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Today, Worcester! Get out and vote!

By Rosalie Tirella

The Worcester of 2015 is multiracial, multicultural and multi-voiced. It’s a city with a healthy middle and upper-middle class and biz community. But it is also a Gateway City filled with immigrants, second generation Americans … lots of poor families, hungry children … youth violence, racial strife – BIG CITY CHALLENGES!

We need city leaders who can work our problems with: INTELLIGENCE, SENSITIVITY, OPTIMISM.

So, today, ELECTION DAY, please vote for:

Mayor – Joseph (Joe) Petty (incumbent)

Great person! Smart, thoughtful on the issues, won’t be swayed by the naysayers or the alarmists. Rebuilt Elm Park, pushed for a recovery high school AND a high school for the gifted, working to upgrade so many of our public schools, working with the police department to keep our schools safe, building playgrounds and safe spaces for our inner-city kids. THIS IS WHAT JOE PETTY IS ABOUT. COMMUNITY. All of us sharing the good things,feeling we have a say … that we ALL matter: black, white, poor, straight, gay, inner city, suburban style …

He’s our QUIET MAN – and we mean the JOHN WAYNE flick! Don’t let his modesty fool ya! Petty’s tough and determined! Go, Joe, go!



Councilors at Large


Joseph Petty (see above. You have to vote for Petty in this category too, if you want him to be re-elected mayor).

Morris (Moe) Bergman

A steady voice. A calm, thoughtful, smart guy who LOVES our public schools. He’s had three kids go/going through the system – so he’s not just talk! He knows the school buildings, the teachers, the courses. He is PROUD of what our public schools offer kids and their families. Moe is also for a brighter downtown, economic development … a better Worcester for all.

Juan Gomez

We love Juan! He is so real! Warm, yet tough! Fun and cute but biz savvy. We have been a Juan fan for years, back when he was a Worcester city councilor who was business friendly but never forgot the peeps! He was always honest about the issues, where he stood. Sometimes that cost him a vote or two but, for us, that spells INTEGRITY.

Ronald O’Clair

InCity Times writer and long-time Main South community activist Ron O’Clair KNOWS THE ISSUES, KNOWS THIS CITY. Ron is a life-long Worcester resident and truly enjoys the people and our zippy Woo vibe. He gets a kick out of the great things, but the guns, violence, drugs bring him down, like it does all of us. He wants to help us save our inner city – stop the violence and the drugs! And that is a wonderful thing!


Philip Palmieri

This District 2 guy wants to graduate to At Large! And why not?! The district Phil’s been serving for years encompasses downtown Worcester, the bustling Shrewsbury Street, parts of Green Island, pretty middle class neighborhoods – in other words: Worcester in microcosm. And Phil has NEVER been shy about weighing in on city-wide issues anyways – or beginning the conversation on some important Worcester issue, outside his district. This has always been a good thing for Worcester.

Phil Palmieri is an experienced Worcester city councilor, works the problems Hard and SMART, like there’s no tomorrow!

Worcester needs Phil! GIVE him your vote!

William Coleman

Billy Coleman has been a pal for years. What you don’t see when he’s kinda got the spotlight all to himself is: HE REALLY IS A VERY CARING, LOVING PERSON WHO IS THERE FOR ANYONE. Billy is a GREAT PERSON! Which means he’ll work hard for ALL THE PEOPLE OF WORCESTER – meet you, talk with you, hear your side of the issue. He’s a gentle soul who doesn’t hurt folks, and he is especially sensitive to the poor, the homeless, city kids … the people others sometimes forget.


District 2:

Vote for Candace Mero Carlson!

She wants to take Phil’s place – she’d be a great voice and advocate for D 2. Candy holds a special place in my heart because she is a GREAT DOG LOVER! Has had English bull dogs that are just gorgeous! And spoiled, like my Jett and Lilac. Candy is also people focused, has done so much volunteer work, community advocacy ….LOVES WORCESTER! She knows District 2 and would represent it with smarts, grace and intelligence.


VOTE TODAY! Vote for the Worcester you hope to see!!!!

Connecting Worcester’s public schools to Worcester’s economy

By Morris “Moe” Bergman, candidate for Worcester City Councilor at Large

For far too long the connection between Worcester’s public schools and Worcester’s economy has not been fully realized. Perhaps, in part, because under our city’s charter “oversight” of our public schools lies within the jurisdiction of the school committee and  “oversight” for our economic policies lies within the jurisdiction of the city council that the city administration has acquiesced to routinely keep decision making between these two bodies apart.

Nevertheless, the importance of this connection has been understood for some time. Nationally, the U.S. Conference of Mayors (1999) asserted that, “. . . the economic vitality of a city is linked to the performance of its schools . . .”

As for the general public, in a public opinion survey the assertion that public schools “improve the local economy and attract business” was identified as the second most important benefit which schools bring to communities (the first being the benefit it brings to families). (Education Week and Public Education Network 2002).

One needs to look at only one example to demonstrate this:

According to the 2008 National Association of REALTORS’ profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 27% of home buyers listed school quality as a deciding factor in their home purchase.

Naturally, demand for residential real estate in Worcester includes buyers who have school age children. If these folks choose to not send their children to Worcester’s public schools they will not buy homes here. These creates a greater supply of homes then are demanded and results in lower residential property values.

Why should we care when this happens?  Well, lower residential property values means lower tax revenues. This in turn means that for our city to meet its budget needs property owners and residents will be asked to make up the difference in the form of higher property taxes and/or fewer city services-either way we the residents lose!

Adding further to this concern is that there appears to be a direct link between the decrease in residential real estate values and that of commercial real estate values. A white paper written by economist Joseph Gyourko in 2009 confirmed this historical correlation.

City government obviously wants and needs decisions to be made regarding our public schools that result in people with school age children wanting to live in Worcester.

There is no doubt that both our school committee and city council act to serve our city’s best interests.

However, only when the city administration recognizes the full potential of these two bodies by creating regular opportunities for them to “talk to each other” on decisions relating to issues, effecting both the quality of our public schools and their economic impact on our city, will the connection between Worcester’s public schools and Worcester’s economy be fully realized.