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SUPPORT GROUP FOR GIRLS who have experienced sexual abuse  

From the Worcester office of the MSPCC

Who: Girls, ages approximately 8-12 yrs, who have experienced sexual abuse.

When: Thursdays, 4:30 pm – 5:30pm (starting 2/26/15 and running 8 weeks).

This is a “closed” group; participants who are unable to join from the beginning are invited to call the Group Facilitator about participation in a future group cycle.

Where: MSPCC, 335 Chandler St.,

Cost: Free


·       Week 1: Creating Safety (getting to know one another and learning about sexual abuse)

·       Week 2: Mind, Body, and Emotions (learning ways our bodies respond to our environment and understanding our emotions)

·       Week 3: Building Self-Esteem (identifying strengths and building positive self/body image)

·       Week 4: Coping Skills (learning ways to take charge of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

·       Week 5: Relationships (recognizing  relationship “red flags” and building positive relationships)

·       Week 6: Identifying support network (naming helpful, supportive people in our lives)

·       Week 7: Self-care (taking care of ourselves and feeling empowered)

·       Week 8: Celebration! (celebrating our relationships and progress)

For more information/to refer, please contact the Group Facilitator, Courtney Rubio, at (508) 767-3088. Please call to speak with the Facilitator before attending.

Worcester news you can use!

From the Massachusetts Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Who: Parents and caregivers of children who have experienced sexual abuse

When:  Tuesdays, 9:00-10:30am (starting January 27, 2015 and running in 8 week cycles). This is an “open” group; participants are welcome to attend one meeting, several, or all meetings.

Where: MSPCC, 335 Chandler St.

Cost: Free

Goals and Topics for this Group Include (but are not limited to):

·        Learning about ways to talk and respond to children after the abuse

·        Recognizing and responding to the signs of trauma and other reactions

·        Learning about treatment options

·        Ideas for caretakers to cope with stress and take care of themselves

·        Legal issues and dealing with the court and other systems

·        Obtaining Victim Compensation

·        How to create safety and prevent re-victimization

·        Getting mutual support from other parents and caregivers with similar experiences

For more information/to refer, please call the Group Leader, Emily Ascolillo, at (508) 767-3097.




For Girls ages 9-12

An active group for building confidence, self-esteem and body image through movement and dance.

When: Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:00pm
Start Date: February 24 (weekly x 7 weeks)

Location: 81 Plantation St.

MassHealth is accepted;
private pay arrangements can be made for clients
whose insurance does not cover group attendance.

For more information contact:
Jeannette Cardozo 508-849-5600 x 211 … or Central Referral at 1-855-4YOUINC or 508-849-5600 x421


A co-ed group for youth ages 6 – 10
with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD and other difficulties with self-regulation.

Using a visual curriculum and Louise Goldberg’s research-backed Creative Relaxation® techniques, this group will teach yoga and self-calming strategies.

When: Wednesdays 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm
Starting February 4 – every week for 6 weeks

Location: 81 Plantation St.

The group is open to all MassHealth and Fallon insurance plans.
Private Pay Options are also available

For more information contact:
Centralized Referrals 508-849-5600 x 421
Hope Rideout 508-849-5600 x 134
Jeannette Cardozo 508-849-5600 x 211



Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance Housing, Homelessness, & Benefits Meeting:

Wednesday, January 21 from 11:30 to 1 at CMHA

6 Institute Road

Please RSVP to dlariviere@cmhaonline.org by January 19 so enough lunch can be ordered.

All are welcome!

Agenda Item:

Foreclosure and Tenant Rights:

Due to recent uptick of foreclosure petitions in Worcester County, we feel it is important to discuss the rights and responsibilities of tenants in foreclosure properties.

CMHA meetings are open to anyone wishing to learn more about housing and homelessness in our community and benefits available.  It’s also a great opportunity for organizations to share information about themselves.

For more information, contact:



CHINS reform now!

We need your help to make CHINS Reform a reality.

Your action matters! H.3492 – Families and Children in Need of Services (FACES) or CHINS Reform will be voted on soon!

As you know, we just launched Re-Routing the Prison Pipeline – our five-pronged campaign to reduce crime, criminalization, incarceration and ghetto-ization.

We are working with Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) on one of our top priority bills: H.3492 – Families and Children in Need of Services or CHINS Reform.

Our bill is currently in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. We hope the Sentate will debate our bill soon.

EPOCA needs your help today: Tell your Senator that this reform must pass to help children and families get the support services they need in the community today.

The current Children in Need of Services (CHINS) system sends our troubled young people to Juvenile Court and assigns them a Probation Officer – without their ever having committed a crime.

Studies show that children or youths introduced to the criminal justice system are far more likely to be incarcerated later in life than those who haven’t.

Let’s take action to end this pipeline to prison for our children and youth.

CHINS petitions stem from many different conditions, such as mental illness, substance abuse and domestic violence, which require a multiplicity of resources and responses. National data shows that up to 50% of children involved in the juvenile justice system have diagnosable mental health disorders.

Our courts and probation officers do the best they can do, but they are not equipped to help children and families access proper treatment and services.

The FACES system will offer counseling, mentoring and referral services to children and their families – and help them get on the right track.

Please take action – contact your State Senator and ask them to VOTE in FAVOR of H.3492

On Wednesday, July 13, at 10:00 a.m., we will hold a training and make calls to the senate.

Come and join us for this action at our office at:

5 Pleasant Street,
3rd Floor
Worcester, MA 01609

Hope to see you there!

We need your help NOW to see that children are treated within their communities and diverted from the courts whenever possible!