, ten or more year cable franchise
contract included for WCCA TV.
The People want to see assurances from the City Manager that cable
franchise license will include increased Capital grant for WCCA,
which is needed in order to make appropriate studio and facility repairs
and expansion.

The people want assurances that the city will increase the percentage of
funding allocated to WCCA public access. TV BY THE PEOPLE should be a
priority, to ensure WCCA can expand it’s staff to meet increased request
for events and program coverage throughout our community. (REMEMBER THIS
COMPANY/CARRIER as a set aside for Public access.)

The people want to see the city’s cable franchise carry conditions which
will allow WCCA TV to distribute it’s content throughout the cable
carrier system, beyond Worcester’s borders on it’s own designated
channel managed by the station.

If you can not attend on July 25th, please send us a letter expressing
your support. We will be sure to forward it to the city.
Write to: WCCA TV 415 Main , ST. Worcester, MA 01608
WCCA TV is YOUR voice we can not continue with YOU.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at
508-755-1880 ext. 11

Thank you for your support.
On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of WCCA TV 13
Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director
WCCA TV 13, “The People’s Channel”
415 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01608

Neighborhood meeting tonight, re: the PIP! Please attend! Speak out!

By Rosalie Tirella

Hoping there are a ton of Main South and D-4 residents tonight, 6:30 p.m., at the Worcester Housing Authority building at 50 Murray Ave. for the neighborhood meeting, re: The PIP reopening.

The reincarnation of the PIP, unfortunately, is a done deal. Here’s hoping the meeting, called by D-4 Barbara Haller, draws lots of folks to voice their concerns. Maybe they can actually get City Hall and the WPD to show them some respect.

People, agitate for:

A police substation at the PIP would do a lot to disperse the nefarious types who prey on PIP clients. Also, please demand the planting of trees, sidewalk repair, etc.

If you don’t SPEAK OUT, no one will hear you!

And don’t forget …

Please join us for the
Canal District Alliance Annual Meeting
Thursday, June 2, 2011
6:00 PM
Worcester Hibernian Cultural Centre
19 Temple Street, Worcester

Featured Speaker: Jeffrey B. Mullan, Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation

editor’s note: Just wondering how many Green Islanders get this info. Certainly not moi – or anyone who disagrees with Allen Fletcher, for that matter … R.T.

Making Worcester City Council meetings more open to the people

By Ronal Madnick, Executive Director, ACLU, Worcester County Chapter

A number of people, mostly from South Main, feel that they should be able to address the Worcester City Council when their petition first appears on the council agenda without having to ask for permission to speak. To bring that about the Worcester County Chapter of the American

Civil l\Liberties Union of Massachusetts has placed an item before the council that calls for allowing the primary petitioner for any item before the city council to be allowed to speak on the petition the first day it appears on the agenda.

We asked that a person should be able to speak when an item is first on the agenda and before it is sent to a committee because quite often an item is sent to a committee which may not meet for quite some time.. Some people, feel that the right to speak on their item should be a right, not a privilege. Continue reading Making Worcester City Council meetings more open to the people