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Saturday, May 27

11 am – 2 pm

North High School
140 Harrington Way


South East Asian Coalition Lion Dance

Afro Vibes Drummers

North High School Dance Team

North High Junior Cultural Fashion



Civic Engagement

Spoken Word – Poetry


Black History




The next Community Membership meeting of the NAACP will be TOMORROW, Monday, April 24

6:30 pm

at the YMCA, 766 Main St.

The agenda will include updates from:

Leonard Cooper, 3rd Vice President and Economic Chair

Edward Robinson, Member at Large, regarding our work with the Jewish Federation

Dr. Thomas Doughton, Member at Large, will be discussing an opportunity for the Worcester NAACP to address how we can educate and advocate for our immigrant and refugee brothers and sisters. He is looking for individuals and individuals representing organizations to be part of this initiative.

Below is a representation of program and events that are happening in Worcester. If you are planning an event and wish to share  information (flyers) at our meeting, please feel free to come to the meeting. We will set aside time for folks to share information.

2017 Stand Against Racism, April 28 – 29

Fifth Sunday Fellowship, April 30 @ 4 pm, Emmanual Baptist Church. Guest Preacher, Elder Esau Vance, Mt. Olive Pentecostal Church

Mayday Rally for Worker and Immigrant Rights, May 1st @ 4:00pm, Worcester City Hall

UNITEY annual event on May 27 at North High School …

Thank You!

From the Worcester NAACP …

“We’ve Got Your Back”: Moving Forward in Uncertain Times

Wednesday, November 30 at 5:30 pm

Harrington Learning Center #HLC 109-A/B (first floor)

The recent election cycle has brought about a level of hostility and anger that many of us have not seen in our lifetime.

Sentiments of racial hatred, misogyny, anti-Semitism and xenophobia have risen to new heights in our country, and those who prescribe to these sentiments have been emboldened since the election of our new president.

Increased stories of harassment and intimidation against minority groups and immigrants are being reported on social media, shared with friends, fellow students at schools, colleagues at work, and at the dinner table at home.

The Worcester NAACP and the Diversity Caucus of Quinsigamond Community College has invited the staff from the Attorney General’s Office, along with representatives from Congressman Jim McGovern’s Office, City of Worcester, Worcester Police Department, Worcester Public Schools, Coalition Against Bias and Hate, Worcester Interfaith, Worcester Black Clergy Alliance, Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts, Latino Education Institute and Center for Nonviolent Solutions to share their commitment to preserve the rights of all residents in our community and to ensure that Worcester remains a city that is welcoming to all.

The staff from the Attorney General’s office will present information on your rights as residents and how the state is prepared to protect these rights and ensure your safety.

Mayor Joseph Petty recently responded to the anxiety and fear of those most vulnerable in Worcester by responding “I’ve got your back.”

In these uncertain times, our Mayor stated that he is “certain that we will fight for all of our city’s residents and we will move our city forward, together.”

The Worcester NAACP stands with our Mayor, Attorney General, organizations that are represented at this event and all others who dedicate themselves to ensuring justice and equality for all – “We’ve Got Your Back.”

Please join us this Wednesday, November 30th @ 5:30 pm at the Harrington Learning Center #HLC 109-A/B (first floor). Please share this information – everyone is welcome to attend.

Thank You


TODAY! – Monday, November 28 – is “Election Day” for the Worcester, NAACP.

All active members are eligible to cast their vote between 4 pm until 8 pm upstairs in the Boardroom at the YWCA, Salem Square.

We’ve been through the nomination process and I’m please to announce the following candidates are eligible to be on the ballot for officer positions within the Worcester NAACP:

Pat Yancey, President, Dr. George Yancey, 1st Vice President, Dagne Yesihak, Esq., 2nd Vice President, Leonard Cooper, 3rd Vice President, Nigel Belgrave, Treasurer, Yvonne Brown, Secretary, Rev. Doreen Oughton, Asst. Secretary, Rev. Raymond Austin, Member at Large, Edward Robinson, Member at Large, Fred Taylor, Member at Large, Thomas Doughton, PhD, Member at Large.

Please show your support for these candidates and come out to vote!

In addition to the elections, our regular monthly meeting will start at 6:30 pm, upstairs in the YWCA Board Room.

Our featured speaker will be the folks from SMOC Financial Services. SMOC will focus on presenting information on their small business programming and loan fund, what services they provide in Worcester, and other projects like the Greater Worcester Housing Connection.

