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See what we mean about carousels …

Wonderful little piece from The New Yorker …

See what we mean about the ephemeral beauty of carousels?  So lovely, so dreamy, as whimsical as a Rickie Lee Jones tune … .

Recently, a merry-go-round captured the country’s heart. Read The New Yorker story below to learn more … .

Again, we would have liked to have seen a carousel built behind Worcester City Hall instead of the Ice Oval. (Couldn’t the city have purchased some of the old merry-go-round horses from the now-defunct Whalom Park, in Lunenburg? I used to love going there as a kid!)

Several years ago, when city leaders were discussing plans for the Worcester Common re-make, InCity Times suggested a merry-go-round. I guess city leaders had their own plans … .

So, it’s ice skating at Elm Park, ice skating at City Hall, ice skating (we hope not!) at a big new rink that David Forsberg and pals want to build on the Worcester Public Library parking lot. All these freakin’ ice rinks/ovals leave us … frosted!

– Rosalie Tirella


By John Seabrook, The New Yorker



“Few pictures of Hurricane Sandy captured both the enormity of the disaster and the unquenchable spirit buried deep in the city’s core better than the image of Jane’s Carousel, the glass-enclosed merry-go-round on the waterfront near the Brooklyn Bridge, taken at the height of the storm. The photo shows the dark water lapping at the horses’ hooves, with the eerie blacked-out lower-Manhattan skyline in the background, and the festive riderless ponies twinkling merrily in the bright yellow light. Originally posted on Instagram and picked up by CNN, the picture was seen all around the world; at one point that night it was at the top of Twitter’s trends. … “

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/culture/2012/10/janes-carousel-survives-sandy.html#ixzz2Auf7pibJ