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Who’s gonna help a brother get further?



By Rosalie Tirella

We talk about keeping Worcester jobs local and strengthening our local economy. I have written about our DPW’s toxic nepotism problem.

It seems that when the City of Worcester isn’t giving municpal jobs to the same 200 or so connected families, they don’t care WHERE the city’s subcontractors come from. I saw these disconcerting sights last week:

At the Crompton Park pool in Green Island, with all the rebuilding etc, going on, a truck with a Connecticut license plate! Doing work at a Worcester job site! Then:Driving down Dewey Street – where the potholes are mini-craters (of course they are -they are in one of our poorest neighborhoods) – I see a LUDLOW (Mass.) company doing all the street repaving/repair work. LUDLOW! Next: Outside an Institute Road house, I see a Maine truck doing the asphalt repair.

All City of Worcester jobs that Mike O’Brien and DPW BobMoylan could have outsourced to Worcester companies! Believe me – they need the dough!!

Connecticut, Maine, Ludlow … . Why all these out of town companies doing good blue collar work for the City of Worcester? The City of Worcester must stop giving lip service to supporting local small companies and actually start using them!

Even if it means paying a teensy bit more money!

To City Manager Mike O’Brien and DPW and Parks head honcho Robert Moylan: START HIRING WORCESTER BUSINESSESS!

2. Nepostism and hiring problems in the WPS system

The WPSchools Stacey Dubois Luster, head of human resources for our public schools and an African American woman, must start hiring people of color as teachers in the Worcester Public Schools. Let’s send down recruiters to Spellman College, Howard College and Temple and all those great African American colleges.Let’s have our recruiters talk to young, bright, gifted and Black young men and women about teaching in our public schools. Several years ago the City of Worcester created a little part-time job – $15,000 a year – for a WPS teacher recruiter to help hire more minorities in our schools. After only a year (or less) the WorcesterCity Council, claiming poverty, killed the position. Then, several months later, the city council voted to double their paychecks. Now all these folks (except for MikeGermain, hwo has refused the raise – good job, Mike!) make almost $30,000 a year (each city councilor!).


This is why folks don’t bother voting any more.

PART 2: City of Worcester’s toxic nepotism extravaganza!!!

By Rosalie Tirella

How lovely to wake up this morning and be greated by a toxic voice mail message (which I have recorded in my cell phone) by (most likely) a City of Worcester employee who is pissed that I suggested that Bob Moylan, head of the city’s Department of Public Works and Parks Department -and the City of Worcester – advertise for City of Worcester job openings. I saw a great 1/4 page ad in The Banner, Boston’s African American newspaper, that very directly and simply sent out a call to ALL plumbers, welders, snow-plowers, etc – especially African American ones – to fill out job applications in order to do subcontracting work (plowing, plumbing, etc) for the City of Boston. The ad listed more than 30 jobs that people could apply for and told folks how to go about doing this: visiting a City of Boston Municipal Office and getting the application to fill out or going on-line to download and complete a job application. Also, a City of Boston phone number was listed, in case any one wanted more details/help. Mayor Tom Menino (I think) proudly placed his name at the bottom of the ad. He wanted all to see: We in Boston play fair – we want to open up the process/system to minorities. (Which I believe is happening. Go to Boston, Hartford or Springfield and just see how many minorites are teaching in their public schools, working in their City Halls or public libraries! Worcester is so far behind, it’s pathetic. No make that – We’re pathetic.)

But I digress. Contrast that Boston Banner newspaper ad, that paen to open government, to THE WORCESTER WAY – the nepotism golden ($$) brick road! – the road that is lined with the bodies of brothers and cousins and pals of DPW staffers (and let’s not start examining the WPS department). When have you ever seen an ad like the one I just described placed in the T & G or other papers in town – especially ones that are minority owned? Continue reading PART 2: City of Worcester’s toxic nepotism extravaganza!!!

Worcester’s Dept. of Public Works and their toxic nepotism problem

By Rosalie Tirella

How pathetic. How pathetic to see how unethical your city is when you pick up a Boston rag. A Boston newspaper – The Boston Banner – recently opened my eyes to what is supposed to happen in the City of Worcester but never happens in the City of Worcester – especially in the Department of Public Works and Parks, headed by Robert Moylan.

In the Boston Banner you will see a 1/4 page ad. It reads: “ATTENTION CONTRACTORS: The City of Boston is seeking applicants to prequalify for City contracts to provide the following services:” And the list begins; it’s lengthy and very specific. In short, the ad is telling Bostonians that the City of Boston is opening up its hiring process and making its jobs available to all qualified applicants – not just their pals or relatives (a la Worcester).