We’ve shared information recently regarding the Attorney General’s new hotline for residents to report bias-based harassment and acts of violence (800)-994-3228.

As members of both the AG’s Advisory Council on Racial Justice and Equity and the City Manager’s Coalition Against Bias and Hate, the Worcester NAACP is working with our partners and the community at large in planning an informational session to help us all better understand the realities of the recent election and how we can push back and protect those who are most vulnerable to bias-based harassment and acts of violence.

Please add the AG Hotline, and social media information to your phone’s contact:

Hotline: (800) 994-3228

Link to AG’s civil rights complaint form: http://www.mass.gov/ago/consumer-resources/your-rights/civil-rights/civil-rights-complaint.html

Thank you all for your support of the Worcester NAACP. Our volunteers work hard to stand for social justice and equity in Worcester, and we are proud to stand with all of the other organizations that make Worcester a better place to live for all.

From the Worcester NAACP … Worcester Police Chief Steven Sargent will be joining us to share his vision of community policing in Worcester … and … “Faith in Worcester Day of Prayer”

… And justice for all! pic:R.T.

The next Worcester NAACP meeting will be Monday, September 26 – tomorrow!

6:30 pm …

… at the YWCA, Salem Square.

Worcester Police Chief Steven Sargent will be joining us to share his vision of community policing in Worcester.

Everyone is invited to share their concerns and suggestions regarding neighborhood and school safety.


This November, we will be electing new officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee of the Worcester NAACP.

During September’s meeting, there will be an election of the Nominating Committee. All members whose memberships are current as of 30 days prior to the meeting date may be elected to the Nominating Committee.

During this meeting the General Membership will:

determine the date, time and location for the election,the number of members elected to the Nominating Committee and,
the number of at-large members to be elected to the Executive Committee.
The “Notice of September, October Meetings and November Election” are attached for more information.

Also, please join us September 27!

5:30 pm

in front of Worcester City Hall

for “Faith in Worcester Day of Prayer”

Faith leaders from all parts of the City will come together to pray over those who work live and work in Worcester. All are welcomed!

Thank You!

Woo happenings …



Please join us this Monday, February 22 @ the YWCA, Salem Square for our Community/Membership Meeting. 

Stephen Ives, Vice President of External Affairs, Worcester Islamic Center and his guests, will be our speakers for the evening. 

We look forward to learning more about Islam, the Worcester Islamic Center and how we can work together toward the common goal of civil rights and social justice.  

In addition to our speakers, our Committee Chairs will update us on the work they have been doing in the community. 

If you’d like to share information about an upcoming event, bring flyers to share.

Thank You!


Saturday, February 27

7:30 PM
Girls Inc. of Worcester
125 Providence St., Worcester

Tickets: $10 (+ processing fee online)
V-Day is a global activist movement to stop violence against women and children.

“Eve Ensler wants to save the world…and don’t even think of getting in her way.” – The New York Times Magazine
VDay Worcester T-shirts and merchandise will be available, as well as a raffle.
All proceeds will benefit VDay, Girls Inc. of Worcester and Abby’s House.

From the Worcester NAACP …

The U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office along with the the City of Worcester will be hosting the third in a series of seven “Community Dialogues on Race” at Belmont A.M.E. Zion Church, 55 Illinois St., Worcester, TONIGHT at 6 p.m.

This community dialogue will focus on “Public Safety” and is an opportunity for you to come out and share your concerns regarding issues surrounding community policing.

Please make every effort to come out and participate in these sessions.  It is important that all members of the community are part of this process, from shaping the dialogue, to holding our leaders accountable for implementing changes that will improve the lives of all people in our city.

A light meal will be provided and childcare services are available for this session.

Worcester NAACP meeting

Our next Community & General Membership meeting:

Monday, Feb. 23

6:30 pm

at the YWCA, Salem Square, Worcester

Meet the newest members of our Executive Committee and let’s explore how we can make a difference in our community.

Our Education Committee is planning the screening of the documentary “American Promise” at 6 pm on April 28th at Worcester State College’s Ghosh Science and Technology Building, Rm. 102.

A panel discussion featuring local high school and college students, educators, parents and community members will follow the film screening.

Our Housing Committee is planning a home buying informational session “Keys to HomeOwnership” – co-sponsored by Mass Housing and the Housing Development Division of the City of Worcester, Saturday April 11th from 10 am until 2 pm at the NeighborWorks HomeOwnership Center of Central Massachusetts.

Please join us this Monday to learn more about these events and how you can be a part of the NAACP.  We need your help and support!

