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Yay, Worcester Fire Department!

The Department of Homeland Security announced today that the Worcester Fire Department has been awarded $2.7 million in a Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant.
“Maintaining strong public safety staffing levels for our police and fire departments has been a priority of our city.  This grant will be used to partially fund the new class of thirty firefighters that will be going through the academy soon,” said Mayor Joseph M. Petty.  “These are the men and women who keep us safe and we need each and every one of them.”
The 2.7 million dollars over two years will fund seventeen of the thirty new firefighters whose positions were appropriated in the latest budget.  The new class of firefighters was a stated priority of Mayor Petty and was duly passed by the City Council during budget deliberations in June.
“This fire grant is terrific news for Worcester,” Senator Elizabeth Warren said. “This federal funding recognizes the outstanding work of Mayor Petty, Chief Gardell, and the entire Worcester Fire Department, and I am very glad it will help keep hardworking firefighters on the job protecting our communities.” 
Congressman James McGovern said, “With this grant, the Worcester Fire Department will have the resources they need to be able to hire additional firefighters and continue to protect our families and neighborhoods. I am grateful to FEMA for making this investment in our community and to all of our Worcester firefighters and their families for the sacrifices they make to help keep all of us safe.”
“Worcester firefighters provide their community with world-class protection 24 hours a day, every day. This grant will help us maintain a full complement of firefighters and allow the Worcester Fire Department to uphold those high standards,” said City Manager Edward M. Augustus, Jr. “I want to thank our federal legislators for their consistent advocacy and FEMA for these vital funds that will help keep Worcester safe.”
The purpose of the grant is to allow cities and towns to preserve the number of firefighters in department ranks, and to accordingly enhance both response time and preparedness.
“This is great for the Worcester Fire Department.  With the recent retirements we’ve seen the new class of firefighters will help us to maintain our current staffing levels for the next two years,” said Fire Chief Geoffrey Gardell.
The Worcester Fire Department and Bridgewater Fire Department both received SAFER grants in this round of funding; Bridgewater received 1.6 million dollars.  The grant is awarded by the Department of Homeland Security through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.