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From The New York Times, re: the hackers …

The greatest newspaper in the world was shut down (on line) by some losers who didn’t want the world to read The NYT’s reports on the Syrian government’s chemical gassing of their citizens (kids and women included) and President Obama’s most likely military intervention.

PLEASE VISIT: http://www.nytimes.com/ to learn how we intend to save the little kids of Syria … R. T.
Dear New York Times Reader,

As you may be aware, on Tuesday, access to our Web site was impacted by a malicious attack at our domain name registrar.

This resulted in many users being redirected to a bad domain address instead of NYTimes.com.

We resolved the issue by early Tuesday evening but there have been some lingering problems due to some Internet Service Providers not yet updating our Domain Name System records.

We fully expect that all access will be restored by the end of the day today and we deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused.


The New York Times

Grand Central – 100 years (in pics)

 From The Guardian. – R. T.  

Grand Central Terminal in New York celebrates its centennial

Grand Central, once in danger of being demolished, is celebrating its 100th birthday with speeches, a brass band and a rollback to 1913 prices when a slice of cheesecake might go for 19 cents. Speakers scheduled include mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon, former Mets star Keith Hernandez and former poet laureate Billy Collins. Here’s a look back at its illustrious history. If you’d like more, here is an interactive feature on Grand Central’s secrets

Grand Central 100 years: Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central 100 years: Marilyn Monroe takes the train

to see more photos, click on link below …