Our Housing, Education, Legal Redress, Economic Development and Political Action Committees are looking for volunteers who can help strengthen the work of the NAACP in our community.   If there are community concerns you feel the NAACP should address, please let us know at the meeting.

Thank you for your support and we’ll see you at the meeting!

Why the Worcester NAACP is working with the Worcester Police Department

By Pat Yancy, NAACP, Worcester

It has come to my attention that some members of the community are concerned about NAACP’s collaboration with the Worcester Police Department.  They’ve sent an email to some members of the NAACP, as well as Facebook messages.

So in an effort to answer questions for those members who have received these messages and for the rest of the membership and supporters of the Worcester NAACP, I am sharing their concerns and our goals in working with the Worcester Police and Fire Departments.

Our goal is simple:  To increase the number of minority and woman candidates for the Worcester Police and Fire departments.

Recent events nationally involving the police and men of color have brought to the surface long simmering unresolved issues right here in Worcester concerning the use of excessive force, profiling, and the breakdown of communication between the Worcester Police Department and communities of Color.

Increasing the number of minority and woman on the police force to reflect the community they serve is just one of the pieces of the puzzle that will help promote a better relationship between the police and community.

Our efforts with the police department did not start with recruiting applicants for the civil service examination. We have been working to make sure that minority officers have equal access and opportunity to promotions as they progress in their careers.

As to the statements made by Worcester Police Chief Gary Gemme, [regarding] community leadership and increased violence among our youth … I know of many community programs that serve our youth. Some of these [programs] involve the Worcester Police Department.  If these programs and initiatives are not moving toward a “comprehensive community plan,” and if Chief Gemme is not aware of everything that the communities of Color are doing to address youth violence, we all need to start communicating and working together, now.

The NAACP is the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the United States, and in Worcester, we continue that fight for justice and equality right here at home.  In the work that we do, it is important for us to respect all voices and listen to all opinions, but stay true to our calling of working collaboratively to level the playing field for those who have been denied equal access to opportunity.

We will continue to work with organizations and individuals who are committed to addressing areas of inequality related to economic sustainability, education, health, public safety and criminal justice, voting rights and political representation.

Thank you for your time.

On Ferguson … From the Worcester NAACP


The Worcester NAACP wishes to express our deepest sympathy to the family of Michael Brown.  We join communities across our nation in voicing our disappointment that the grand jury declined to indict Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown.  Justifying the killing of an unarmed young black man by a trained law enforcement officer is not just a travesty, but is in direct opposition to law enforcement’s sole purpose, to protect and serve those in their charge.

The killing of Michael Brown, the actions of the Ferguson Police and the grand jury decision is evidence of the acceptance of an overaggressive policing culture in our communities of color.  The NAACP stands committed to continue the fight against racial profiling, police brutality and the militarization of local authorities.

Please join the Worcester NAACP as we unite as a community to protest the treatment of Michael Brown tonight, Tuesday, November 25 … behind City Hall, Worcester.

Tonight! Be there!

Worcester NAACP election day and general meeting!

Election Day for the Worcester NAACP is tonight, Monday, November 24.

Voting will take place at the YWCA, Salem Sq. and the Polls will be opened from 4 pm until 8 pm.

You are eligible to vote if you are a member in good standing of the Worcester Unit, 30 days prior to the election.

Please be prepared to bring some form of identification.

Our Community/General Membership Meeting will take place on the same night from 6:30 pm until 8 pm.

The Agenda for the meeting will include feedback or follow up questions regarding the following recent events:

Community Meeting in which the Post Office reported back regarding the Hangman’s Noose in the Denholm Building Post Office

Worcester Community Labor Coalition Community Briefing

Worcester NAACP’s Civil Rights and Housing Forum.

Other Agenda items will include preparation for our annual Holiday Party.

As with every Community Meeting, we are eager to hear how the Worcester NAACP can advocate for, or address issues that concern our community.

Please come and be a part of the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the United States.  Join the NAACP!

Thank you!

Report on the Denholm Building Post Office noose …

The City of Worcester, the Worcester NAACP and representatives from the Worcester Postal Service will report back to the community regarding the display of a hangman’s noose in the Denholm Building Post Office.

This Community Meeting will be held:

Wednesday, November 12

5:30 pm at the YWCA

Salem Square

The Mayor and City Manager will present closing remarks at the end of the meeting.

Let’s stand together as a community against racism, hate and violence.

– Worcester NAACP