I will list just a few of the many jobs (blue collar) that were listed in the City of Boston’s (very large) ad. Remember, these are not full-time jobs but “projects” or seasonal work for Boston. But we are not talking tiddly winks here, either – we are talking thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to be made. Continue reading Worcester’s Dept. of Public Works and their toxic nepotism problem

T & G’s Clive McFarlane: hypocrite extraordinaire!

By Rosalie Tirella

Well, I hope pin-head Telegram & Gazette columnist Clive McFarlane is feeling guilty. 

Several months ago, when the Worcester School Committee was voting on the new school superintendent, school committee member Dottie Hargrove put her vote behind school superintendent candidate Melinda J. Boone, who hails from Norfolk, VA. By doing so, the wonderfully sunny and INTELLIGENT Dottie Hargrove made way for the city’s first African American/female school superintendent and put an end to the serious nepotism that parades as hiring practice in the Worcester Publis Schools.

By voting the way she did,  Dottie Hargrove was actually answering the prayers of most Worcesterites. She was saying: It’s not who you know in this town anymore – it’s what you know! By dumping job candidate Steven Mills, the city’s connected-guy, Dottie, along with the majority of the school committee, was saying this LOUD AND CLEAR to Mills and most important the parents and students of Worcester: a new day is dawning in Worcester.

But Mills was/is deaf. In a story about his desire to be the next Worcester school superintendent, he made it a point to flaunt the fact that he worked on Lt. Gov. Tim Murray’s political campaigns – as if that would instantly make him school superintendent of Worcester.  What a stupid – but telling – thing for Mills – the toady! – to say to a reporter!

The real questions on Worcester parents’/residents’ minds: Did Mills have enough experience? Was he smart enough to handle the work load? Could he do the job? Most people wanted answers to those questions and didn’t give a damn if Mills is palsy walsy with Murray.

And the majority of Worcester School Committee members wanted answers to those questions, too. And when they got the answers – based on a non-partisan, super-intelligent search committee who reviewed all candidate resumes, interviewed all candidates, etc and recommended Boone for the job – it was a new dawn for Worcester!

You would think Clive McFarlane, a Black of Jamaican descent, would have been celebrating with the rest of us. After all, he was on the receiving end of affirmative action policies when it came to getting his metro columnist job at the T & G.

Years ago,  Clive would most likely have not gotten his plum job because the old T & G was so clubby. Thanks to places like the MLK Center on Dewey street, whose director Robert Thomas told me several years ago that he had to “point a gun” to then T & G publisher’s Bruce Bennett’s head to get him to hire an Asian American for a job at the T & G, things have changed at the T & G (well, slightly).  Thomas told me Bennett said to him something like: you know how I feel about affirmative action, Robert. Well, dink-puss Bennett got his arm twisted by Thomas and he relented and hired the Asian American guy – who worked out wonderfully. Bennett is gone – and actually right after a reminder from InCity Times that there are NO reporters of color at the T & G, Bennett gave McFarlane the job and when he was retiring from the T & G said he was glad of his affirmative action (Clive as metro columnist) hires.

So how stupid of Clive McFarlane – a product of affirmative action, a system whose goal is to destroy the old white boys’  club –  to defend the skewed hiring practices of the Worcester Public School System – a system that most likely would have kept him out of any teaching job. 

Clive beat Dottie up in his column last winter – making her seem spacy, as if she didn’t know what she was doing and thus ruined the W.P. Schools for everyone! For two columns Clive dumped on Dottie, intimating that she was putting an end to a long, grand, proud Worcester teaching tradition.  Clive said even though the WPS system was clubby, the WPS had great teachers and our school system was excellent. So what if it was a teeny bit … corrupt? he seemed to be saying.  Clive was for the status quo – a status quo that doesn’t give two shits for him.

But I ask: How can you have an excellent school system when you have most of our schools without any black/Lationo teachers while our schools are filled with a majority of minority students?

So in has last Dottie Hargrove column ( a week or so ago)  the idiot Clive threw Dottie a bone: Yes! Dottie was passionate about inner-city kids and their education! No one was more passionate about these kids!

Unlike you, asshole!

Because if you were, Clive,  you would have known that Dottie was on the poor minority kids’ side all along! That she had a ton of love for the kids in our schools – was a reading teacher for many years in our school system, is a professor now – teaching college students how to be effective teachers.

If only you had interviewed her, Clive-o, and given her a fair shake!

And that’s no jive.