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Mike Lavin and the City of Worcester retirees and double dippin’

By Rosalie Tirella

It’s funny, after my column ran (in our paper) re: cameras being installed at Worcester traffic lights to catch folks who run red lights and (potentially) cause accidents in our fair city or at least make everyone in town drive a bit more aggessively, we here this: Mike Lavin, a retired plumber/jainitor of the Worcester Public Schools and now the personal plumber of the Worcester Police Department (hhis son is a cop on the Worcester police force) was recently bitching about how he was oging to be asked to fix a ticket that one of his pals got when HE RAN A RED LIGHT.

Oh, the guy told me, I’ll just ask Mike Lavin to fix the ticket.

So, now Lavin, who is head of the city union of janitorial workers and ran for city council and thanks to the City of Worcester brings in over $90,000 grand a year and whose son, a Worcester cop who Lavin told me several years agto is making $90,000 after only being on the force for a few years is pissed. Pissed that he was outed!

Tough Twinkies, Lavin!

This is what you do: Doble Dip. This is what the Worcester City Council needs to stop: Double Dipping by the city’s retired municipal workers (school and city side).

This is the routine: People like Mike Lavin work for the city of Worcester and then retire in their early 60s so they can get a pension from the city that is 80% of their city pay check. They do this and then they end up working for the City of Worcester again – as a subcontractor, etc. So they end up getting two City of Worcester paychecks! Usually these jamokes bring in almost $1000,000 grand,courtesy of our city leaders. These pigs – and I mean Lavin – game the system: “retire” and then use their city connections to do plumbing or electrical work or plowing or working in after school programs.

This is wrong! If you are retired from the city of Worcester schools, plumbing department, you should not be able to work EVER AGAIN for the city of Worcester in that capacity. Let some young kid or better yet some minority kid just starting out get the partime City of Worcester job.

Lavin is retired! Let him go Florida and sip screw drivers to his heart’s content. But let’snot have him fixing all the toilets in the Worcester Police Dept/s headquarters, etc. Let ths City of Worcester hire somkeone else, some one who is not retired or in the system. Some one fresh and new! New faces are what we need! Not the same old retreads like Mike Lavin!

With the economy on the brink of a DOUBLE DIP RECESSION, THE CITY OF WORCESTER SHOULD BE TRYING TO SPREAD ITS BUCKS – THE TAX PAYERS’ MONEY – MORE EQUITABLY! Please Mayor O’Brien and Worcester City Councilors make a new rule: now City of Worcester retirees back into the system! Make it a point to hire new people so these plumbers, teachers, etc can make it in this touch economy, so Worcester can have a new crop of workers – new municipal part-timers or subcontractors who represent the city of Worcester – not hogs at the trough – people like Mike Lavin.

So for Lavin to whine about my wondering about him and fixed red light tickets just show you how entitled Lavin and these other hogs – fat with a City of Worcester pension! 89% of their paychecks! – are.

Change the rules Worcester City Council! Make it so that Mike Lavin and other city of Worcester retireees cannot work for the City of Worcester once they retire!

It’s the only fair thing to do!

PART 2: City of Worcester’s toxic nepotism extravaganza!!!

By Rosalie Tirella

How lovely to wake up this morning and be greated by a toxic voice mail message (which I have recorded in my cell phone) by (most likely) a City of Worcester employee who is pissed that I suggested that Bob Moylan, head of the city’s Department of Public Works and Parks Department -and the City of Worcester – advertise for City of Worcester job openings. I saw a great 1/4 page ad in The Banner, Boston’s African American newspaper, that very directly and simply sent out a call to ALL plumbers, welders, snow-plowers, etc – especially African American ones – to fill out job applications in order to do subcontracting work (plowing, plumbing, etc) for the City of Boston. The ad listed more than 30 jobs that people could apply for and told folks how to go about doing this: visiting a City of Boston Municipal Office and getting the application to fill out or going on-line to download and complete a job application. Also, a City of Boston phone number was listed, in case any one wanted more details/help. Mayor Tom Menino (I think) proudly placed his name at the bottom of the ad. He wanted all to see: We in Boston play fair – we want to open up the process/system to minorities. (Which I believe is happening. Go to Boston, Hartford or Springfield and just see how many minorites are teaching in their public schools, working in their City Halls or public libraries! Worcester is so far behind, it’s pathetic. No make that – We’re pathetic.)

But I digress. Contrast that Boston Banner newspaper ad, that paen to open government, to THE WORCESTER WAY – the nepotism golden ($$) brick road! – the road that is lined with the bodies of brothers and cousins and pals of DPW staffers (and let’s not start examining the WPS department). When have you ever seen an ad like the one I just described placed in the T & G or other papers in town – especially ones that are minority owned? Continue reading PART 2: City of Worcester’s toxic nepotism extravaganza!!!